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Golbah City | Capital of the Confederacy



The City is a Symbol.

When the Confederacy of Independent Systems returned to prominence, it made a promise to all its member worlds. It would not rule them, it was no Empire, but would instead work alongside them. Golbah City was the physical incarnation of this promise. As the capital city of the Confederacy, it is a sprawling Metropolis located in the midst of the Geonosian wastes. But all care was taken not to disturb the natives who called this world home. The tunnels and caverns of the Hives were let untouched by its construction. The City co-exists with its surroundings, not as an invader, but as a friend.

Now, as the sun made its daily ascent, a new day began within the City. With her skyline complete, Golbah had new places to explore, new people to meet, and new stories to pen!

The Crown | Royal Sector - The first major sector of Golbah City is known as "The Crown" and was named in homage of the Viceroyalty which meet there. Of the four sectors, this particular area is the one most devoted to political ventures. To this end, a grand assembly is located at its heart. This building, dubbed the Citadel, houses all political meetings which transpire upon Geonosis. Adjacent to this structure is an avenue of diplomatic enclaves dedicated to the allies of the Confederacy. Any representatives or allied guests of the nation can find apex accommodations within. As a whole, one can find any and all political or leadership ventures within the Royal Sector.

The Grid | Light Sector - The second major sector of Golbah City is known as "The Grid" and was aptly-named for its primary role of providing power to the metropolis. As the boundaries of the city continued to swell, the architects took advantage of a local ravine that was only a stone's throw away from Golbah's busiest sector. Here, a plethora of generators - power and shield - were situated. Furthermore, a network of pumps were constructed to make deep groundwater accessible to the population. Over time, the ravine expanded its operations to include minor manufacturing in the form of a local Foundry. While smaller than those operated by the native Hives, this Foundry regularly produces the droids which serve the city at large - as well as their armaments.

The Hub | Trade Sector - The third major sector of Golbah City is actually the first place any visitor sees first. Known as "The Hub", this sector is the commercial center of the metropolis. Here, visitors set foot within the city by means of the local Starport and connected lightrail system. The Hub features practicallyanything the average person could want: dining options, shops galore, upscale housing, temporary lodgings - the list goes on and on! The Hub has earned its reputation of being "the sector that never sleeps", for if one can dream it, the Trade Sector has it.

The Sprawl | Fringe Sector - The final major sector of Golbah City is easily the roughest of the whole metropolis. Known as the Sprawl, this particular environment is said to be under construction forever. As more visitors and citizens flock to the capital, the demand for additional housing and resources skyrocket. To meet this demand, architects and laborers required a consistent, on-site local to reside while the work continued. Thus, the Sprawl is a much more unrefined portion of Golbah City. Here, lodgings are vastly cheaper and one might actually be able to find a cantina; but the risk of being mugged in a corner is infinitely higher compared to the Hub. In essence, as the City continues to expand, so too does the home of the rough hands which shape it.


This is a static, location thread for the Confederacy. All members are welcome and encouraged to meet one another in this informal setting! If you are not apart of the faction and would like to meet us, feel free to join!

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The Golden Eye
A tip had led here, to the heart of the Confederacy, to the sprawl.

It did not surprise her that it would be in a place like The Sprawl. What surprised her was that it was so deep in Confederacy territory. Just what the hell had Ursula been up to? Ursula would never work for a Sith Lord. Never. [member="Darth Metus"] could have had angel wings and a sexy voice, and Ursula would still have said no. (Come to think of it he probably did have a sexy voice, she had just never personally heard it. The Confederacy was practically rolling in sexy voiced something-or-other.) Skip. She was the head of an invading army of insects, on the verge of seizing all holocrons in the universe. Skip. She was Metus' top assassin, captured and held for months by the Mind-Binder, who slowly whittled away at her in the dark chamber from where there was no escape. Skip. Back on the walk to the sprawl hanger it had been found in. The skyline of a city that never seemed to stop needing to be built dominated early morning light, at least what light reached her end.

She had not brought The Silent Erika. She had instead booked passage via commercial transport. She carried her unmodified cortosis weave durasteel cane, not wanting to draw attention by bringing in an actual weapon. She may have been getting friendly with the Confederacy, but that didn't mean she could go walking around with an arsenal. She did keep that ranger decoy she'd purchased from Sasori. She'd already used it to repeatedly screw with violent gang members on Coruscant, laughing maniacally everytime she tricked them into shooting at the image in their hideout. (She didn't exactly remember how she had gotten there exactly but she was a good sport with fate and went along with it.) She hadn't even done anything physical to them, she'd just done that to them repeatedly for five hours until the violent band of cut throats just got frustrated and told her to lock the door on her way out once she got bored. She had, and she had done as they asked. It had been awkward at the end. Lots of coughing. Awkward coughing.

The hanger was a dome shaped structure with a hexagonal, golden pattern repeating on the outer surface. She had been told by both the hanger personel and by Siva that no one had occupied it or come back for it in months. Longer in Loste Citadel's case.

Where the hell was Ursula Sandraven.

Maple knew--Uri knew--that Ursula was alive. And Ursula had to know Uri was alive. Maple had not exactly kept quiet since joining the Confederacy...her face had been seen on enough battlefields, fighting under contract. (She still had yet to find a crew for that Ventress Class she had yet to name for that Monastery Job).

The toydarian, a squat blue alien who looked a tad younger than most she had met flew up to her with his stubby little wings, wearing only a cloth cap and some custom work clothes.

"Hey! You got business here?! I'm supposed to shoo off anyone not here to pick up what we got stored. Very private."

"Relax. I'm the one who called you. Its intact? It works?"

The toydarian looked at her and grinned.

"Oh...oh it works alright. Nice, nasty piece of souped up Naboo-tech. Its even got blasters. Never seen one of the older types with blasters except those diplomatic barges. And the thing's a rocket!"

"You went joyriding in it, didn't you." Maple asked in dull fashion.

The toydarian chuckled.

"Heh. Guilty." he confessed. "A little too fast for my taste though. Careful when you make turns at high speed...rocket's fast, but the speed saps its manuverability."

"Blood Rocket always did have that issue." Maple agreed. "I trust you enjoyed the ride?"

"Are you kidding? Its H-type. Anybody tells you they wouldn't fly an H-type is either a liar or has never seen one. Plus if you wanna pick up the ladies..." he said with a suggestive leer.

"Yeah, won't argue there." Maple agreed. "Still not as sexy as the 327."

"Yeah, its a good runner up. So, I take you inside, we fix up the paperwork, and then she's all yours."

Maple followed him past the turbo doors and into a simple office but one with a wall of computer monitors in the back. She looked through a pane of glasteel and she saw it. The blood rocket.

The Scarlet Phantom. H-Type nubian in crimson chromium. A color that had been in her armor choices whenever possible, ever since she first saw that particular shade on this ship. It gleamed in the golden lights, its tinted windows hiding the innards of Ursula's secrets from her.

"Did you ever run into any hints why it was abandoned? What about its previous owner?" Maple asked as she continued to stare at the ship.

The Toydarian flitted towards an office cabinet.

"Sorry. Wish I could be more helpful. Even checked around before I called you, thought it might be important but no. No one has seen any sign of your friend. Not since her ship landed here months back. She's like a ghost, your friend."

"Not surprising, considering she showed me how to be one." Maple said, turning back to the alien. "Wouldn't go so far and say she's a friend anymore, though."

"You uh, one of our Knights Obsidian?" the toydarian asked, somewhat nervously.

"Oh! Oh no. Of course not. I'm small time compared to the guys they got on their payroll. Probably chew me up like a wad of gum. But I was a knight. For someone else." she admitted.

"Bloody job?" the toydarian asked, finally finding the paperwork.

"It wasn't rainbows and puppy-hugging."

"What job is these days?" he joked, and she chuckled a little as she sat down from across his desk.

"All I can speak for is my own experiences." she answered back.

"Me too. Okay...sign here, here, and here, and you're done." the alien advised, pointing out the lines. Maple signed the papers and was heading for the ship.

As she left, the toydarian gave her one last comment.

"Hey uh, no offense but...whenever I meet someone like you...kinda glad I never picked up a weapon, y'know?" he confessed nervously.

Maple stared before heading back to her destination.

"And its times I run into someone like you that makes me wish I had your sensibilities." she called back.

Later that day...

The Scarlet Phantom, a bloody bullet streaking across the sky, its engines not even close to being pushed.

The ship had the dusty feel of a tomb when she had set foot. The alien who had joy-ridden it had not noticed, but she had.

It didn't feel like Ursula had been here though. Strange. She should have at least some faint impression of her, but...nothing.

The ship had been so heavily modded over time, only the bedroom and a few other places had any real space left. Sensitive equipment and other things for power took up much of the space.

She'd looked for old items, something, anything about Ursula's current status. But the ship was disturbingly bereft of it. It was just a clean ship, with no hint of the woman that owned it. A large, disturbing blank.

Maple decided to she could solve that mystery later. She piloted her new ship to a docking port in the Hub and set it down there, paying the landing fee electronically beforehand. Security was extremely tight in this part of the city. And besides, she was looking to explore on foot anyway.

Gripping her cane, she ventured off the boarding ramp onto the landing platform and stared eagerly at the glitz beyond and decided to see what mischief she could find to amuse her, walking off the landing pad with its security turrets slowly swiveling back and forth as she went through customs. Soon she was walking the streets, eager for a new experience in the heart of the Confederacy.
Eshan Prince
Golbah City
Trade Sector

"There are so many options, force help me..." Aston said as his eyes began to scan around again more carefully, simply put he was only on one area and there were still multiple options left to go. Aston had forced himself to be on his guard here, simply because there were a lot of people here, and he wasn't sure if they were all good or if they were out to steal some credits. Luckily his senses have been well attuned here lately so that aided him greatly not to mention his own situational awareness was okay. Nonetheless, he did try to ease up and was just hard too.

"Who are you shopping for son?" A voice called him from the other side of the vendor board. "A friend, well good friend....ish? Best friend? I"m not sure what she is to me, I just know she's important to me."

The much older man nodded his head slowly in recognition at Astons' stumbling of his words and it seemed was processing them. "Ah, do you love her?"

"Well of course I do." Aston nodded his head easily enough. Katrine was a bit odd the first time he met her to be quite honest, however she turned out to be one of the best people he had ever met and he wasn't quite sure what he would do if she was ever gone...permanently.

"A ring can be a game changer son!" The old man nodded with a big smile on his face as he reached to the side and pulled out a case full of rings to show Aston. "Oh you think?" Aston inquired, his oblivious mind at the current time immune to the fact that he was being shown marriage rings. He handed a ring to Aston and he took a good look at it and nodded his head. "That does look pretty good." The old man nodded frantically as it seemed he was trying to make a sell. "Marriage rings are the perfect gift to make that life long commitment"

Aston stopped breathing for a moment and then let out a exhausted chuckle. "Oh no." Aston said shaking his head. "Its not like that at all, its not I couldn't ever think about doing that. It's just a gift for a good friend, she's like a sister to me." Aston said as he was already feeling awkward enough as it is and this just added more to it. Aston handed the ring back to the older man. "Its a nice ring, truly is" The force user said easily enough.

"Well alright, what else could I help you with?" The old man inquire again, eager to sell something to Aston. "We've got some nice fur scarves and fur coats, skinned straight from wolves themselves!"

Aston's face lost a bit of color and look slight pale and let out the most exaggerated word and fake chuckle in the history of the galaxy it seemed like. "Great....." Aston mouth was open for a moment before he glanced to either side of him. "This is nonsense, by the force I'm gonna be here all day."
[From Humble Beginnings at a Space Port]

[The Hub]

Vildarn was amazed as the desert rocky planet came into view, the sun reflecting off the sand was beautiful and the city they were heading towards was so, well, different. Touching down on the planet he could already see some of the native Geonosians, he’d never even seen an insectoid before. He eagerly raced to the exit and stepped down the metal steps and into an area a large neon sign referred to as “The Hub”.

From here he could see the city itself was very much still under a lot of construction. He didn’t entirely know where to begin with so much activity going on so he approached one of the natives.

“Excuse me I’m new to your world and could use a hand in finding way.” he said to one of the Geonosians.

The reply he received was in only strange clicking and buzzing, of course the Geonosians couldn’t speak his language.
A droid rolled behind him announcing himself with a kind greetings.

“He says that he welcomes you to Geonosis and that there are many apartments for sale and rent.”

“Thank you, I uh wasn’t sure if you could understand me.”

“I suppose I’m actually looking to possibly join your Confederacy,” more clicks and pops came in reply.

“You can travel by rail to the Royal Sector, they are always recruiting there.” the droid translated once more.

“Thank you droid, and thank you Geonosian, I’ll head there immediately.”

[Royal Sector]

“The travel by rail was quite fast, soaring through the city he could see just how busy every individual was, if not with their own lives then that of the structuring of the Confederacy. He just hoped that this royal sector he was heading to was easy to navigate.
His train pulled up letting him and the many other passengers off, sure enough recruitment signs and political propaganda was everywhere.
He ventured out onto the streets observing many droids and Geonosian guards standing at attention throughout the crowds.

“You there.” came a voice calling out.

He hadn’t expected it but he felt a hand fall upon his shoulder. Vildarn turned to see an old looking green alien with eye stalks.

“Uh hello.”

“Welcome to Geonosis newcomer.”

“How do you know I’m new?” Vildarn asked surprised.

“Cause you have barely any dust on you, everyone on this planet is covered in dust eventually.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Do you know where you are?” the being asked eyeing his face carefully.

“Geonosis, Golbah City, Royal sector.”

“You’re in the capital of a newly reborn government that was originally created centuries ago to fight against the tyranny and decay of the Old Republic.” the alien said as if he were the most devout of Confederates.

“That I’ll admit I didn’t know.” Vildarn replied having to admit he was skeptical but if it were true it would be most impressive.

“So what brings you here?”

“I’m a pilot, and I guess I’m hoping to sign up for the Confederate Navy.”

The alien chucked as if he had told a joke. “You’re brave I’ll give you that, come then and I’ll point you in the correct direction.”
Revan continued down the street the way the old alien had told him. He soon noticed though the same woman from before following him and he now intended to figure out exactly who she was.

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