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House Arenais
Factions are an asset when it comes to SWRP: Chaos, and while the update has launched the site and the community far beyond my expectations, I feel as though we've taken a step back in this regard. Currently, the faction forums look and feel empty and are lacking the management that we previously had.

It's already been suggested that we see a return to pinned topics, but if it's possible at all, I'd also love to see more depth to the faction boards themselves. Forums/Categories like we had before for members to feel like they have more of a personal space within the Faction boards.

While I don't want to come off as though I'm "looking a gift horse in the mouth", if it's at all possible to give more depth and structure to the personal space of our beloved factions, I would love to see a return of the previous layout, or something akin to that where our posts don't lack any sort of organization.

The question is whether this is possible on the current layout/structure of the site?

Captain Jordan

Well-Known Member
I definitely miss the ability to have more lasting discussions in the faction forums than is realistically possible on Discord given timezone and chatroom constraints.

The noise to signal ratio of the notification options for the faction forums is pretty paltry, too. There's no ability to watch a specific faction thread, forcing you to get notified of ALL replies to ALL faction posts from ALL your factions, or none at all ever.

Mike V'Trechen

Sith from the Outer Rim
I also agree with this. I am not a good coder, so I relied on this function heavily. Now my faction page looks bad. This does not have to be the exact same set up as what it was, but if you can, at least, let us pick spaces to put new categories and let us create the categories. I would really appreciate it.


defy the tyrannous stars
To add on to Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter , even basic functionality like users being able to edit their own posts without being a moderator or being able to edit thread titles at all. I accidentally posted on the wrong account in our faction forums and now its stuck there forever because we can't even fully delete posts nor can apparently site admins the functionality just isn't there.
House Arenais
So far we've got:
  • Pinning topics and re-organizing discussion threads.
  • More control over Faction Administration (?).
  • The ability to delete posts within the faction forums (or hide them so that other members cannot see them).
  • The ability to link directly to a thread in a group instead of needing to manually pick it up every time.
  • Categories/Individual faction forums - need to make a return.
  • Users being able to edit their own posts without being a moderator or being able to edit thread titles at all.
I'd love to hear the thoughts from Chaos Admin, on whether or not this is in the works; or even possible.