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GA/ORC Proposal

defy the tyrannous stars
Reposted here in public per Jorus' request so we can get some faction feedback.

Zark's Amazing Proposals Presents
A GA/ORC Not Merger

Endgame begins, we all have a good time duking it out with Sith and Imperials and wrecking all the GA's cool poodoo.


GA and ORC conduct a merger thread. This could also take the form of a diplomacy thread where we gift you some choice hexes on your northern border. This would be a mechanics step only, the IC storyline would most likely consist of the ORC assisting an Alliance-in-Exile with its evacuation from the Core. Those few willing to stand by our fallen institution would be granted sanctuary within Coalition space.


Alliance-in-Exile/GA Remnant settles down on an ORC world provided as a sanctuary, our ideal choice would be D'Qar. We would either take the canon base or if that is currently being used for other purposes, we would just sub our own new unique base. At this point our pool of dedicated writers is very small, so our footprint would likely be minimal.




This process would grant ORC access to all our old factory tech with a few modification requests, and would allow us to throw some major weight around if the situation called for it. As a scaled down, bruised and beaten version of our former selves, we would be far less focused on offensive PvP against Darkside factions than we were as a major. We would agree to only pursue skirmish and other PvP opportunities after conferring with ORC faction staff.

At this point, the GA would have effectively folded completely into the ORC's structure operating as an affiliated minor faction, and given our current state of affairs it is safe to say we would stay that way. Potentially at some point in the future when the Lightside rises again, those of us still left who don't know any better may look to relocate somewhere more central to galactic affairs, but again this is a step that would only be taken after conferring with ORC staff.
Moonage Daydream
but, TBH, as I just mentioned in chat. The GA working with the ORC, it could call back to some of ORC's Underground routes, and the GA had a similar feel from its beginning. Using smugglers to get teams into places to shoot at bad guys, and enforce a set of law. The NJO would probably not fit too well, because of their super light-side purism. Though, agreeing to law of the land etc etc... Still working as an Underground Resistance and the Alliance-in-Exile will be fun, if it goes this way.
defy the tyrannous stars
[member="Coren Starchaser"]

Personally, and this is something that will most likely be an ongoing discussion, I don't see the NJO as it exists right now surviving after Endgame. While there will still be holdouts of course across GA worlds not hit during the final attack, its more likely that we would reorganize whoever is left into more of a Jedi Remnant or Hidden Temple.

Veino Garn

Always thought the Jensaarai worked better with ORC than the NJO anyways.

So as long as Susefvi is taken care of, I’m good with the proposal.

For what it’s worrh, from a mostly retired writer

Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel
I think it makes sense for the Alliance to turn to their most reliable allies at their most dire time and the idea given is not necessarily bad at all. But my concern is regarding the Outer Rim identity and concept and how such an even could change it or distort it (of course, not deliberately). More often than not when a faction 'merges' with another, whether its called a merge or not doesnt matter, it still can bring unintentional change that may be for the worse.

I am far from considering my view as an axiom but I believe staff should definitely think it through when it comes to the implementation phase.