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Give me a reason

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Having something like this is great for ad hoc discussions like the revamps, but it's easy to make a new one for big events like that. I can't think of a reason to keep it the rest of the time.
Yep. I agree with [member="Delila Castillon"]'s statement.

If anything, a combination of Codex & Factory Judge channel in the discord could evoke more prominent discussions and collaboration between the two creation sections.
Originally it seemed to be a good idea for collaboration and communication between the two creation groups, though changes occur so infrequently that affect both groups that the result is this rather empty section that gets used once every two months or so. When it is used it gets a lot of helpful feedback, but perhaps if the two groups had a discord chat it would be more beneficial than this.

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