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Species Review Frír

King of Midvinter

  • Intent: Further flesh out the fauna of Midvinter.
  • Image Credit: Naomi Savoie, concept artist for Far Cry: Primal.
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links:
  • Name: Frír (alt. saber-tooth)
  • Designation: Non-sentient
  • Origins: Midvinter
  • Average Lifespan: 20 standard years
  • Estimated Population: Rare
  • Description: One of the large cats native to Midvinter, the Frír is greatly feared for being the most aggressive and ruthless predator of them all, infamous for the stealing of children and even babies if left unattended. They show little regard for their own safety by sneaking into poorly protected villages at night to feast on cattle or sheep, and show even less regard for what they eat as long as it's meaty and breathing. Cadavers hold no value to them as they enjoy playing with their food before mealtime.
  • Breathes: Oxygen
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.8 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: 3.2 meters
  • Skin color: Pink w/ black details
  • Hair color: Light brown
  • Distinctions: A bit taller but also a bit shorter in length when compared to their lion counterpart, these massive cats are largely considered the more brutal of the two rival species. They sport great curved fangs protruding from their upper jaw, capable of crushing bones and slicing through even the toughest of hides with one powerful bite. Males also use these large fangs to attract mates in the spring, but all are born with them. Their bodies are powerfully built, comprised almost entirely of muscle and not even a grown Valkyri can hope to fight off a Frír if pounced upon. Their fur is shaggy and difficult to pierce, save for their softer underbelly.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Sensitive
  • Incredibly sturdy and physically strong.
  • Ruthless, indiscriminate predators.
  • Aggressive and belligerent.
  • Tough hide.
  • Bone-crushing jaws.
  • Loners.
  • Cannibals.
  • Actively despised.
  • Afraid of fire.
  • Diet: Carnivore; meat, fish, large birds
  • Communication: Roaring and purring
  • Technology level: N/A
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: Mating season is in spring, after which the male leaves the female before she gives birth later in the summer to care for the young herself. Males also have a habit of killing and devouring any existing young they come across, thereby claiming the poor mother as his own in order to produce his own offspring. Frír are utterly hostile against any and all creatures they come across, even their own kind as they showcase a complete disregard for species or gender as long as they fill their bellies. Frír roam all across the known world, caring little for keeping territory or a particular hunting ground.
Another big cat and a direct competitor to the noble lions inhabiting the fields to the west, the dreaded Frír are almost the exact opposite in terms of general behaviour. Sabre-tooths, as they are more commonly known as, forever stalk the forests and tundras in search of another meal, regardless of what creature they may come across. They have very little social life, only occasionally banding together with rivals in order to fell prey too large for just one sabre-tooth. Then once the hunt is over, they'll go right back to fighting amongst themselves for the take.

Since the dawn of recorded history Frír have ever tormented the Valkyri people, having earned a nasty reputation of devouring easy prey in the form of children, and will attack anyone they come across at first sight. Only once completely outnumbered will the beast attempt an escape; failing that however, the cornered cat will fight to the death by lashing out with their strong paws and lunging with fangs powerful enough to break bone and cut through chainmail alike. Their belligerent behaviour has only earnt them a deep-sated hatred in the hearts of the Valkyri; animal wranglers and farmers especially.

Frír are known to fear only one thing, and it is neither man nor beast, but fire.

According to ancient myths, mankind was given the element of fire from the Trickster God Velkar despite the Allfather Himself forbidding any such gift. The Trickster God disobeyed his father, but only so that he may laugh as the foolish mortals struggle to contain this new powerful element. In the end, the Valkyri succeeded in harnessing the power of fire for their own use, thus thwarting the Trickster's plan to sabotage his father's precious mortals. Even so, Velkar is still worshipped to this day as he who brought unto mankind a most crucial tool with which to survive, as well as a cunning weapon to use against their enemies. There are some who even claim that Velkar's true intent was to indeed empower mortals, since his father would not.
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