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Eureka moment

Ok so I have tried to play a Jedi a few times with dismal success. However I think I found a concept I can not only run with but enjoy writing.

Now all I need is some people to write him with.

The short version is Soryn eats, sleeps, and breathes the Jedi Code.

He believes all Force User should follow the Jedi Code and the light side of the Force. To fail to do so is equal to a breach of law and worthy of punishment. Punishment Soryn is more than willing to hand out himself if nobody else will.

Personality wise he is the strong silent type viewing debate as a waste of time. The code is law and the law is absolute.
Would be interesting for him and Abyss to meet. I didn't had a thread of a more philosophical nature for a while, and I think Soryn's lawfulness would create a interesting conflict with Abyss who is pretty much a force of chaos. Interested? [member="Soryn Solimar"]
[member="Darth Abyss"]

As a matter of principle yes. However I would like to get him established as a character before trying to take on a character of Abyss' level.

So I will pencil you in for some thing say in a month or so unless they end up in an unintentional encounter. Sounds good?
[member="Soryn Solimar"] Sure but there is a good chance that Abyss will not even challenge a padawan as he doesn't believes the jedi to be enemies if they don't have to. We can wate for if you want to, but it could also be an non combat thread lol.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
[member="Soryn Solimar"]

Order of the Sacred Lotus might be a good fit for you.

Commenor also has an order for Jedi with temples and the like. [member="Veiere Arenais"] spent a lot of time in the Jedi path.
[member="Lady Kay"]

You know I did look briefly at Sacred Lotus. They strike me as a Red Cross kind of thing.

Commenor would be a cool idea but I worry they are not fanatical enough to mesh with Soryn's view of Jedi, the code, and approach to the Sith.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
[member="Soryn Solimar"]

Oh no. That's not the reason. There are billions of lives under my charge, and being a fanatic isn't going to keep them safe.
[member="Arisa Yune"]

I have apprehensions about the Silver Jedi for this character. I am just not sure they are light sided enough for Soryn.

[member="Lady Kay"]

Are you suggesting a trip to Commenor for young Soryn here? :p


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
[member="Soryn Solimar"]

I wonder what colour curious is? Guess I'll find out :p

[member="Jaryn Rhane"]


I'm a bit LOA as the inlaws are over, so I'll be a bit slow in posting until the end of the week. But I can get something going with each of you.

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