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Giving Strength to the pact


While the pact had many capable warriors they still required some fine tuning in the art of magic and whatever else he could teach them, He sent out a call to his pact to come to a very open canyon on Ryloth to train who ever comes and is interested. He had a few spells in mind that some can handle but he shall gauge who can be taught what along the way, He sat down and meditated as he waited pondering on more spells and magic to teach while he waits for any who answer his call it was awhile since he trained more then one person but he will try his best to improve the children of his pact.

[member="Arabella Darkhold"], @Chicako Liona, [member="Derek Dib"], [member="Kaiah Sixsipita"],[member="Scherezade deWinter"], [member="Srina Talon"], @Veronkia Fleischer, [member="William the Bloody"], [member="Minerva Vessia"], @Lady Pysona
Location: Currently her own private study and moving into the hallway of a greater Mandagora complex.

A bold deep red slowly curved downward. Steadily Minerva’s hand did not weaver she drew. Slowly downward the tip of the quill curved into a bowl like shape. The ink seemed to embrace the parchment of the tome, as if it shared some deep love. Onward it curved upwards flowing into a new direction. Every motion of the quill was precise. It was flawless to the point as it curved over the previous line. Now the symbol was starting to fully take shape. Minerva started to feel the power waft up off the tome as she continued. This portion of the incantation upon paper was nearly complete.

Within the candle lit room she felt the air shift, the stirring of unspoken words. The lips of Jart pressed tenderly upon her ears. The sultry lexis preyed upon her heart speaking as they were intimate. Teasing as if there was something she desired close to her lithe fingers. Her fingers did move hungrily forward finishing the spell upon the tome. The beckoning she heard was not of the completion of this symbol. No she knew she was being summoned. She heard the reason why the Jarts were being summoned.

After gently setting the quill upon the table, Minerva rose from her chair. Looking around the breath of her study she contemplated the possibilities, the possibilities of there being a new spell. Her training was unbalanced. She knew this but really did not care. Magical knowledge peek her interest far more then martial knowledge. Moving to her door she knew her answer.

[member="Rapax"] & the Jarts who plan to show up
"This is a very stupid way to call a person," Scherezade said as she removed her shirt and bent awkwardly at her waist in front of the mirror, looking at the Jart tattoo on her back, "you don't have to tingle like that. It itches! Do you have any idea how hard it is to reach that spot with my hand, you silly spirit?"

Instead of a reply, she felt a stronger tingle. The young Sithling rolled her eyes. "FINE! Tell them I'm coming. Also tell them I'm going to personally step into the spirit world and strangle you until your own back itches and then we'll see how much fun it is to summon someone by not giving them the ability to scratch!"

Ten minutes later, she was at the place [member="Rapax"] had summoned them to through the spirits. The two had met before, though at the time she had not known that he was the Shaman of the Jart. She was ever so slightly less ignorant now.

Emerald green eyes looked at the canyon.

There was a lot of sand.

Scherezade sat comfortable on the ground, noting that her tattoo wasn't itching anymore, and waited.
Viceroy of Siskeen
Another meeting in Golbah City had taken most of his focus for the week. But now with the meetings concluded he found himself with a few days to pass the time on his own. And so he wandered the city, sharp eyes finding unique scenes of the populace to keep his mind from turning to more serious considerations.

Pausing under a tree his gaze losing focus slightly as he felt an urge in the back of his mind that he had stifled. He knew who, or more specifically what, it was. And yet he had resisted the call of the patron. He had his own responsibility and life and entertaining another being was not only distracting but dangerous. Yet he found himself looking for distraction and allowed the barrier to lower, feeling a sense that he was supposed to be somewhere. Sighing he chose to acquiesce.

Renting a speeder he followed the echo he felt. A call. And so after sometime he found himself entering a canyon and slowing to a stop. Climbing from the speedee he saw the figure quietly waiting as others answered the summons. Placing his hands behind his back he moved closer, a slight not to the Shaman of Lylek, [member="Rapax"] , as well as a few others which included [member="Scherezade deWinter"] .

[member="Minerva Vessia"]


He opened his eyes and stood up as he looked to see [member="Derek Dib"] and [member="Scherezade deWinter"] arrive he sensed another [member="Minerva Vessia"] was on the way so he decided to wait till she shows before beginning training he had a few ideas and abilities in mind to try and show them some already know what he knows but theres no harm in teaching them anyway. His pact needed the strength and he has been neglecting them abit as of late he spoke for a moment. We shall wait for one more to show before we begin our training but I am pleased to see the ones who have answered the call. He was abit annoyed that it wasn't all of his pact but the fewer the numbers the easier the training session goes.
“Really they are waiting on me”, Minerva asked thin air as she was walking down the corridor of the Mandagora complex. Minerva was not being totally crazy this time. She was not speaking to herself, really! It was just a flat stamen of something she noticed. She was at least a mile away and people were waiting on her. It sounded like a prime opportunity to abuse her spell knowledge. Well not really it was a good opportunity to practice a difficult spell under a control circumstance.

Through pink pastel lips she began a new song. Through the first set of lyrics to a spell time and space began to shift around her. With a brilliant pop of dark purple light she winked out of sight at the location of where she was standing.

Before a single second had past, there was another flash pop of dark purple light.

There just near [member="Rapax"] , [member="Derek Dib"] , and [member="Scherezade deWinter"] …. Minerva stepped out of the pop flash of dark purple light. Minerva had teleported over a mile away in a instant.

“You was not waiting on me, was you”, she asked with a little smirk upon her lips.