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Ghosts? On Star Wars RP?

Something has been happening to me (I'm not sure if it happens to any of you) it's sometimes when I make a post and someone likes it (not that I have an issue with that) but then I go to their profile page and it said that they have been offline for a few hours... Is Star Wars RP haunted?
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they are phantom likes, when the wipe happened it deleted the posts but not the likes so. When a post is made now and gets the count the old likes remain for it but they do no effect your rep
It does this as per post count. Lets say before the wipe there was 4000 posts ( I know there was more than that but as an example) now after the wipe there was 2000 posts. Well what the site does is at post 2385 3 people liked it. So it will put that it was liked when it really wasn't

EDIT: my posts right now has a like on it, and I have never see the person in my life.

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