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Private Flying the Nest


ᴡᴇᴀᴘᴏɴɪᴢᴇᴅ ᴅɪᴘʟᴏᴍᴀᴛ

Location: Ambassador Atheneum, Altranais City, Geminidae.
Setting: A few months back.
Objective: Leaving homeworld.

Palm wasn't particularly emotional, or so she liked to believe. After over twenty years of preparation, her efforts had finally reached their finishing line. She couldn't help but think that time was a funny thing. Yesterday she could have sworn she had been awaiting this day for ages. Today, it felt as though it was just a few weeks ago when she began preparing for the journey that all those born as a part of the Ambassador caste were destined to undertake. On the day when she was finally moving away from the lands she had known and those who had guided her, when it was time to become fully responsible of her every action and decision, she felt like a child. Well, she supposed many would argue that she was.
She showed none of this though, allowing a relaxed and tranquil expression to wash over her features. Calmness, even if forced, was a welcomed blanket that made her feel secure. With renewed resolve, Palm made sure to go over her personal quarters one more time; there would be no turning back was she to forget an important belonging. Once again there was nothing of interest to be found, but her perfectionist and cautious nature refused to let go of its ever nagging instinct to double and triple check everything. She grabbed onto the last of her bags, carrying their weight with ease, and left without sparing another glance to the rooms that had been her home, lest she feel tempted to survey them again.
Walking with a determined stride, it did not take her long to get to the hangar bays where the Stygian Vagabond awaited patiently. Some officials had gathered around the starship, making sure that everything was in order before the Ambassador began her journey. Yet this one would not be like every other departure, for the first time in years an Ambassador would take with them a companion.
If she focused enough, Palm could still feel the soreness in her throat and fingers from the endless meetings and documents she had to bare through to be allowed this request, but in the end it had not been in vain. Backed up by the Order of the Soller-Navah and the anti-isolationist party, Palm had been granted permission to take her apprentice, Lyra Uvati Lyra Uvati , with her. She awaited their arrival patiently, expecting to see their sister and friends too. Goodbyes were important, Palm had already said hers to her own Masters back at the academy.

Lyra Uvati

/ / B A L A N C E \ \

The warm, gentle rays of the Geminian sun never ceased to amaze the young warrior. It was always a comfort to them, surrounding them in a bright and trustworthy embrace as they looked around on long days to watch it flutter through layers of leaves or dance across the forest floor and play with the creatures. The way it gleamed through the grass in the meadows just before one reached the alpines. There they sat, on the highest branch of a tree, getting one of their final looks at their home. It was simply and purely beautiful…

… and innocent.

"Autumn!" the familiar, soft yet gruff voice of their sister, Helia, called to them from below. "Autumn! C'mon, you'll be late if ya keep starin' off into the sky! Maybe they'll leave ya behind if you're too late" That'd be wishful thinking at best. Palm didn't seem like the kind of person to leave without what or who she came for.

“Hurry up, Ly, you don’t wanna keep a Soll’Kai waiting!” shouted Porro, their bestest friend in the whole Galaxy. They sighed and rolled their eyes, savoring the racing coolness that enveloped them as they bounded off of branches and trunks to land just in front of their companions with a light thud! against the damp earth, a duffle bag plopping down before their arrival. Their denim jacket had been tied around their waist, connecting a white and black striped shirt to their black joggers effortlessly while giving their arms the freedom to feel the warm air and sunshine on themselves.

If they wanted them to go, they could go. A playful smirk danced across her features. “Last one to the spaceport is a rotten egg!” And they were off, sprinting leisurely through the tightly packed trees, laughing into the wind as their sister and friend sprang into action to try to keep up. They twisted their way through the trees, feet becoming a blur of white against the green and brown of the ground beneath them, slipping in between and under branches. They knew these woods like the back of their hand. And they knew the exact route to take. Hopefully, the others could keep up.

They smiled and continued running even as the treeline stopped and transitioned into the tall grass of the meadows, bringing the mountains and the spaceport into view. It only spurred them to go faster, even as their lungs started to burn from the push. But, it was far too exhilarating to stop or let up. The sun was above, the grass slipped and brushed against her sides as she cut a path through it, hardly hearing the cries of Helia and Porro to slow down.

Lyra only slowed once they were on the path that led right to the entrance of the spaceport in the Ambassadors’ base of operations, her lungs now burning from the cold and her mouth and throat dry. They paused a few moments to make sure their friends were alright before sharing a canteen of water as they walked into the building, flashing their gen-codes to bypass security, explaining that Soll’Kai Palm-Imer summoned the trio. The guard pointed them towards Hangar Bay S-6 upon hearing the name of the delegate they were there to see.

The building was grand, a structure they’d never thought they’d see the interior of being a Novitae. The hangars weren’t hard to find, though they felt acutely… out of place here, like they didn’t belong or like they were almost unworthy to occupy the space. They shrugged and whispered to Helia, “What do you like the Galaxy is like? Do you think it’s as beautiful as they say?”

Their twin shrugged in response. “I dunno, Rosebud. Just be careful out there, ok?” The slightly younger twin nodded and threw their arms around their sister as they entered the hangar that housed the Stygian Vagabond. “Hey, Rose, I… have this,” she unstrapped the sword’s sling from across her back and held it between them. “I’m sure you’ll need it. Easier to slice and dice with than that old staff of yours. Lyra laughed easily, but the sound quickly died as they saw a sad smile on Helia’s face. “It’s ok, I’ll send you messages and holovids everywhere we go. We can see it together.” Now, it was time for both of them to smile and embrace again for a long moment.

“Ly,” they looked up to see Porro standing behind their sister, towering over the duo by a few inches. “Be safe. Congrats too, and try to come back to see us when you can. Maybe by that time, I’ll have gotten with Mala-Oro by then.” He laughed gently and bumped them playfully with his elbow. Lyra laughed along and pulled him in, creating a group hug.

Reluctantly, they drew away, grabbing Helia’s sword and grabbing each of their forearms in their own secret symbol of friendship. Only this time, it might not mean a simple ‘see you later’. They turned and walked towards the vessel that would take them offworld, nodding at their new Master and walking up the ramp and setting their stuff down in the main room.

They sighed gently once Palm entered the ship. “Will we be back?”
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ᴡᴇᴀᴘᴏɴɪᴢᴇᴅ ᴅɪᴘʟᴏᴍᴀᴛ
Palm took a deep breath of air in, allowing the crisp freshness of it to bite at her lungs. About a year ago she had also been here, standing in this same hangar bay. Only then she was there as a guest to say her farewells to her brother, Liras-Striff. Had she not been an Heir they could have departed together, but her graduation as an Ambassador had been pushed back to accommodate for the remainder of her training as an Heir. With a sigh, she allowed that thought to slip away for it would bring nothing but resentment and it would be wrong of her to harbor such feelings against the great honor and responsibility that fell on her shoulders. She missed him. The prospect of crossing paths with Striff once more was, at the moment, what brought hope to her heart and made her actually want to get off-world as soon as possible. This was indeed a bittersweet day.
She walked up the ramp into the freighter, dropping her bags near a corner before exiting again. Normally, she would have taken to putting away and organizing their content immediately but there would be time for that once they jumped into hyperspace and there was no way she would spend the last few minutes she had in her homeworld cooped up within her ship, even if she did love it too. Standing tall near the ramp, she stared out at the mountains as if trying to commit their shape to memory. The sound of footsteps cut her short of her reverie. "Heir Palm-Imer, Geminian Ambassador. This day has certainly arrived sooner than I expected it to." Palm could recognize that voice anywhere.
Krey-Zars, the head of the Mentors charged with training the Ambassadors, better known to Palm simply as, "Headmaster, its an honor to have you here." She hid a smirk that attempted to curve the corner of her lips, recognizing the slightly annoyed look in his gaze. It was not the time to test his patience. Their relationship had always been strained ever since Palm decided to be open about her alignment with the anti-isolationist party.
The man spared her a cold look, he was clearly not there out of his own accord but couldn't quite say that in front of the officers that watched the scene unfold. "Her Majesty wishes you and your apprentice safe travels. May your voyages prove fruitful." Palm could perfectly imagine him trying to rip those words from his throat with a rusty fork, old man Krey had never been very good at hiding his disdain. A dark feeling settled in her stomach, her last moments in Geminidae wasted in the company of the man.
It disappeared as soon as she saw Lyra Uvati Lyra Uvati and her companions make their arrival. From a distance, she offered a kind and warm smile. Palm was barely a few years older than them so she would never dare treat them as kids, but it would be a lie if she said witnessing their farewell did not wake the more tender side of her nature. As Lyra walked towards the ship Palm set a sharp glare upon the man, growing satisfied with his sudden surprise at the coldness in her eyes. "Send our thanks to the Sovereign, I'll be in contact." And after that, the man took his leave.
Letting go of her hostility, the young woman waved at her apprentice's sister and friend and walked up the ramp after Lyra, the ramp receding and the exit gate shutting closed after they were both inside. She was about to make her way towards the bridge when a sigh caught her attention. Palm took a moment to look at Lyra, allowing her own apprehension to show behind her light-brown eyes. This was the first time leaving for both of them, but Palm at least had the luck of being able to get used to the absence of her brother and friends in the comfort of her home-world. "I can't promise it'll be soon, but we will return." Her words, forming the melodic sounds of the Nexilis tongue, carried on with honesty. "Come. We'll have many tales to tell next time you see your sister and friend." She smiled, the brightness of it did not quite reach her eyes entirely; but it would not do them well to dwell in their current doubt and melancholy. Palm took her seat at the bridge, ready to take off when Lyra was settled in.

Lyra Uvati

/ / B A L A N C E \ \


I can’t promise it’ll be soon

That made their stomach drop out through their feet and into the bowels of the Stygian Vagabond. Vertigo gripped them and they hadn’t even started the ship up yet. They leaned against a nearby wall, their lips turned down in a frown as they thought. That meant the pair might not be back for months… or maybe even a year or two. They wondered if they’d be the same, would Helia and Porro be alright? How would they deal with the separation?

What would her friends do? Sure, they could always go hang out by the floating island chain near the old Atheneum, they could leap between trees, and scale the highest mountains on Geminidae. But, they weren't sure it would be the same. And they weren’t sure how they would do away from Porro and Helia either. But, the answer to that last question was one they’d already answered in the hangar bay. It was also one that Palm reinforces before leaving for the bridge.

We'll have many tales to tell next time you see your sister and friend.

That was something at least. They’d made sure to carry their datapad with them so they could take pictures and records videos to send to their sister and best friend everywhere they went. Speaking of which, where were they going? Lyra made a mental note to ask Palm when they made their way to the bridge.

For now, they grabbed their duffel bag and slung Helia’s sword over their shoulder and went to find an empty room to call their home away from home on the ship. The halls held the occasional crew member that nodded or smiled at them as they passed. Usually they returned the gesture in kind, nodding and smiling and even speaking to a few as the ship began to grow on them.

Eventually, a stray crewman that noticed them wandering about showed them to the section where the living quarters were. “I’ll be just outside. I can show you to the bridge once you’re ready, if you’d like?” They smiled and agreed, they’d need someone that knew their way around or they’d be wandering the ship for a little while before finding their destination. At least this man was kind enough to help them out and they were grateful for that. This was their first time on a ship that left the atmosphere of Geminidae after all.

The room was a decent size and it was quite… minimalist. They made another mental note to ask if they could get plants from the places they visited and put the vegetation in their room to brighten it up some, make it feel more like home. Lyra was very accustomed to the forests of Geminidae and they brought her a great amount of comfort and security. They grew up in an Atheneum that was located within the deep forests, the green and brown of summer and spring were just as warm and inviting as the fiery colors of autumn.

Lyra put their things into organized drawers and looked out the viewport next to the bed and watched the people clear out the area in preparation for their take off. They smiled bitter sweetly, grabbing their datapad and heading out of their new room. They looked to their left and the young technician was standing there, just as he said he would. “Would you mind showing me to the bridge please?”

He nodded and stepped off, motioning for the redhead to follow suit. “Certainly.” They only walked a few minutes and Lyra did their best to memorize the turns and a few “landmarks” that were easily recognizable to find their way back and forth between Point A and Point B. When they reached the bridge, Lyra saw the Ambassador seated and facing towards the “nose” of the ship. There was a free seat next to the woman and so she took it and buckled in.

“Palm, do you think I could bring some plants to decorate my room? It’s really bland and all metal and sharp edges. Some plants would make it feel more… organic, I suppose. More like home.” They waited before quickly adding, “And do you know where we’re heading off to? I can do some studying and get out a message to Helia.” They smiled and found themselves bracing against the back of the chair in case their Master decided to start up the ship and take off.

“By the way… I, uh, I’ve never flown before.”



ᴡᴇᴀᴘᴏɴɪᴢᴇᴅ ᴅɪᴘʟᴏᴍᴀᴛ
As she went over the mental list she had revisited so many times this last few days and then made sure to do a quick overview of the ship's controls and systems, Palm's thoughts went out to her apprentice. Everything had happened too suddenly. When she became a soll'kai she had harbored no intention of taking on apprentices, knowing that sooner rather than later she would be sent off to places far away from Geminidae to accomplish her task as an Ambassador. And not only that, she didn't consider herself to be ready yet to do well enough by an apprentice and become the mentor they deserved. But the soll'relath had different opinions, and she could not deny them their last request before leaving her home-world.
Trying to empathize with how hard things must have been for Lyra Uvati Lyra Uvati was not difficult. Palm knew since practically the day of her birth that she was one day going to be separated from her brother, then sent away for who knew how long. It had been a lifetime, her lifetime, of preparation for the feelings of fear, ache and longing that came with losing or leaving behind that which represented security and home. Lyra had to learn to do it almost from one day to the next, and Palm held her in both respect and pity for it.
But she had hope. Palm saw great potential in them, and made the silent promise to do her best by the slightly younger individual. She reminded herself that in many ways Lyra was privileged, one of the select few besides the Ambassadors who managed to find a loophole in their current laws and be allowed to leave their system. Maybe if things were different and isolationism hadn't reigned over their policies for thousands of years her people wouldn't be so afraid of the rest of the galaxy. Indeed, if that were different a lot of other things would be better or at least she believed so. For a moment she wondered what Lyra thought of the matter. It was very rare to find geminians who didn't have a strong opinion either for or against isolationism, but perhaps she was one of the blessed few who had no yet been faced with the need to choose a side.
Palm got comfortable in her seat, knowing that she would probably spend the next few hours there. The temperature on the ship was nice but expecting it to drop a bit once they exited the orbit, she kept a dark grey cloak close by to use as a blanket should it be needed. It wasn't long after that she heard Lyra approach, escorted by one of the crew members to whom Palm offered a warm smile before watching them walk away. Lyra took her seat, and the Ambassador lost no time in getting the Vagabond ready for take off.
As she turned on the engines and smoothly guided the freighter into a slow rise, her amber gaze was set upon Lyra. "Of course, your room is yours to do as you like. No need to ask for permission." She reassured, her gentle voice accompanied by a small curve of her lips. "I prefer to collect rocks, but I guess plants do make for a prettier sight." Collecting rocks certainly sounded a lot more cool in her thoughts than put to words and the realization made her chuckle. To each their own, or so they said. And who knew, maybe the silliness of it managed to lift the spirit of her co-pilot.
"Well I'm sure there'll be plenty of chances to learn. Autopilot is a blessing but I never know when I might need an extra pair of hands. I'm not that great of a pilot myself, couldn't hold a candle to an actual spacer. But one thing I can tell you, this part is the best." And as she finished speaking she pointed at the transparisteel, at the view of the mountains and woods beneath them rolling into a seemingly endless landscape as the freighter began its ascent.
"We have been order to stay close to the mid-rim for now." Palm reached to her left where a holopad rested over a counter, and after letting her fingers slide and tap on it, a projection of the known galaxy's map appeared. "Its this area here." She indicated. Allowing Lyra some moments to inspect the map, she returned her attention to the controls and set their route for the Mara Corridor before activating the auto-pilot. "Other than that, we are free to explore as we please, so I was thinking we could choose our first destination together." An Ambassador never knew where they would stumble onto something that could prove beneficial for Geminidae, roaming the stars was a common practice.

Lyra Uvati

/ / B A L A N C E \ \


They felt a rumble and a slight lift as the ship rose gently into the air. Her stomach jumped and seemed to flutter. It seemed to water and their lips twisted in something similar to disgust. They grimaced but tried to relax by focusing on what the Knight said next instead of the metal hunk that was about to take them into space and away from their home.

They could have plants and cool little things in their room so it wasn’t so… odd. Was odd the word for it? They weren’t sure. All they knew was that the room felt uncomfortable now and if they were to travel around the known Galaxy in the vessel for who knows how long, they may as well be comfortable, right?

I prefer to collect rocks, but I guess plants do make for a prettier sight.

They let out a soft giggle and a playful flash beamed over their emerald gaze as Palm realized what she said and joined in the lighthearted laugh. “It’s ok, we all like what we like. I’ll be sure to look out for cool rocks for both of us now.” They smiled widely but they lost it when their Master mentioned flying. They soon grew frighteningly pale. “I, uh, I meant like sitting in a ship...that’s flying. I’ve definitely never actually piloted one before. It’s my first time on one that’s leaving the planet. I-I mean I’ve been on a few shuttles, of course, but… nothing like this before.” Their cheeks grew warm and reddened just a bit.

Well, at least that was off of their chest now. Lyra was sure Palm already knew this information but it was still extremely and strangely liberating to speak about it. Back on the ground, no one spoke of leaving simply because it was common knowledge that only Ambassadors left. One may have the occasional wanderlust of imagining that were, and are, things beyond the fields and mountain tops of Geminidae. One, like Lyra, would even quietly support the dissolution of Geminian isolationism. It was time that they were able to see the Galaxy and freely experience all of its wonders.

Though, even they knew the dangers of opening their borders. It could bring peace and more opportunity. But, it could also open them up to war and ruin. Short of the current “civil war” and uproars regarding anti-isolationism, Lyra did not know, truly, what war was like. And from all of their reading in the holonet and in archives, she didn’t want to know. Those were horrors best left alone.

The Knight’s voice interrupted her train of thought.
….This part is the best. Their eyes followed an olive finger that pointed to the land below, tiny now but still in crystal clear detail. The trees seemed to reach up towards them, as though they wanted to climb with them and call the pair back home to stay. Lyra let a sad smile show, hand on the glass until her Master displayed a map of the Galaxy, causing the young Apprentice to look away from the scenery to examine where they could go.

She pulled out her data pad and did a quick search and skim over the two nearest planets to the area known as the Mara Corridor. Dressel and Makeb were the planets that seemed to be nearest to the region, so naturally, those were the planets they quickly researched. They both seemed somewhat similar in climate, both full of greenery. Makeb seemed to be full of cliffs and plateaus and rocks. Palm liked rocks and there was a nice variety of vegetation so they might be able to scrape up a few different decorations and nick knacks for their room on the Stygian Vagabond. Dressel had open fields and forests, much like home. It also had plenty of water and Lyra wasn’t the strongest of swimmers. She wasn’t terrible but she wasn’t the absolute best either. Makeb did as well, but something about it called to her. And it wasn’t just their love of plants.

“Hm,” she hummed. “What about Makeb, it seems really interesting. And it says that it was this mineral called isotope-5 that’s valuable. Maybe we could try to find some and store it to bring back to Geminidae eventually. What do you think?”



ᴡᴇᴀᴘᴏɴɪᴢᴇᴅ ᴅɪᴘʟᴏᴍᴀᴛ
Palm's eyebrows raised as she realized her previous misunderstanding, sometimes it was easy to forget that so very few ever got the chance to experience this in her homeworld. Some. the luckier ones, manages to at least visit other places in the Consors system, but those were a very a very select few and even then it was avoided. "Oh, I see. Let me know if anything worries you about it. Its very safe and with time this ship grew to be a form of second home but I remember feeling a bit locked up and jumpy the first few times." She said, hoping that maybe hearing about her own experiences would help put Lyra at ease. For someone who was used to the giant expanse of the forest, only returning to a large and spacious room at the Atheneum during the nights to sleep, suddenly finding themselves cooped up between metal walls could be a bit too much.

She allowed her apprentice her moments of silence as she looked outside at her home as it grew progressively smaller. The first time she had seen it, Palm had thought it was a dream. Never in her life had she imagined the mountains and the trees looking so small. They were still huge, of course, but now, as the Vagabond finally abandoned the planet's atmosphere, Geminidae had become a very irregular yet beautiful globe resting peacefully as they drew away. The honey gaze of the Ambassador then shifted back to Lyra as she investigated the holo map. She noticed they were considering both Dressel and Makeb, and a pleased, many would say proud smirk stretched her lips as Lyra made her decision.

"I will never stop being amazed at you Novitaes, I think if anything were ever to happen to my caste they could just train some of you and you'd probably do a better job at it," She said, laughing lightly. Isotope-5 was an incredibly valuable resource, Geminidae had been trying to replicate it for many years and more samples always came in handy. The fact that Makeb also promised such wonderful landscape was an added bonus that she was sure both of them would enjoy very much. "Makeb it is, then." She set in the coordinates so that the autopilot adjusted their exit point from the hyperlane. "Its an eight hour journey, so we have plenty of time to catch up on other stuff."

She said, turning her chair so that she was facing them. For a moment she remained silent, as if waiting for something. Soon enough, the ship jumped into hyperspace and now that that was done, Palm's pleasant voice surfaced again. "But I think first a tour of the Vagabond would be best," Palm stood up, and waited for Lyra to follow before beginning to walk towards one of the corridors. "I know you already visited the living quarters so we can check that, but there's other places." Their first stop was the area that served as a common room, a table and seats offering a place to rest and commune specially when eating or simply passing time. Then she stopped for a moment and focused her attention on a screen that was embedded into the wall next to the door. "Most rooms have these, they've got several controls that go from turning the lights on and off to most other things. For example, in this case, opening the sealed cupboards over there" she said, pointing at a corner.

"The food's in there, so that's an important one to now." She said, a smile on her face. Getting hungry during long trips was a very real thing, and a hungry crew was a moody crew. Not good company to be stuck in close quarters with. "Some commands will require a password, your gen-code should be enough to enable them." She mentioned, it was a precaution in case the ship was ever boarded by someone unauthorized. And then some functions, such as engaging the engine for take off or opening the gate to the cargo bay, were only known to Palm who would soon enough entrust Lyra with the knowledge.

Lyra Uvati Lyra Uvati

Lyra Uvati

/ / B A L A N C E \ \


After their decision and analysis of the two planets, Lyra looked back out the viewport to see that they couldn’t even see the trees and mountain peaks anymore. Geminidae - their home - was now a sphere of different colors. They were able to discern water, forested and grassy areas, and the mountains from which they left via an Ambassador’s Atheneum. They were actually in space. The black, even accompanied by stars, seemed oppressing and suffocating.

I will never stop being amazed at you Novitaes, I think if anything were ever to happen to my caste they could just train some of you and you'd probably do a better job at it. They giggled once more at the notion. “Perhaps. But we lack the charisma you Ambassadors have that makes you best suited for the job. We look for opportunities and provide breakthroughs based on the information and resources you bring back.”

The young Knight agreed on Makeb and tapped in a few commands and seemed to set another course. Perhaps, that was what Palm called “auto-pilot” because she soon released the controls and waited. The gesture confused Lyra greatly but there was another bump, smaller than the one that occurred when the pair took off on their ascent. Their stomach curled and tossed as they jerked into hyperspace, the black and twinkle of far celestial bodies transitioning into streaks of white and blue. It was breathtaking.

And then, before they knew it, they were on a tour as Lyra hopped up and followed Palm to the common room and their eyes followed where their Master went and what she interacted with, chiefly a screen on the wall which controlled the settings, temperament, and access to areas. Lyra made a special note to raid that cupboard later, they were hungry now that they thought about it… and now that they knew where it was. At least it wouldn’t be spacer food in those little bags. At least… they hoped not. They made a note that their gen-code was enough to get them into places, which was good because they knew that as well as they knew their own name.

“I’ll be nabbing some of that food after this tour. What do you think we’ll find on Makeb?”



ᴡᴇᴀᴘᴏɴɪᴢᴇᴅ ᴅɪᴘʟᴏᴍᴀᴛ
The Ambassador chuckled at her comment, "I'll definitely join you on that, I'm quite hungry." Her nerves and her focus had gotten the better of her these last few days, and truth was she didn't remember exactly when was the last time she actually got to sit down and put a proper amount of food in her system which for a Geminaie was almost an unforgivable crime. She only needed to concentrate on herself to feel how her body was more sluggish and easily fatigued than normal. It was a good thing that there wasn't any need for action for the time being. "Oh, before I forget! Come."

She immediately began walking towards the living quarters. It was an area she initially intended to skip because Lyra had already visited it, but whatever was on the Ambassador's mind seemed to be worth the detour. She stopped next to the blast door nearest to the living quarters' entrance. "This is my room," Once more tapping onto the little pad embedded on the wall, the blast doors opened and she invited Lyra into the room. There wasn't much to see so Palm got right to searching what she was looking for. She inspected a wall until she found what she was looking for, a very little and inconspicuous circle that looked a lot like just a welding imperfection. It was actually a digital scanner, for as soon as she pressed her thumb against it, a portion of the wall gave way and slid upwards with a mechanic sound revealing another cabinet. Many boxes rested within it, and the gemanie took one out.

Making swift work of opening it, she showed it to Lyra so the scholar could see its contents. Many pill containers rested snugly within.
"Iron pills, we'll need to take one every day. There's cabinets like that in all the rooms here in the living quarters and another one in the hangar bay. Certainly a lot more than what I think we'll need, but better safe than sorry." Those pills were even more important than food. If they couldn't get their hands on good quality food and in a decent amount, their bodies would weaken but would see them through the day. Without the pills it would be only a matter of days or weeks, if they were lucky, until the inability to process oxygen killed them.

Once she had gotten that out of the way, she took one of the pill bottles and returned the box to its rightful place. She made sure Lyra was following before exiting the living quarters and resuming the tour. Soon enough, Palm had showed her every nook and cranny in the Vagabond, which certainly hid a lot more secrets than it let on, much like its owner. Eventually, they found themselves back in the common room. "And that's the Vagabond for you. A lot to remember, but I'm sure you'll get used to it quite quickly." Who knew, maybe she even found some other secret that Palm wasn't yet aware of herself. "Time to eat." She singsonged, a wide smile on her face as the emptiness in her stomach made itself known to her. The knight waited for Lyra to go ahead and handle the commands on her own, getting the hang of that system should be as easy as breathing for a Novitae.

Lyra Uvati Lyra Uvati