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Galaxy on the Warfront

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Jaxton wandered through the darkened streets of the lower levels of Coruscant, and in the distance spotted a Republic Trooper. He raised his rifle and shot three times, once at head and twice at his chest and the man was dead, lying with a holey head and torso. Three more Republic troops emerged from behind the one dead and began shooting at him, Jaxton merely chucked a thermal detonator and backpedalled, before heading to the right, into an old open building. More cover that way. He heard the screams of two Republic troops being incinerated and smiled. Three down. Unaware of the specs of the building he continued forward, before he heard the steps of something, perhaps another trooper. He switched to his trusty shotgun and continued forward, before another Republic Soldier with a combat knife jumped out of the shadows and attempted to impale him. Better senses prevailed and Jaxton had a feeling, a premonition to move, and got out of the way before filling the Republic Knifeman with slag. Jaxton smiled. These Republic Troopers hadn't quite caught on to the war they were in just yet, and had no idea how combat really worked. Jaxton had been in wars, he knew just how gritty the reality was.

"Nice work out there." A Sith Trooper said as he came to his flank. Jaxton remained quiet and wandered to the end of building, the Sith Trooper hopefully having his back. Before heading out the building he spotted a Republic Trooper pass the open door, and ran out after him, before grabbing the back of his neck twisting it before it was off it's axis and the man was dead. Five down. Jaxton was a monster out there. The Sith Trooper behind him emerged out of the building to join his side before he heard the man scream, a shot to his heart. Jaxton quickly tried to find the enemy but couldn't before he spotted a rocket coming his way. He tried to avoid it but the explosion was too wide , Jaxton was embedded in shrapnel as his head flew off away from him. A gruesome way to die.

"POODOO!" Jaxton cursed as he almost threw his controller down to the floor as he waited to respawn. He was on a kill streak, only to be taken down by some lone rocket. Still, he was having quite the fun. Galaxy on the Warfront had just released this weekened, and everyone was stoked out to play the new game where you could fight as Republic, Sith, Fringe, Omega Protectorate, or CIS troopers. It'd set him back a hefty seventy credits along with the pre-order, but GamePlanet was having a special where if you returned a week after release you could 40% of the game's credit in store. It was a bit of ripoff as you couldn't just return the game, but GamePlanet had a near monopoly on holo-gaming nowadays so it was often hard to find somewhere else to get a game.

Jaxton continued throughout the match, and the Republic soon learned that Jaxton was the only the man on his team worth their weight in Banta Poodoo, and put two guys specifically to find and kill him, while the rest of their men decimated his squad. Jaxton ended the match with a 1.8 K/D ratio, which was okay he guess, but when no one else managed to get above a .7 you weren't doing well. A bit fed up he left his squad and got into the lobby to start a new match, unaware of who else might show up and play.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Jaxton Ravos"]
HK crouched back behind the cover of balcony, reloading his rocket launchers.

He said, looking over to Iron Knights who were sitting in his Observer's Office on Abregado-Rae playing the game with him on holo-screen
"Just owned some newbie with a rocket."
One of the Knights nodded
"Well done, my lord."
HK looked back to the screen

He was about to jump back from behind the cover and give out another shot as his body jerked and slammed back into the wall, stricken dead by some unseen assailant.

"Force-damned snipers."
He muttered watching the screen.
"But sir, I'm a sniper."
Another Iron Knight muttered
"Well whoop-tee-doo, Jenkins, good for you, I will keep at Heavy Assault where the real action is."
The Iron Knight slightly hung his head saddened


Blessed are the peacemakers
Despite what you may think, Jedi did like to have fun. Darin, was not one usually for mindless entertainment, but he had finished meditation and study for the day, so he decided to play his favorite game. It was Galaxy On The Warfront, and right now, he had just gotten the Republic Commando class. So needless to say, he was doing very well.

He came to the Sith lines, forgoing staying with the squad infavor of going for his own killstreak. The DC-17 in game fired a bit fast, and it chewed through ammo, but the optional sniper or grenade attachment made it incomparably better than the other weapons. He charged through, and rifle-butted one Sith player, before spraying another one. But he left the match early, thanks to the fact that he disconnected. Inter-galaxy play on the Holonet was iffy at times.

He joined a new lobby, with the screen name 'HailThePadawanTail'. He tapped his microphone, speaking softly after a moment of thinking of a good way to introduce himself.

"Hello everyone."He spoke calmly, and in a near-whisper.

@[member="Jaxton Ravos"]

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
Tarika started the game on insane difficulty due to the recent commotion she somehow got herself in and needed to clear her mind with a real challenge. as she loaded the game she picked out her weapon and then started the game with a real panic alarm due to the fact it gave her one opponent to deal with The game must be broked dammet she said aloud and then made her virtual likeness walk up to him and kicked the republic croney in the back as he stupidly looked down over the side and fell to his death.

As she jumped over the edge and nimbly landed like the acrobat she is she smirked and sent a volley of chain lightening designed for a knight at a few soldiers and then a force throw at a few more, they hit and broke their backs.. the ones that got the lightening were dead before even realizing it,

As she walked on she smirked as more soldiers somehow walked through the walls and trained there weapons on her.

Damn glitches in the programming, how the hades does a soldier walk through a wall?

as she focused her characters attention on them she leapt into the air and sent fire at them as she flipped and landed behind them, their armor was good but due to the glitch it was impossible to defeat them, for now anyway.
Josh wasn't a fan of shooting games. So instead he went and bought The Legend Of Kelda 2 on launch day. How did a Jedi get into video games, you might ask? Well after playing the first Legend of Kelda for so long on a handheld during waiting periods in missions, Josh was willing to shell out some credits for the new console version. A friend had gotten him the console on Life Day, but he hadn't gotten to use it until now.

Even better, it was multiplayer. Normally, this would probably be where he'd have invited @[member="Aleidis Ijet"] to come over, snuggle under the blanket on the couch and kick the crap out of each other in gaming sessions for a few hours, but Ijet was busy playing a game of Republic Revenge in real life. Oh well. Guess he'd save Princess Kelda by himself.

Josh had no idea that millions were now playing that shooting game, where it would soon gain a COD-like following. Beware.

"DAMNIT, I died" the Jedi Master said dismally as the little green robed elf kid fell to the ground because Josh thought leaping off a cliff and slashing an enemy was do-able. "Damn, the handheld one was so easy"

Allyson Locke

Space Kim Possible
Codex Judge
It was the weekend and what does the wife of one of the most powerful women in the galaxy do on the weekends? She pwns noobs of course. Sitting in her taun taun onesie, Spencer Jacobs quickly fired of her console. The fuzzy hood clung to her head as she waited for the credits to roll through. Reaching over she grabbed a cup of hot chocolate and sipped it slowly as the game loaded and activated her profile. It took a few moments but fuzzytauntaun12 soon loaded up the new shooter everyone was playing. Her bright pink controller vibrated telling her the match started.

Running through she was a mighty clone soldier equipped with two boasters and some grenades. Finding the perfect hiding place, Spencer camped and waited. Soon everyone passed and she would shoot at them either unloading the entire energy cell at their crotch or a lovely quick or no scope shot to the head.

"Yes....feeelllll my wrrraaaaaiiitttthhh"

In the background, the latest pop sensation Juicestin Beaver sang about love and other teenage drama.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Spencer Jacobs"] @[member="Jaxton Ravos"]
Seeing red dot indicating shooting nearby on minimap HK, or as they know him "observantropo", activated his stealth system perk, yeah, he was one of those people who liked to abuse cloaking stealth mechanisms in games for annoyance of everyone else, and sneaked to Spencer's position.
He sounded out sinister as he tried to adjust himself next to camping Spencer, and when the moment was right- he dropped the cloak and tried to open the entire magazine of his light repeater all over her Clone loving face.
"Suffer the eternal wrath of First Baron Observer, 'fuzzytauntaun12', there is no escape from my righteous fury."
Whenever he played on the Protectorate side, he always picked the droid class. There was also a Lady Protector class, but whenever asked about it, he was a strongly believer that it should be nerfed. Lady Protector was definitely op.