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Ghosting but not Gone


As @[member="Akio Kahoshi"] mentioned in his admin-seeking thread, I have been slightly overwhelmed as of late with real life happening. Part of growing up is learning what are your true priorities.

With that being said, I am still committed to the Empire, and I will continue to patrol our faction and hopefully re-spark my usual recruitment campaigns. However, I will not be able to keep up on everything site-wide, and indeed, I am slashing or benching a few of my characters.

My RP emphasis will be on Midve. I have a civilization to build with Akio in the Asha'ladier, and of course it would be improper for me to not try my best to add to our dominions.

I will be shelving @[member="Mehrk Gorbi"] and your beloved tapioca smuggler @[member="Tacitanya Raderi"] until further notice. Though I do owe @[member="Aditya Amadis"] an RP. Aditya, let me know when you have something cooked up, I will bring my Twi'lek along for the ride.

@[member="Bottlecap"] and my Jedi @[member="Stjeki Sykerson"] are essentially dead. RIP, they were so young, blah blah.

Rest assured that even though I may delay, I do not forget my commitments.

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
I'm just glad we aren't losing you completely.
Rise and Rise Again
@[member="Midve"] I believe the RP owed is one to develop technology/get Aditya set up with some more Atrisian tech/workshop so she can start building her own.
:) Work for you? And thank you for your deference, I appreciate and respect your need for time, so let me know what your time constraints are and I will work around them. :)