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Prudii Shysa

New Member
I'm working on my character, a Mandalorian, and had a few gear related questions? For his armor and ship do I just say this is what he's got and as long as it's not unbalanced I'm good, or do I need to work up something for the tech boards? On a related note, weapons. If I plan to use weapons that have appeared in canon or games am I good, or still submit to tech board?


Purveyor of Fine Weaponry
It never hurts to learn the Factory to get an appreciation for what balance means on Chaos. There are a few folks in the Mandalorian Empire that have a decent handle on things and can probably be convinced to show you the ropes.

That said, starting out? Mara had it right. Factory is only mandatory if whatever you're using gets reported for abuse. Keep it simple and fight clean and you should be just fine.

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