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  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Primary Terrain: Grassland, Mountains, Oceans, Tundras, Forests,
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Capital City: Vern City
  • Planetary Features:
    • The Rock of Serrated Spheres - part of a area of mountains, this rock is noted for its strange shape of serrated spheres.
    • Tranquil River - named in honor of the A.I who mapped this river, it is surprisingly calm.
    • Eastern Fissure - A fissure
    • Direshard Den - A notable source of dangerous wildlife. The area is so infested that most stay away at all costs.
    • Severbark Thicket - A forest that has strange plants that cut into those that walk through them.
  • Major Locations:
    • Vern City - Named in the honor of Alli Vern for helping save those who were left to die by the various forces fighting for power. A poll was started and this was the winning name. This is the first city of the planet.

  • Native Species: various non intelligent wildlife
  • Immigrated Species: Humans/Chiss make up most of the Zweihander Union but other species of the galaxy also live here.
  • Population: The population is Sparse . This is due to the population largely being focused at Vern City and outposts.
  • Demographics: The Zweihander Union and by extension Feccun don't care what a person is but cares how useful they are. Most of the people are Chiss and Human due to being from the former Zweihander Union space which was mostly comprised of Chiss and human immigrants. However there is a healthy variety of other species and as the city finds its footing it is likely that they will start making up more and more of the population.
  • Primary Languages: Basic
  • Culture: The Zweihander Union has always been about working and doing your part for society but lately has been invaded by a more Corporate atmosphere. Where any galactic holiday is heavily commercialized (especially Life day) Rampant Consumerism has its price and the lower class is flooded with propaganda and distractions to prevent civil strife. Postions in the Government, Corporate Council's companies and the Security Force are accomplishments and education is pushed on all. All citizens are required to attend state run schools from childhood through college. They break up into specialized schools to help focus on a individuals skill set. Those who flounder become unskilled labor or vanish should they become malcontents.

  • Government: Autocratic Meritocracy
  • Affiliation: Eternal Empire / Zweihander Union
  • Wealth: Wealthy - the city is the first and only city thus far in the system and thus has the concentrated wealth of the Zweihander Union. and It is an untouched world full of untouched resources.
  • Stability: Medium Due to the fact that this is a Frontier planet becoming the capital to an established group there are still large stretches of lawless areas while government run sites and such are heavily manned with security forces.
  • Freedom & Oppression: In the Zweihander Union, If you are a useful member of society and perform well, then you live quite well however if you for some reason don't, you will find much of the Union inaccessible. These people happen to vanish if not protected by their family as malcontents are not tolerated.

  • Military: The Zweihander military is now the Zweihander Corporate Security Force. Since no military other than the Eternal Empire's is allowed. They heavily police the streets and business interests of the corporate council while the yet to be inhabited portions of the planet are relatively lawless. However defenses and Security installations are increasing with the planets inhabitants.
  • Technology: Galactic Standard
HISTORICAL INFORMATION An Unexploited world found by the Zweihander Union and claimed as their own. It is quickly being tamed for the sake of a new home for those left homeless after the brutal civil war that left the Zweihander Union without any territory to call their own. The main challenge has been quickly and safely building to handle the amount of people who are tired of living in the artificial stations that the Zweihander Union has been living in since their fleeing from the their home worlds. Temporary solutions are quickly bulldozed in place of more permanent buildings as the City experiences its rapid growing pains.
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Codex Judge
Codex Judge
Hey there Alli Vern Alli Vern ! I'll be your Codex Judge [Trainee] for this submission! Here is what I have for you:
  1. Immigrated Species: ZU is a political designation, it is not a species. As such, I'll need a general demographic of who lives in this city (Humans, Twi'Leks, Rodians, etc.)
  2. Population: If the city/planet as any population at all (and considering it has a city), the population should be greater than Uninhabited (meaning no one inhabits it). I recommend Insignificant or Sparse, depending on your preference.
  3. Missing Field:
    1. Demographics - As above with immigrated species, list the general composition of the population. Feel free to add percentages, and/or talk about the level of xenophobia/philia there is.
  4. Culture: While it is true an uninhabited planet has no culture, a city of immigrants is going to have beliefs and traditions imported from their homeland.
  5. Wealth: If you could briefly describe why the planet is so wealthy. Was it brought to the planet, or have they already begun extracting resources for the colony?
  6. Freedom & Oppression: This should similarly be filled out. This is an autocratic regime, what sort of effect does it have on the common colonist?
  7. Military & Technology: These fields aught to be filled out. What military forces and technology did they bring with them to build Vern City?

Let me know when those are done!

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Hey there my other planets also are getting reviewed, I am sorry about the format I messed it up and then duplicated it making lots of extra work for everyone. I think I hit your spots but let me know what I need to change if anything else.

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