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Fight me Please

Some people might heard of the arc that has driven me as a writer and Abyss as a character for like the last year, and today it finally came to an end. For those unaware here the short version: AbyssIsNowSomeSuperSithSpiritLivingInsideOfAReallyCoolLookingArmor.

Now that everyone is up to speed, her the actual reason for this thread: This whole arc made him a lot more powerful than before, and I would like to test that power against basically everybody. Jedi masters, sith lords, NFUs and whatever, team ups, individuals or whatever else you can think up. Just throw your best at me.
[member="Judas Foster"] Really? I always thought that he can't feel anything below his hip, including his wheelchair.

Also I am sure that [member="Antherion"] knows that I like his character almost as much as I like mocking his character.
[member="Darth Abyss"] I'll do something with ya. You can even capture my character. She did have a bounty on her head.. not sure if its still there.. I have a variety of characters to choose from..
[member="Darth Abyss"] now that you've ascended and you're like old spirit armor Dredge. This can be us.


100 years Dredge and Abyss, 100 episodes Dredge and Abyss, Dredge and Abyss adventures dot com, Dredge and Abyss forever! Dredge and Abyss going on adventures, Dredge and Abyss. Nine more seasons Dredge and Abyss!
A [member="Dredge"] - Abyss team up would be both beautiful and horrifying thing, and sounds like something that ends with the galaxy in ruins or something like that. Not sure if that's a point for or against doin it lol

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