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Gideon Lenn

Gideon Lenn

Thrill-seeking Entrepreneur



NAME: Gideon “Giddy” Lenn


RANK: CEO, Bornaryn Trading Company

SPECIES: Human/Twi’lek

AGE: 36

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6’1” – 185cm

WEIGHT: 183lbs – 83kg

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Light brown

SKIN: Tan with a slight orange tone




+ Acute Business Acumen: A brilliant head for business and a natural talent for negotiating trade

+ Hyper-Observant: Attention to detail, especially when it comes to people, allows Gideon to read people accurately. ALso occurs with his surroundings.

+ Exploration/Combat Experience: Unusual for a businessman, his love of expeditions has developed a number of survival/fighting skills.

+ Trivial Knowledge: Gideon's diverse education and penchant for obscure facts can provide just the piece of otherwise useless knowledge just when he needs it.

- Reliance on Stimulants: Gideon is a very busy man, both working and in his extracurricular activities. He maintains high energy with various forms of stimulants from caf and stim-drinks to pharmaceuticals. Though he is not technically an addict, he could not keep up with his business and recreations without them. He periodically crashes from the overuse of stimulants, leaving him pretty useless for one to several days.

- Vices: While he keeps his business fully legal and clean, he himself will engage in illegal gambling and brushes elbows with less savory folks.

- Adrenaline Junkie: Whether its extreme sports, exploring the unknown, taking on slavers, going all in on a bluff, or sticking his neck out on an impossible deal, Gideon thrives on thrill. He has spent a lot of hours in bacta tanks and lost a lot of money due to this thrill-seeking.


Gideon's eyes are a piercing blue, framed with laugh lines from a life time of smiling, both genuine and feigned. His build is lean and muscular, and his complexion bears a tinge of his father’s crimson skin, giving it a bronze, sometimes orange tone. Gideon's hair is wavy and kept longish, and he often sports a five o'clock shadow. He wears a wide range of styles, from fine formal business attire to tee shirts and frayed denims.

Outgoing and confident, Gideon's gregarious behavior can be disarming. But behind his penache and cheerful demeanor is a clever, calculating businessman who works to seal the deal. He is virtually unflappable, rarely losing his temper. He is a risk taker and a thrill seeker, whether in business or pleasure and has both won and lost big.

Gideon’s father was Twi'lek named Chom Fenn, a prosperous entrepreneur who lead a thriving trade business in the Inner Rim. Chom’s romance with Tara Dusk, the daughter of a Commenor trade minister, gave them a son, as well as a brief scandal when both Chom and the minister fell under suspect of trade improprieties. The affair was ended, but Tara and Chom remained close, she being supported by his benevolence and their son visiting his father often.

Chom married a Twi’lek woman, who disliked her husband’s bastard half-breed son, a sentiment shared by her own offspring and most of Chom’s family. Nevertheless, Gideon was afforded the best things in life, his desires indulged. Gideon was a thrill-seeker, and anything that spiked adrenaline appealed to the young man. But Chom also taught Gideon about his business, finding the half-human son grasped his father’s teaching far more readily than his full-blood Twi’lek children.

While Gideon learned about his father’s enterprises, and absorbed the tactics Chom used in his success, Chom’s family insisted that Gideon have no part in the family businesses. Chom reluctantly agreed, and the young Gideon instead followed his adventurous and philanthropic spirit. Erning several degrees, Gideon thrived on expeditions, explorations and adventures, many made possible with the help of his own or his father’s funding. Gideon also began to champion underdog causes, villages under oppression, families targeted by criminal elements and such, sometimes even leading hired mercenaries himself to help those in need.

Meanwhile, Gideon's half-siblings all schemed and plotted against one another and even their father to grasp more power within the company. Chom, disappointed with them, and regretting not bringing Gideon into the fold, had the last work after his death, when the will was read. . Gideon's Twilek children were stripped of their rights to the company, leaving the entire corporation to Gideon. Gideon, took on the challenge and continued his father's ambitious leadership of the enterprises until Bornaryn Trading Company became a powerful trading conglomerate that spans many systems.

Shrike - a Sicarious-Class Stealth Yacht
Centaur- a MC15T Niathal-Class Assault Shuttle

Seren Outfitters Defensive Businessman (Suit)

GE-WWG Field Wrist Accessory
OS-105 Light Blaster Pistol
BR-1 Blaster Carbine
ULR-Speeder Model-0 Racing Speeder
luxury chronometer

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