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Approved Planet Geros Prime

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Geros Prime, A World of Steel and Stone

  • Region: Outer Rim Territories
  • System: Geros System
  • Sun(s): Geros Major (Yellow Star)
  • Orbital Position: Habitual Zone, Position 4
  • Moon(s): None (formerly Luska)
  • Rotational Period: 84 Standard Hours
  • Orbital Period: 1277.5 Standard Days
  • Approximate Wookiepedia Coordinates: I-18
  • Class: Terrestrial
  • Diameter: 89,292 Kilometers
  • Atmosphere: Type 1
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Primary Terrain(s): Mountain
  • Native Species: Gerosians
  • Immigrated Species: None
  • Government: Tribal Monarchy
  • Approximate Population: 2 Billion
  • Denonym: Gerosian
  • Major Cities: Aeolia, Lasirra
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs, Technology
  • Major Exports: Mercenaries
  • Affiliation: N/A

The culture of Geros Prime is, above all else, rooted in the preparation of each and every individual for the field of battle someday. The ten clans of the planet each revolve around a specialized aspect, and young Gerosians are free to join a clan of their choice upon coming of age. Each clan has a hand in the education of the young, so that well-rounded Gerosian adults are the result. At the helm of Geros Prime's society is an individual known a the War Marshal, who presides over the ten tribes as their leader. This is a hereditary role that is tied to a dynastic line that spans from the moment of their creation to the present War Marshal: Thrash.

Outside of the clan system, the Gerosians worship the Force itself as its patron deities and have one of the ten clans charged with interpreting and preaching its will. Furthermore, the people have an immense concern over the continuation of the population and the establishment of strong families. Therefore, the Gerosians place a high importance on the female gender, of which there is a drastic shortage, and a taboo on homosexuality as a whole.


In comparison to the rest of the Galaxy, the technology level found on Geros Prime is average and in line with that found throughout the known worlds.


Several thousand years prior to the outbreak of the Gulag Plague, the first Gerosians were created as apart of the Sith Empire's growing desire to subjugate the Galaxy. In particular, a cadre of capable Alchemists took subjects from two races, notable for their unique connection to the Force, and spliced them together in the form of a new abomination. These races, the Croke and the Amphi-Hydrus, therefore despised the resulting creatures and to this day have treated them with supreme hatred. The Gerosians were specifically created to act as a unique vanguard under the authority of the reigning Emperor and wage war against the Republic; and to this end were treated worse than dirt. For an excessively brief span of time, they performed this task without question, until finally a Jedi Master confronted the acting War Marshal on the field of battle.

She questioned why the Gerosians served the Sith Empire so faithfully. She questioned why they chose servitude over freedom. She questioned why they, a race of warriors, would spearhead an army of cowards too weak and afraid to enter the field of battle themselves...

And as a result of this line of questioning, the seeds of rebellion were sown in the heart of the War Marshal. He, as did all of his people, detested the poor treatment levied upon them by their Sith Overlords; and as such they decided to push back and attempt to obtain freedom. On the field of battle, whilst battling against the forces of the Republic, he gave the order to turn on the Sith just as the scales were in their favor. The tactic saw the immense devastation of the Sith forces that day and ultimately the failure of their attempted invasion of a world bordering the Republic and Imperial spaces. In the wake of this victory, however, the Empire launched a full-scale manhunt for the rebellious Gerosians. They were relentlessly slaughtered, regardless of their best efforts of fighting back, and ultimately banded together in order to flee into the Outer Rim Territories.

They ultimately took up residence on an uncharted world and lived as quietly and carefully as possible. Some decided to reach out the Republic on behalf of their people and secured assistance for the refugees, whilst others signed on as mercenaries and fought on the front lines against the Empire. However, as the Old Republic wars drew to a close, the surviving Gerosians made a request of the Galactic Republic: that their new homeworld be deleted from the known records so that they might be truly free of the fear of an Imperial genocide in the future. To this, the Republic agreed and so began the isolation of the world that would come to be known as Geros Prime. For centuries following, the people banded together and mastered their world, doing all they could to prepare themselves to defend hearth and home from any and all Sith that may come in the future.

However, their period of isolation from the Galaxy would come in the form of a single, exploration vessel that landed upon the world in the early 700s ABY. Ignorant to the fact that the Gulag Plague had utterly decimated the Galaxy, the Gerosians welcomed the explorers and were brought up to date on the history that they had missed. As the explorers walked them through all the history that had occurred since the time of the Old Republic, a righteous fury ignited within their hearts; for the Empire had caused just as much suffering to the Galaxy as a whole as they did to them in times past. The unanimous decision was made thenceforth to reach out to the rebuilding Galaxy and to lend their hand in the repelling of the Empire's darkness. To this end, they did as they did best and served as mercenaries for those brave and willing enough to take the fight to their ancient enemy.

It has been as thus until the current age, where a Gerosian by the name of Thrash has ascended to the mantle of War Marshal.

  • Thrash

The purpose of this submission is to, primarily, provide a world of origin for the Gerosian species. Second, this submission also exists in order to provide the player base of SWRP: Chaos with a new location to delve into for the sake of adventures, character growth, etc.

Image Source: Stocktrek Images
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