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Flight From Triple Zero (PM to join)

I'd come into work early today, same as any other. Long night of dealing with idiotic smugglers, bounty hunters, mercenaries and more. Third night this week my apartment above Carnor's Diner had been broken into, third night my bike that I for some reason kept fixing had been stolen as well... When I'd come out to Coruscant a year ago I'd done so with the promise of a good paying job. Instead I was working in the lower levels where the diner and my apartment were always shot up, broken into, robbed, or any combination of the three.

My co-worker Nyx had at least showed up today...So there was that to be thankful for, we'd started early in the day and now it was after dark on Triple Zero. Worst time to be on the clock as all the idiots made their way to the bar I worked. A rather drunken Nikto kept banging on the bar so I walked over and wearily said "What can I get you sir?" He spat on the counter and said "a bottle of whatever the strongest liquor you've got is!" Sighing I blew out a puff of air blowing my shaggy black hair aside and said "Right away sir." Grabbing a bottle of Echani Cherry Rum I poured him a glass over ice and served both the bottle and glass to him.

Giving me a look of drunken glee he downed the glass in one swig and after sliding a credit chit across the bar he took the bottle over to a table with some assorted Mercs, hunters, and smugglers. Looking down at the chit he'd slid my way I saw it was worth ten credits. Cheap bastard, the bottle he'd just paid for was easily worth five hundred credits. A decent tip would've been at least fifty credits....

Then he started bragging in a loud slur about how fast his ship was, how well protected, and how he had a bounty aboard that'd be sure to buy him women, and more booze than he could ever drink, to say nothing of the cargo. Wiping down the counter I looked at the glob of spit he'd launched onto my clean counter and looked towards Nyx. "Hey Nyx, I'm out. Been at this osik way too long, time for me to do something new." Pulling my keycard from my pocket I flicked it towards him and said "whatever is in my apartment is yours good luck man."

I wasn't sure what kind of insanity had come over me but looking at the pile of spit on that counter had done it. I overheard the spacer say that his ship was unable to be broken into and the docking bay was B-94. Smiling I grabbed my dark brown Terantatek duster off the rack, a bottle of the Echani Cherry Rum and walked out the door, activating the homing beacon on my belt I triggered the return home function on my bike and simply waited for my bike to show back up. I had a time schedule now to abscond with a certain Nikto's ship...
After a few minutes of waiting I saw my bike come down the street back towards me. Slinging one leg over the seat I slipped the bottle into my duster's pocket and kicked the throttle into gear I headed towards bay B-94. After a few minutes driving I hit the bay and drove towards the ship the Nikto had described. After pulling in by the cargo bay I dismounted my bike and headed over towards the cargo bay doors, it looked like they were coded shut and after pulling out a small datapad from my coat pocket I plugged the probes into the locking mechanism and waited. Several minutes went by with the probes inside the lock and I began to worry about docking authorities stopping me when the doors whisked open.

Pulling the probes from the lock I mounted back up and drove into the cargo bay as the doors shut behind me. After activating the mag-locks on my bike securing it to the cargo bay deck plating I headed up towards the cockpit. Once I reached it I sat down and plugged my datapad into the console. I started erasing all records of the prior owner and began reprogramming the records to indicate that I was the owner of this ship. It'd been known as the Ravager's Pay, but I thought the name matched the prior captain. Trashy to say the least, so with his ship, and cargo now in my possession I thought a renaming was in order. So I typed out a new name for this ship and set it's designation as The Rogue's Salvation.

With that taken care of and my bike aboard I plotted a course to Nar Shadaa and engaged the take-off and jump sequence. I was finally getting off Triple Zero....It'd certainly taken me long enough to do so. Now I just had to hold out hope that the engines would hold until Nar Shadaa, odds were I'd have to refit the ship once I landed so it wouldn't be recognizable. Now I had time to look around through the ship and find the captains' cabin, along with cargo manifests, available armaments and all the other stuff that went with being a captain.

This is where the fun begins...
After the initial jump to FTL I'd set about going through the ship learning where things were. I'd gotten lost at least twice now and finally I'd simply downloaded the ship schematics to my personal datapad in my gauntlet. Walking back towards what I'd discovered as the armory I noticed that there were several lockers of gear that seemed to require bioscans. Walking over I saw several handprint scanners and since I'd reprogrammed the ship with me as the new owner I simply placed my hand on the scanner and with a chime the lockers opened. Turning towards the lockers I grabbed a set of thigh holsters and clipped them around my thighs before grabbing a set of DC-15s modified blaster pistols.

There was also a chest rig of armor plating that looked to have magnetic seals and hardpoints for various weapon and armor attachments which I grabbed. Looking back towards where I'd gotten the thigh holsters I saw some leather strips with magnetic locking points, after switching my datapad in my gauntlet to interface with my armor I locked the strips into place before grabbing a twin set of hi-cap SMG's and hooking them into the opposite side of the straps. Locking them down against my chestplate I re-locked the armory down and began heading back to my cabin where I could wait out the rest of this trip to the Smuggler's Moon. On the way back I wondered what could be done to upgrade the Rogue's Salvation, I mean weapons obviously, not to mention more security measures aboard the ship, probably engines and hyperdrive as well. Hopefully the cargo I had aboard would be worth it to someone there...Odds were though that the Nikto had been less than honest about what kind of cargo he was transporting.

As I made my way back to my quarters I began hearing what sounded like movement in the hallway along where my cabin was. According to schematics it was coming from the mechanic and co-pilot's quarters, but I'd checked with scans earlier and supposedly I was the only one aboard...Heading towards the cabin I opened up the doors and heard a scuttling noise, just as I went to turn around I heard movement and in one smooth movement I flicked on the lights and drew one of the blasters along my thigh turning to point it at whoever was on this ship with me. Instead of seeing someone pointing a blaster or other weapon at me I saw a short reptilian looking creature with rather large eyes and conical ears looking at me...


As it didn't seem to be any threat to me at this point I re-holstered my blaster and asked "Who are you and what exactly are you doing on my ship?" He looked around for a few seconds and said "Jax is quite certain this ship is not yours. Unless...Not nice Nikto ravager captian is gone? Passed out more likely but Jax would prefer if Nikto was not captain any more. Captain wasn't nice to Jax, captain used Jax as.....amusement? How do you say...punching bag? You seem...decent." He stopped then sniffed the air for a second before saying "Corellian, highly polite people usually. Also interesting you carry alcohol but Jax does not smell alcohol on your breath...interesting."

I was a bit put off by him, he had...unusual mannerisms whatever he was. "Jax right? Ummm look bud, I kinda how do I put this? Aww hell...I stole this ship. Your captain was getting pass out drunk in my former workplace and running his mouth about how great his ship was and what all he had aboard. I simply wanted off-planet and his ship was there. So I stole it, your captain well he ain't captian of anything right now. Though it sounds like you'll be glad of that, as for the alcohol I occasionally enjoy a drink but never more than two at any given time. I actually grabbed this bottle when I left work so odds are if you're interested we can share a glass once we land on Nar Shaddaa. I was planning on upgrading the ship once we landed so if you're interested in working with me instead of your former crew I'd appreciate the help."

Looking back at me Jax nodded and smiled widely saying "Jax would like that very much Captain....Jax is wondering what name he should call his new captain?" Smiling I said "Andorreth Vikar, but you can just call me Andorreth." Shaking his hand I began a new partnership. Then I heard a groaning of the deck plating just before my feet left the deck and I fell back against the deck plating. I had a bad feeling about this.... "Jax apologizes but the prior captain's boasts were not true. The engines have barely been holding together!" Checking my datapad I saw that we'd jerked back out of FTL near Nar Shadaa but that we'd also lost our engines and the hyperdrive was toasted.

"Oh fierfeck'la osik!" I hoped someone was out there and in a helpful mood...though this close to Nar Shadaa I wasn't optimistic of that likelihood...

@Byrce Bantam
"Zero" had dropped out of FTL the moment it picked up the disturbance in hyperspace. The ship not one to take chances with Bryce on board had dropped out to make sure all was well. Bryce stone asleep at the time was roused from his slumber when his ship turned the illiminators to his cabin to full. Unwinding his body from that of his bed mate Layla, he squinted hard trying to give his eyes time to adjust while Layla simply put a pillow over her head.

"Feth Bryce, make her turn off those blasted lights." Layla said her voice muffled underneath the pillow.

"Zero, you heard the lady, lights down and I'm still showing we should have a good half a parsec to Nar'shadda, what gives?"

Zero began so tell Bryce in Binary of her findings, and that they were currently back in normal space with a ship on long range scans that seemed to be having difficulties.

"Understood, set coarse for that ship. I'll be on the bridge in a few."

Bryce stretched, while trying to get his whits about him. His mind still a little clouded from the fun the night before. Partying with a Zelthon will do that and not one to miss out on a good time he and Layla had fully enjoyed each others company. Giving her time to continue to sleep it off he had just enough time to jump into the refresher, style his hair a bit and throw on a new change of cloths before he went to the Bridge.

"Zero, any ID on the ship in question?"

Zero answer that the ship was calling itself "the Rogue's Salvation" though she recognized it as Nikto old ship "the Ravager's Pay". Bryce found that interesting, Nikto was a fringe associate of the Outer Rim Coalition. Not a very trusted one but a known associate.

"Hey Nikto its Bryce. That old bucket break down again? Also what is with the name change, running from the authorities, huh? No matter we are about fifteen minutes out, hang tight and we will tractor you into our hanger bay."

[member="Andorreth Vikar"]
A voice came on the ships PA system asking how I'd been and if the old bucket had broke down again. Also asking if the name change was due to running from the authorities. Well...crap, I should've known better than to shoot for Nar Shadaa. Running towards the bridge I looked for the comm and viewscreen activating both as I brushed my black bangs out of my eyes. "Yeah...look mate, the Nikto that used to be captain he ain't captain anymore. He got sloshed out of his mind on Triple Zero in a diner where I worked and had shot up the place the night before. He was bragging about this ship so I left my job where I was barely making ends meet and kinda just bypassed the locks and re-keyed everything to belong to me."

Looking towards Jax I shrugged and said to where only he could hear "Honesty can't hurt that much right?" I adjusted the viewscreen to where Jax was in the frame as well. Looking back towards the screen I said "Look mate all I want is to be able to start a life where I'm not constantly abused or underpaid. There's a bounty on board from what the prior owner was bragging about and I'd like to keep him that way so I can make something off this theft. If it makes you feel any better I didn't lay a hand on the prior captain I just served his booze."

I didn't know why I was so set on making such a good and honest impression but the way I figured it if I was gonna be towed aboard someone else's ship it'd be better to lay all the pazaak cards on the table. I discreetly checked the charge on both blasters just in case and waited to be pulled into the hangar bay. Times like this made me wish I had a set of Beskar'gam armor....

[member="Bryce Bantam"]
Well if nothing else he was an honest thief. A trait Bryce respected as it was not a normal quality one would poses. As the ship slid into "Zero's" only hanger bay Bryce would comm one more message before he would head down to meet the new captain.

"Well, guess honestly is not dead among thieves. I'll meet you in the hanger, we can talk bounty and travel down there fact to face."

A quick scan of the vessel showed only three life signs, one the new captain, one in the brig and one a reptilian that Bryce bet was Nikto's cabin boy Jax. With a smile he locked down the controls, but left his weapons behind. Only taking his force tool and his bomber jacket. Bryce arrived in the hanger just in time to see the final docking sequence and for the Rogue's salvation to be locked down on the main hanger floor.

It was a tight fit. Zero was not a carrier, but rather an assault craft made for crazy flippy moves that carried a heavy punch. Still even if Bryce was not able to repair the ship he could at least take them to Nar'Shadda.

So by the salvation cargo ramp he waited. No gun and no signs of outward hostility. Just a smirk on his face while looked over the beat up ship and waited to speak with [member="Andorreth Vikar"].
Smiling at Bryce's comment about how honesty wasn't dead among thieves I prepared to board his vessel and meet him in the hangar. Looking at Jax I said "Guess this is where we start our adventures ehh Jax?" Looking back at me Jax said "Jax is cautiously optimistic about this Bryce fellow." Smiling I thought about leaving my weapons aboard but decided that it'd be wiser to go in armed and with the safeties on than not to be armed and be betrayed. An old mentor had told me once that a bit of paranoia was healthy if it kept you alive. Checking to make sure my twin DC-15 blasters were charged fully and locked on safe mode. Then checking to make sure my Tempest SMG's were locked and loaded I pulled on my suede leather duster and looking towards Jax I handed him a stun baton. He slid it into a holster on his thigh and then looking at me smiled.

Slipping the bottle of Echani Cherry Rum into my jacket's inner pocket I buttoned the top two buttons and made sure I could pull my twin blasters with ease, then I headed for the cargo bay doors of the Rogue's Salvation before triggering them to open and lower a ramp to the hangar deck. Then I walked down the ramp with Jax at my side and looked towards Bryce. Hopefully this would remain pleasant, it'd be even better if I could get information on where to acquire some new weapons and shielding for my ship. Though in all honesty it probably needed a complete refit. Hopefully Bryce would at least know someone to talk with about that...

[member="Bryce Bantam"]
The kid walked out with little Jax in tow. Bryce watched the careful movements of one who was walking into unknown territory. Kid showed promise, honestly and intelligent enough to be prepared but not threatening. Good start to what might be a promising career in scoundrely.

"So Jax, traded up did ya. Yeah I remember ya, not as drunk as I was making out in that pazaak game on Kal'shebbol. Nikto never told ya how much he lost did he, probably took it out on ya pretty bad also. So A little word of advice if I may, pick your bosses carefully."

Bryce moved closer to Andorreth eye to eye in fact. Bryce had his arms down at his side but his mind was focused upon the young man. He felt potential, dreams of a better life, and a kind soul longing for something more. He would stare him down a bit as be began to feel something else, the force...
Kid had the gift, and Bryce could feel potential swirling around him. He wanted to know more.

"So bet your wondering what my angle is right kid? Well that is a fair question. Always remember that everyone has an angle, the sooner you figure out what it is the safer you will be. Right now your's is pretty straight forward. Young thief out of his league that needs help. To be honest only a sucker would believe that, so tell me straight what you playing at?"

Bryce began to walk away from Ando, and around the kids new ship. Bryce smirked as he want, to be honest thing was a wreck. Engines covered in carbon scoring, injectors clogged from years of neglect. Wonder the thing was still able to fly.

"You could have picked a better ship also, instead of this piece of junk. Do you even know what make and model it is?"

[member="Andorreth Vikar"]
Bryce had several good points about most of the things he was saying. Smirking I shoved my hands into my duster's pockets and said "Well my angle as you might call it is to have what you might call a reliable mobile home and base of operations. Clearly the Rogue's Salvation has seen better days and due to the nature of bounty-hunting, smuggling, and just simple privacy my aim is to arm and refit this ship or be able to strike a deal with you to buy the cargo aboard and in exchange help me acquire a ship suitable for living in and working out of."

Pausing I unbuttoned my coat and reached into the inner pocket to remove the bottle of Echani Cherry Rum. Looking towards Bryce and then at Jax I said "I heard how Jax was treated and the fact is that I'm more of a thief that has a code of honor. As for the ship I heard a drunk, mouthy Nikto who stiffed me for a 500 credit bottle of rum bragging about his ship and the bounty and cargo aboard. I saw an opportunity to leave Coruscant and I took it. I just needed the thing to fly, so yeah you're right this ship has seen better days but if I were to say rig it with explosives to make a point to the prior captain that he's done working with you. I'd of course take his place and you'd have someone that while yes is now a criminal. Is again one with a code of honor, meaning Jax gets half of the total take to do with whatever he wants. I work with you but remain a free agent and you get to buy goods off me then sell them for twice what I'd have made. I get a ship out of the deal and the bounty money plus I'd work with you and could start moving cargo once we can find some on the smuggler's moon."

"No slaves though. I will not do that at all, moral view and all that." Looking towards Jax, then Bryce I popped open the bottle and said "drinks to a profitable business proposition?"

[member="Bryce Bantam"]
No slaves, much as Bryce may not want to he was liking this kid more and more.

"No slaves, and no profit sharing either. What I want to offer you is steady pay. I have significant holdings in the outer rim, and more job then people to run them. Explorers from the tribes of Demonsgate and the Rekali Mando Clan are constantly expanding our smuggler lanes. Pirate and space born horrors alike that threaten these lanes and people who live there. No I need a good honest thief, one not afraid act on his own initiative. So here is my angle, I fix that ship of yours good as new, better in fact. Got a guy who specializes in modding out ship to well beyond their normal capabilities. You can use that bounty of yours in the hold as a nest egg, fit your new ship and crew as you wish."

You will still have your freedom. To come as go as you wish most of the time. However in times of great need I will want you to drop everything to come and help. Attacks and bloody horrors are common on the rim. It is only together we can hold back the night. So you interested?"

[member="Andorreth Vikar"]
Smiling I said "Sounds fair to me. I mean as far as being thieves, smugglers and the like get to playing fair. You mentioned clan Rekali? I've always wanted my own set of Beskar..." Looking back at Jax and then Bryce I said the intense look you gave me. What exactly were you looking for? And what kind of horrors are we talking about?" I had the sense that Bryce had been examining me for something but outside of a connection to The Force I wouldn't know what.

I was curious about what kind of cargo I'd be set up with to start and I was very eager to start earning my keep. The freedom to come and go as I saw fit was nice though I also didn't want to always be flying so I'd need to think of a place that I could set up as a home base of sorts. I'd need to find a place that I could either conceal and make defensible or that had access to hyperlanes for quick cargo transfers and escape vectors. For now though I'd work with what I had...

[member="Bryce Bantam"]
"Oh the usual, anywhere from your run of the mill thug pirate, too the force using alien horror. The verse is funny kid, it will test ya, try to kill ya even. That is why you need to learn, grow and make sure you have a few friends handy when things become to much. As for the Rekali, Mira is who you want to talk to. She leads the clans in our part of the outer rim. Good folk from what I hear, still have not had the pleasure of sharing a mug of lum with her but plan to rectify that soon. Sure she can find you a set, question is what you willing to do to earn it. They don't give that stuff out for free and all."

Bryce looked back over at the ship, shook his head and grinned.

"Yah lets get this bounty of your home them get your salvation to "The wretched Hive." [member="Jorus Merrill"] will be able to fix you up good from there"

[member="Andorreth Vikar"]
Keeping in mind the name Bryce had given me I smiled lightly. Mira Rekali huh? The ability for her to find me a set of Beskar'gam was high on my to do list. The question of what I'd have to do in order to earn some didn't bother me much either, the Mando'ade were known for nothing if not having honor. As Bryce mentioned getting the bounty offloaded I gestured towards the Rogue's Salvation and started walking back aboard. Looking over my shoulder I said "Bryce out of curiosity what were you looking at me for? The whole intense look peering into my soul type gaze? I mean I'm no genius but usually that's what happens before someone tells you you're destined for greatness or something."

Hopefully this Wretched Hive would get the Rogue's Salvation in smuggling shape. I was curious about this Jorus Merrill, perhaps I'd be doing work with him in the future....

[member="Bryce Bantam"] - [member="Jorus Merrill"]
"Eyes are a window to the soul, they tell stories if you know how you read them. Yours tell of a book that is unwritten. What your destined for will be your own doing, work by your hands and drive. I'll open door, light paths. It will be up to you to do the heavy lifting..."

Bryce nodded to the kid before beginning to walk away. "Check that bounty and get some rest. Tomorrow we will be at the smugglers moon."

Tomorrow Zero would land and dock in one of the many shadow ports the underground ran. [member="Andorreth Vikar"] would be free to complete his bounty and a myrid of other things he wanted to do. Mean while Bryce would contact Nikto and settle the debt for the stolen ship and reach out to his contacts like the kid wanted.
Looking back towards Bryce I did as he suggested and walked back aboard the Rogue's Salvation. Looking at Jax I said "Best turn in for the night partner. I'll head down to the brig and get bio readings and submit them to the bounty office on Nar Shadaa for transfer there tomorrow." Heading down the lift I walked to the brig and looking at the readout on-screen I realized why the bounty was so high for this scum. He'd cut up, salted, and eaten a huttling...well may The Force have mercy on him after I handed him over to the bounty office. A half-a mil in creds?! Looking at the screen I triple checked that number and then realizing it was for alive I shuddered. I looked towards the controls and then lowered the temperatures in the cell to make him more docile while still being alive. After doing so I set the cell to dose him with a tranquilizing dart and maintain a check on vitals.

Well at the minimum with that amount of creds I'd be able to buy some new gear and supplies for both Jax and myself....I needed to outfit the Rogue's Salvation with food stores and if possible a replication machine for my cabin and Jax's. Heading back up to my cabin I got ready to hit the sack and wait for a new day to dawn...

[member="Bryce Bantam"]
After chilling out in my cabin for awhile I got up and wandered back out to the armory. While I wasn't a fan of slug throwers they were useful for where Force wielders were concerned...but as far as they were concerned in zero gravity situations there was just too much too think about in terms of what could go wrong. Besides, I was a fan of tech that had been around for long periods of time and still worked. As I reached the armory I placed my hand against the bio-scanners and unlocked all of the weapons and gear lockers. The fact that there'd been a twin set of DC-15s blaster pistols here had me curious. What else from that era was down here? Looking through the lockers I found a few things, an armored EVA suit that could simply be worn as body armor too except it had a helmet that was programmable...

After fiddling around with the helmet for a bit I realized it had a programmable outer display that would work to conceal identity as well as work for intimidation.... The footlocker I'd pulled the DC-15's from had another level to it and after activating the top layer to reveal what lay beneath I found a true beauty. A blaster with holographic sights and a set of cyclical charging power packs. Which meant that if I needed I could change out the power packs and the dead one would recharge. The rails on it were very nice too as I could attach various scopes and it looked as though one could even attach anti-armor modules. While it wasn't a DC-17m it to me was even better, definitely sleeker...

Pulling my DC-15's free I ejected the clips and began pulling tools out to fiddle with a few things. I wanted them to be able to stop a raging Wookie if need be. So after completely pulling out some of the internals I actually ended up raising the energy storage and output of the shots fired. Pulling off the covers of the gun itself I ended up putting new exterior plating over it making it even sleeker than it had been before. While I'd been working I'd also been thinking...while the bounty down in the brig had done those things I'd checked to make sure the fact was I'd be handing him over to the bounty office and from there he'd be taken to the Hutts. After what he'd done they'd torture him, put him through the same as he'd done while alive no doubt and then finally feed him to the pit beasts... Even though what he'd done was horribly sadistic if I simply handed him over alive how would I be any different than him? The question had gnawed at my conscience until finally I made a decision.

After finishing up with the weapons I grabbed the rifle and my DC-15's that I'd refitted and slipping the rifle harness over my shoulders and re-holstering my pistols then locking them down. I grabbed some things from the med-bay. Heading back down to the brig I sighed. I wasn't going to enjoy this. Walking to the door I keyed in the code and went inside. "Hey, wake up!" I waited a couple seconds and saw the Nautolan open his ebony eyes. "We're headed to Nar Shadaa this morning. The Hutts I'm guessing want you alive, I want to be paid and you're going to be turned over to the bounty office there." He sneered at me and I continued "From what I know of the Hutts they aren't forgiving and I do not envy what they'll do to you once they get you. However, I'm not going to just hand you over to them to be tortured and then fed to the pit beasts. I'm not going to offer you the keys to your freedom what I will offer you is a cocktail of drugs specifilly designed to kill you. While it will be your choice to take them I suggest you do upon entering the custody of the Hutts. They'd likely cut off pieces of you while keeping you alive then have you fed to their beasts. I offer you the chance to prevent experiencing that what say you?"

He looked at me and said "What happened to the previous captain? Didn't kill him did you? Why offer me this option? Everyone else simply gloated at how much they'd be paid for allowing me to suffer via the Hutts." Grimacing I simply said "Stole his ship, left him blackout drunk, and as for why I'm offering it well even though you did it I'm not okay with allowing them to inflict those horrors on you. So do we have a deal? I'd simply pass a vial of the mixed drugs to you during the transfer to the bounty officers and you'd have to drink it while being transported. But you'd be dead before reaching the Hutts and it'd have been your choice."

He looked at me for awhile and simply nodded. As I turned to leave he said "You're the first to treat me with any semblance of compassion in a very long time even though I don't deserve it. Stars shine upon you, fortune and love be ever your companions Captain." Smiling he said "An old blessing for the spacers of my homeworld." Bumping his fist to his chest twice while shackled he nodded at me and I left sealing the doors behind me. I wasn't sure about how to take the blessing of a murderer who I'd promised a way to end his life. But somehow I knew I'd made the morally right choice...Heading back up to my cabin perhaps now I'd get a bit of sleep before meeting Bryce in the morning....

[member="Bryce Bantam"]
Zero came to rest at one of the few larger docs this remote docking port had to offer. With connections to the underground Bryce wanted his unique ship to keep a lower profile and had decided to doc up at one of their infamous "Shadow ports". This one was an old industrial hanger turned casino. While the upper areas were re done to entertain and act as a less then reputable front for their organization, special lower docks had been made to carefully hide away those who knew and used them.

The Rogues Salvation had already been towed from Zero's hanger and placed in a birth near Bryce's organic ship. All that [member="Andorreth Vikar"] need to now is deliver his cargo and then work on his ship...

"OK kid, you are all set. I have informed the staff to help you with what ever you need. Go take that prisoner home then make with the ship fixing or if you need me I will be on the casino floor with a Zelthron beauty wrapped around me."
After arriving on the Smuggler's Moon I disembarked and walked with Bryce for a bit he mentioned getting my cargo delivered and getting the Rogue's Salvation fixed up. For me that meant pulling everything of value out along with ship parts and procuring another ship. While it'd still be named the Rogue's Salvation the ship I'd arrived on had already failed me and I'd needed rescue. So I'd chatted with Jax and he agreed we needed a better ship. I still had a promise to keep to my bounty in the brig too...not to mention meeting this Firedancer...
Jax had been walking with us too and looking over at him I said "hey Jax best get started on getting things removed from the ship. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Heading back aboard I grabbed the cocktail of drugs I'd mixed together and headed down to the brig to retrieve my Nautolan prisoner. After waking him up I said "We're on Nar Shadaa and I'm taking you to the bounty office now. I've also brought what I promised you last night and I will be giving it to you upon reaching the bounty office and being paid." He nodded and after being shackled I brought him to a speeder where we headed to the bounty office. Hopefully I'd run into someone who'd actually like to work with me down there...Leaving Bryce to his pleasurable company I left with my bounty in tow and Jax working on the ship...

[member="Celiana"] - [member="Jae Jordan "]- [member="Bryce Bantam"]
Jae was walking down the streets taking one last look at her small datapad as a smirk of satisfaction spread across her face from seeing more credits in her account upon completing a little job for someone. The job honestly required no effort at all, she simply had to bring someone in as her 'employer' had a few questions to ask him about business Jae could not care for.

"Hey! You!!" A husky voice sounded from behind her. She rolled her eyes, tucking her datapad into the inside pocket of her jacket before turning around, "What?!" She asked impatiently. "He got away! I want my credits back." He demanded, still advancing on her. Jae stared at him with an eyebrow cocked, "He got awa- HOW is that my fault?! You wanted him, I brought him to you, job. done." She made her point clear that was not returning a single credit to him, turning on her heel she continued to walk away. "Get back here!" Jae turned her head around to see what all the noise was and realised he was starting to chase her. Her eyes went wide as she instantly broke into a sprint down the streets of Nar Shadaa.

She knew the man was getting closer to her, that was obvious by the noise of his panting increasing, more people started to get in her way and soon enough the man had leaped for her. The duo went rolling across the ground for a few meters before she managed to kick him off of her on the third roll, not necessarily using her strength but the momentum of the speed they were travelling at to help her. She instantly got up to her feet not allowing her head to get its bearings before the world started spinning in front of her. She stumbled forward and bumped into a young man who was accompanied by a Nautolan by the looks of it. "Agh! ..Sorry." She groaned as her head started to throb where she'd bumped it.

She looked across the space and saw the man groaning on the ground, having knocked into a structure that she couldn't make out anymore. "I'm. . keeping. . the credits." She finished panting between each word.

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After having gotten out of the public transport and being less than a klick out from the bounty office I was bumped into by a fairly attractive woman with fawn hair and baby blue eyes. Then I took a slight tumble, seeing her problem come running up to grab her I spun on my back hooking my legs around the person who'd been pursuing her then I jerked bringing him to the ground. Hooking my arm under his neck and putting a knee between his shoulders I pulled on his neck until he passed in unconsciousness. Brushing my shaggy black hair out of the way of my eyes I saw that my bounty hadn't fled which was nice. Also the young woman who'd bumped into me was on the ground after having bumped into me. Coming to my feet I extended my right hand for her to grab so I could pull her back to her feet. "Andorreth Vikar, and you would be?"

I still had to get the Nautolan to the bounty office here soon but hopefully this attractive young woman would at least walk with me so that I could get paid and buy her a drink. Just then Jax messaged me and said "Please excuse Captain but Jax has removed all that you requested and has arranged for a new ship to be delivered to the Shadowport. Jax had to sell some of the ships' parts to do so along with selling some cargo for profit. We now have another 500,000 credits to use Jax would like a bottle of Echani Peach Rum if Captain is able?"

Smiling I spoke into the comms and said "Well done indeed Jax! You can have the Echani Peach Rum, and I'm buying you dinner too. We may have a possible crew member to add here soon too. I'll keep you in the loop Jax." Well today just kept getting better new ship, cargo sold for a profit, a meeting with a mysterious woman known as the Firedancer, and I'd managed to help out a very attractive young woman. Not bad at all....

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