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Everything The Light Touches...​

He was without a doubt the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Though several weeks had passed since his birth, Kära could still not get over the newest addition to her family. Thrand had proven to be a very placid young soul; his rare cry was light and unoffensive to the ear, and he seemed perfectly content to lay within the arms of his doting mother or father for hours at an end.

If she thought she had known love before, it was nothing in comparison to this.

Part of her felt bad at that thought. The birth of Mysa had been under entirely different circumstances, she had never bonded with her daughter... She had been more experiment than child. A fact she sorely despised now. What she wouldn't give to go back in time and begin again with her little snowflake.

Today would mark Kära's first real attempts at welcoming her firstborn son into the world of Midvinter. While he had been born away from the world, onboard his Father's ship, and as a result had already been subjected to the harsh weather, Kära had ensured Thyrian did the honours of carrying him through the frigid land. And the fiery man had kept their son warm against the chill breeze.

It was different now though. Swaddled in a blanket, and held against his mother's breast, the babe was prepared to step out into the summer air of Midvinter. Still cold, but not as brazen as the winter. She was not trying to get him sick, after all.

All that Kära was waiting on was her sun and stars, her beloved phoenix. She would not make this step without him, the memory would belong to each of them.
It was an important day for the royal family. Long had the people rejoiced upon learning of the High King and Queen's firstborn son, brought from the heavens as if he were of celestial birth. Thrand was his name, paying homage to the late king now risen to divine status among the people, while bearing the wintery locks of the land he would one day rule. Truly, this baby boy had been blessed by the gods.

He'd watched from afar as Kära got their little Snowball dressed for the outdoors, wrapping him up in warm blankets and furs with a woolly hat to cover up his delicate head. The entire scene was otherworldly to behold; that the likes of himself could have given life to something so beautiful, so pure. He almost feared touching the lad, he was so tiny and precious, but once he'd hold little Thrand in his arms were would often take a lot to separate the two.

Thyrian only joined mother and child once the two were ready, and donning his black fur cloak he sidled up to his White Lady with a warm smile ever present on his lips. "You two are the most beautiful sight in this world and the next," he spoke along with a kiss in her hair as they stood marvelling at their babe. "Let's see how strong you are..." He placed his littlefinger in the little one's palm, and immediately Thrand's tiny digits wrapped themselves around him as best they could. "Gods be good," he chuckled much like his old man would. "We have a true warrior on our hands!"

Before signalling the guards to open the doors, Thyrian could not refrain from planting his lips upon his beloved's, filled with adoration and love and joy. After which he sent them a sharp nod and the doors were flung open, exposing the family of three to the chilly summer weather of Midvinter. "My lady," he offered her his arm to take hold of as they descended upon the city of Tháinbroek, strolling down the steps leading to the city centre.

[member="Kära Hearthfire"]
The White Lady truly lived up to her name this day. She bore a plain but beautiful white dress covered in the finest white fur to keep her and her babe warm, and around her neck a band of metal she had hand crafted into the shape of antlers to honor the Gods who had blessed them so. When her beloved reached her and the swaddling babe she could not help but beam up at him with adoration and joy.

Thyrian had proven to be the most perfect of fathers. He did not shirk from any of the duties parents were bound to, and he was just as inseparable with their boy as she... Which was saying a lot, given that he was barely ever from her arms.

"A warrior indeed, my beloved, a true Valkyri."

Born in the heavens or not, none could ever doubt her sweet summer boy's heritage. No doubt he would come to outgrow his Mother just as all the other boys in this family had. Though that was no difficult feat even for those without giants blood.

Lingering her lips on his when the time came, she allowed herself one more solitary moment with her family. What would the men and women of their great City think of the Heir to their home? Would they look upon the Crown Prince with as much adoration and love as she did? Kära wanted nothing more than to shield him from all possible harm, but this was a necessity. The people deserved to see him just as much as he deserved to see the land and those who inhabited it.

The doors were thrown open, and the cool air was enough to knock the air from her lungs. By contrary, their boy did not even flinch. A true Winterborn if ever she had seen one.

She accepted the arm as it was offered, and walked alongside her Husband through the streets of Thainbroek. It was difficult to tear her eyes away from the Sun God Reborn, so for the most part she relied upon Thyrian's careful sense of direction to lead her.

"This is your home, my sweet... And these are the people you will one day come to serve."

Because that was what it meant to be a leader, after all. To care for your people, to sacrifice what you must in order to keep them safe, to help them prosper. And with the Phoenix as his guide, she had no doubt that he would stand tall and bright within a line of brilliant Kings.

[member="Thyrian Hearthfire"]
The two strolled through the city at a leisurely pace with babe in hand, encountering a fair number of people as they did who stopped to look upon the small future of Midvinter nestled to his mother's breast. The lad took in the bright, white world with wide, emerald-green eyes. So far he had only caught glimpses of the white powdery stuff covering the ground and rooftops, with this being his first time experiencing it first hand. Thyrian even attempted to scoop up some off the ground to show him up close only to have it almost immediately melt in the palm of his hand. There was no turning off the fire in his veins, after all.

Walking through the busy marketplace with the many stalls lining the city square, the three certainly drew an audience; it was not ordinary for the entire royal family to walk amongst the common people - especially without some errand or important business to tend to - but it was one both they and the High King and Queen could get used to. The three did not get bogged down by their adoring subjects, however, and wherever they tread the crowd parted until they reached the towering bronze statue of the Dawnbringer. Thyrian found himself staring up at the likeness of his father's face, reaching up to just barely settle his palm against the cold metal cheek. He then turned to Kära.

"Give him here," he asked of his beloved and took such careful possession of the infant, making sure to keep him swaddled in his blankets. "Look now, little Snowball," he called him as was Valkyri tradition, with the nickname Snowflake being reserved for young girls. "This is the face of your grandfather. Your namesake, Thrand." The lad gazed up as best he could with help from his father holding him up to see and, with the midday sun blessing the child, for the briefest moment the green eyes turned into a faint flash of blue before returning to normal.

Thyrian lowered him back down and held him to his chest and looked to Kära, for he had felt the sudden but brief change in his son. Right there and then, he knew. "He..." the king spoke, unable to steady his thoughts. Instead he held out his palm and caused calm flames to erupt from it. Showing it to little Thrand, the boy let out a cheerful chirp before placing his tiny hand in his father's fire only to emerge unharmed and unaffected.

"Kära, he's..." he could barely speak, and promptly the flames de-materialised into thin air, leaving only his human hand in their stead. "Hold him for me," he asked of her and returned the baby to her. The realisation had struck him like a punch to the gut, and he was left both speechless and breathless. He was like him.

[member="Kära Hearthfire"]
Onward they walked through the throngs of Valkyri who were more than a little delighted to see the young Sun Prince for the first time. With this union, with the birth of their firstborn son, it seemed as though the good people of Midvinter finally had a little peace, and hope, in what had otherwise been a rather difficult lifetime. So much war had come to their world, threats which destroyed their home and butchered their King. And while they had been slow to trust the two offworlders, there was now no doubt in her mind that they had been well and truly accepted.

Kära felt humbled, truly she did. Though they walked in humility, with soft stride that bade them to keep up if they so desired, and though the crowds still parted ahead of them, for the very first time the Snow Queen knew that she had found her place, alongside the people... Not above them. Not against them. A world away from the Queen she had once been, on planets distant from this.

It wasn't until Thyrian spoke that she realized they had halted all together. She leaned down to kiss her babe atop the head, before passing him off - furs and all - to his father. He had always been so careful, so delicate, around young ones... Kära, Mysa, now Thrand. It made her heart blossom with pride, with elation, at being able to call him hers.

The term of endearment aimed toward young Valkyri lads had not been one she had heard before. Snowball... Snowflake... What perfect little words for the treasures of this world.

She stood by as he revealed to their boy his namesake, his heritage, brought beneath the splendor of the Sun God. Turning her gaze up toward the bronze incarnation of her Father-in-Law, Kära wondered what he might think of how things were... Would he approve of their union? Would he look upon their child with pride?

Of course he would. He wanted nothing save the happiness of his people, sons included.

All at once Thyrian seemed... confused? But she did not understand why. He passed her back the babe and she took him into her doting arms without a moment's hesitation, wrapping him up within her own furs.

"What is it, my beloved? What's wrong?"

She had not seen. She was too busy looking upon Thrand Sr's divine face to witness the most pinnacle of moments in her beloved son's life thusfar.

[member="Thyrian Hearthfire"]
Thyrian had to take a moment, leaning against the statue of his father to steady himself before returning to Kära and their baby boy. "He is..." A plethora of words came to mind, but one stood out among the rest. "...perfect. Absolutely perfect." Again he presented Thrand with his hand, index finger extended this time. His finger caught fire much like his palm had moments earlier, keeping it at a distance at first so as to let Kära know his intentions. Slowly he approached the little one in her arms, who seemed entirely entranced by the dancing flames engulfing his father's finger.

"Trust me," he asked of Kära, and so once close enough the Snowball reached out to wrap his tiny hand around his father's large finger, completely unharmed by the red flames. Thyrian looked down at his queen with cautious expression, not knowing how she'd react to the revelation. "He was born with these... gifts," he said, having never regarded his own powers as such until now. "He was not created from them as I were, once. Our son is pure, uncorrupted, and with our guidance he will remain such."

Able to smile again, Thyrian put his arms around mother and child, placing a warm kiss upon both their foreheads. Thrand chirped unintelligibly and thought it a good idea to stuff his hand into his mouth to nibble on.

[member="Kära Hearthfire"]
He seemed erratic, as though something had happened... Yet Kära could not tell if it were positive or not. He leaned against his Father's statue for support, and almost as quickly returned to her side. Restless.

Perfect. Thyrian dubbed their son perfection, and she had to agree with him. Their beautiful baby boy was all she could have ever asked for and more. He was the one thing that had been missing, yet she had never known it to be so.

So it was that when her Phoenix set one finger alight and sought to present it to the boy she took one very small hesitant step backward. It wasn't that she didn't trust him, it wasn't that she felt like he didn't know what he was doing... Kära just worried for the babe. What if something went wrong? What if...

Trust me. She did trust him. More than anybody else in the entire universe. He had stood by her through thick and thin, never once wavering in his duty... In his love. In the end though it was Thrand who made the final decision, lifting a hand up to grasp at his Father's finger. Kära winced, but the babe? The babe did not. He was untouched by the flames.

She looked up. Then down at their boy. Understanding flashed within her expression. From one Phoenix borne Another.

"My beautiful, perfect, pure little boy..." Tears fell along her cheeks without warning, and she made no move to hide them. "What did I do to deserve you, my ray of sunshine?" She became engulfed by Thyrian's embrace, and was quite intent on remaining there for as long as he would allow. She never wanted to leave his side. Ever.

[member="Thyrian Hearthfire"]
While in the back of his mind there remained the lingering fear for his boy's future, especially now considering his newfound powers, but Thyrian would push back these thoughts for the time being with a sense of fatherly pride taking their place. He vowed right there and then to guide his firstborn every step of the way, teaching him to harness his innate abilities without the lure of dark thoughts. His son would become a force for Good.

Gently wiping Kära's tears from her pale cheeks, and placed another tender kiss upon her lips just as an old Imperial shuttle flew overhead, drawing the locals eyes away from the royal family with audible gasps and pointing towards the sky. Thyrian stood straight with his face turning grim at the sight, for he had no doubt they would bear such tidings. The crew of the Judgement rarely show themselves on the surface of the world they guard.

"Trouble," he told his wife and queen, assuming the role of stoic ruler once more. Looking down at her and their baby boy, he made sure Thrand was all bundled up as the shuttle kicked up a veritable whirlwind of snow upon setting down in the middle of the square for all to see. Watching as the darkly-clad officer and his escort disembarked and wasted no time in approaching their overlords, Thyrian kept an arm around Kära and their Snowball.

"I assume you have good reason to disturb the peace in such a fashion, Commander," he spoke in his trademark authoritarian voice. The officer offered a hasty bow to the King and Queen. "I do, my lord and lady." He was a tall, slender man in his fifties, with gray hair and gray eyes and wearing the impeccable uniform of an Imperial officer. He'd been with them from the start and few others were as loyal. "Apologies, but I bring news from the Grandmaster and the Silver Jedi. We tried to contact you but when no-one answered our hail we had to see you person."

Thyrian looked around them at the locals, noting their timid fascination with the newly arrived outsiders. They saw them interact with their liege and so did not regard them with suspicion, knowing him to be well-versed in offworld dealings from his time out among the stars. He beckoned the Commander to approach further. "Speak," came his command, keeping the conversation hushed and away from prying ears. "What news from my brother?"

"A fleet of Sith ships have been sighted heading this way. They've somehow bypassed the Ranger patrols and currently stand unoppossed. Our predictions tell us the fleet will reach us within the end of the week." The aged officer's voice was calm and controlled, always the professional befitting his rank. "The Jedi fleet will not be able to intercept them until after their arrival," Thyrian nodded and let out a deep sigh, realising the very real threat to his people. "Leaving us to face the full force of their assault."

Turning to Kära and the babe swaddled against her bossom, his concern only grew as a frown settled on his lips. "Leave us," he told him, upon which he bowed again before taking several steps back, allowing the couple their privacy. "Kära... When the Sith come here, there will be no mercy shown on either side. It will be a bloodbath. We may be able to defeat them through sheer numbers, but these people are not accustomed to fighting offworlders - and the Sith at that." The lowest of the low, the mere word left a foul taste in his mouth.

He took her hand in his, raising it to his lips for a tender kiss. "I want you to take our son away to where it is safe. I cannot risk your lives by keeping you here when the fighting starts."

[member="Kära Hearthfire"]
And just like that, a most blissful morning among pleasant company was dashed against the snowy rocks of the distant mountain.

Men from The Judgement had never really graced this world before, and never in so forward and unexpected a fashion. Kära had not seen their uniform since Thrand's birth, and even that had been due to the difficult circumstances. Her beautiful star child had been born amidst battle, a beacon of hope within darker surroundings. A halo of light.

She held onto Thyrian's hand as the men approached, secretly clinging to the hope that the news brought was fortunate. That it wasn't going to tear their family apart again. But the first few words from the Commander's voice brought only grim tidings. War.

Coming to Midvinter, of all places. A land of humility, of innocence and naivety. This planet and its people could not withstand the might of the modern era. And one look at Thyrian told her he knew the same. Her heart felt heavy, pained, and she turned her gaze away from the men to her son. Another tear fell though she did a better job at hiding it.

Thyrian directed his attentions back to her, but she could not face him. Her hand remained tightly in his, not wanting him to leave her side regardless. "I know" she breathed, her words barely even audible. "You need to find help" she said, keeping her eyes down, "There has to be someone who can get here ahead of them... Some how... These people, these good people, we cannot fail them now, Thyrian."

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she once again looked upon her Phoenix. Her sadness was masked behind a stern resolve, and the understanding that their child had to be protected just as much as the rest. "Let me take others with me. Those that cannot defend themselves. Please... There will be many who wish to stand and fight, but there are children here too... I cannot bear it."

It felt like Togoria all over again. She had done what she could for the young there, to save them from the hands of Kaine. She would do all that she could here too. These were her people, as much as Thrand was her child.

[member="Thyrian Hearthfire"]

Raising his gaze to look upon the face of his father, the two kings shared the same grim look as if both were chiseled from the same metal. There was a quiet understanding between father and son, a connection which lasted beyond the afterlife and one which Thyrian drew great strength from in times of need. Now looking to his wife, he placed a gentle hand under her chin to raise her gaze to meet his. His eyes flickered with the fire of life the moment before leaning down for the deepest of kisses, caring not for the eyes of the public.

Time stood still while their lips met, yet for the rest of the universe a full minute passed until they finally parted. The King rested his forehead against his Queen's, eyes closed as both relished the other's company. The tiny babe nestled between their bodies reached up to settle a small hand in his father's beard, and in return Thyrian placed a tender kiss upon Thrand's soft palm, prompting a giggle from the lad. "The two of you are the most important people in my life," he told them, just before giving Kära a calm nod in response to her request.

"Arneir," he called out to a nearby city guard. "How fares our ravens?" The burly Valkyri the size of two human males stepped forward and bowed his head. "Your Highness. Well-fed and rested." Thyrian kept his eyes locked on his beloved's face, brushing away a couple strands of white hair. "Good man. They all fly today, to every corner of the world. All of Midvinter must be told of the battle to come. Assemble the army!" The crowd came alive at the mere notion of battle, for the Valkyri lived for the thrill of hunt and war. Men and women of all ages cheered at the High King's command, with the hammering of blacksmiths ringing loud and proud in the distance.

The Sith seek to bring ruin to Midvinter and her peoples. Let them try.

[member="Kära Hearthfire"]

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