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Flight of Icarus

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
So there Drof'del was, back at Dxun for a brief rest before he went on another op with the Mando'ade. He figured he had enough time to try to learn how to pilot a real spacecraft.

He walked around the outpost, pacing back and forth pondering this situation--would anyone even offer the time? he thought to himself.

It was worth a try so his voice broke in on the comm channel they used to communicate and he slowly but surely came out with the request.
"So since we have some down time, would anyone be willing to teach me how to actually pilot a vessel. I am not talking about speeders or repulsorlift tanks but an actual ship. Over"

The comm channel crackled as he finished his transmission then came to a brief and final silence. The damage was done now, he figured he would go to the Mess Hall and grab some grub before too much longer. Worst that could happen is that he would be grounded for life.....that isn't so bad right?

[member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="Briika Tor"] [member="Kad Tor"] [member="Malok"] [member="Strider Garon"] (anyone in the Mando'ade or allies on Dxun feel free to join)

Within mere seconds of his announcement would a notification make itself known. The datapad upon the person of [member="Drof'del Tavor"] awakened as an addition slid into his direct messages. Upon looking down upon the device, the Mandalorian would be greeted by the words of Malok - painstakingly typed upon a tiny screen by mammoth fingers.

From: BananaPants037


If I could fly worth a damn, I'd show you the ropes. Alas, I couldn't pilot my way out of a paper bag.

Sidenote, Sabacc later?

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
Drof'del processed the message, bit by bit and couldn't help from chuckling. Malok meant well and was at least honest in his answer.

He figured he would give a respectful reply, thanking him for his time.

From: Com-Mando042


I appreciate your reply so quickly [member="Malok"], perhaps we can play Sabacc later indeed. Hope to see you around the outpost.

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