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Work In Progress Galactic Alliance 7th Defense Fleet

  • Intent: [ State why you are making this submission and what purpose it will fulfill in RP. ]
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  • Fleet Name: [ What is the name of your fleet? Does it have an official designation? A nickname? ]
  • Classification: [ What type of fleet is this? Planetary defensive fleet? Corporate trade flotilla? A band of pirates? ]
  • Affiliation: [ What character, group, company, or faction is this fleet loyal to? Faction affiliation? Link any relevant characters, faction pages or groups. ]
  • Fleet Symbol: [I f your fleet has a sigil or logo, provide a picture or briefly describe what it looks like. Feel free to include colour scheme, etc in this field. ]
  • Description: [ Give a general description of this fleet. Is it a very professional Navy? A roving band of diaspora ships? ]
  • Headquarters: [ Where is this fleet based? Link to either the planet or location if applicable. ]
  • Ports of Call: [ Assigned patrol sectors / routes, places visited frequently, secret bases, space stations, or other relevant canon locations or Codex / Factory submissions. ]
  • Goals: [ What are the goals of this Fleet? If it has an official mission, what is it? ]
  • Reputation: [ Is this fleet known by people outside of itself and how do they view it? With pride? With concern? Wary or neutral? Describe your fleet’s reputation here if it has one. This can include multiple views, from enemies and allies, depending on the type of fleet. ]
  • Fleet Size: Very Large [20.5 KM]
  • Lead Ship: ASV "Soloace in Dreams", Bellidux Class Star Battlecruiser
  • Composition:
    • Placeholder

  • Admiral Lord Zahara Myneto, Commander of the Seventh System Defense Fleet
  • Captain Constantine Oliva Constantine Oliva , Commander of the ASV "" [ List any PCs or NPCs who play a role in your fleet, as well as their ranks or functions. Designate the leader of your fleet. Link any relevant characters or NPC subs. If desired, you may include a blurb including name, rank and a brief explanation of this character if there is no bio or sub to link - alternatively link to a blog post with this information if you would like to keep an active player roster. You may also request sub mods to add/remove members. ]

[ Include a description of the fleet’s history. Who started it, how and why it was formed, modus operandi, any events tied into its creation and existence, prior allegiances, notable battles, etc. ]
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