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Free Cortosis Items!


I am offering only five lucky individuals a rare chance to pick up a single item of Cortosis each, of their own choosing, for nothing more than their posts towards a development thread attaining it. There will be no fighting, no bartering, nothing but a casual pick-up. I highly advise you bring a suit and breathing apparatus, as unrefined or raw Cortosis can be potentially lethal, especially to the touch. All you have to do is enter a mining facility with me, load some onto secured storage containers on whatever ship you bring, have it refined and leave with your new items.

Why such a generous offer?

It's a win-win scenario. I would like to make some things out of Cortosis and I have been a little out of muse to finish my dominion of Obredaan lately. With this, we could get posts towards the dominion and the development all at once. Innovative, isn't it?

@[member="Circe Savan"] (inb4 complaints, she is my character's wife, obviously she gets first pick, be happy I'm offering.)
@[member="Darc Xavior Talus"]
@[member="Zoey Marix"]
@[member="Tallia Farn"]
@[member="Voroll Dey Astaar"]

Tallia Farn

Flustered Amnesiac
Free cortosis huh? Well I don't think I can argue with that...

Even Ackbar agrees