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Approved Planet Epoch (Resubmission)

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  • Planet Name: Epoch
  • Demonym: Epochan [Epo-SHAN]
  • Region: Deep Core
    • [Defunct] Deep Core Security Zone
  • System Name: Erebus System
  • System Features:
    • Solar Overview
      • Average Star: Erebus
      • Developing Planet: Typhus, Moon: Pershka
      • Planet: Epoch, Moon: Sanctum
      • Gas Giant: Tantalus
      • Large Astroid Belt: The Erebus Ring
      • Planet: Alastor
  • Location: Here
  • Major Imports:
    • High Technology
    • Processed Foods
    • Unrefined fuel from the Erebus Ring
    • Unrefined Coaxium
  • Major Exports:
    • Refined Fuel
    • Refined Coaxium
    • Tourism/ Leisure
  • Unexploited Resources:
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Primary Terrain:
    • Urban Sprawls
    • Plains
    • Canyons
    • Oceans
    • Lakes
    • Mountains
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Capital City: Odessa [Epochan Megalopolis]
  • Planetary Features:
    • Continental Megalopolis (Odessa)
    • Metropolis (Andrasta)
    • Metropolis (Kalakar)
    • Mass Industry
    • Pre-Gulag Epochan Ruins
    • Glamorous Resorts
  • Major Locations:
    • The Atlas Region:
      • The Erebus Gates
        • A set unnatural phenomenons existing on the very edge of the Atlas Region. A Erebus Gate is a pair of two spire-like mountain peaks with a large perfectly symmetrical sphere of rock suspended unnaturally between them. Scientists cannot explain how or why the rock stays afloat or how it was placed in stasis in the first place. Yet there are six such placements leading mystics to believe the Dark Jedi of the Hundred Years Darkness created them during their occupation.
      • Arctic Circle:
        • A vast arctic region covering the polar region and far northern hemisphere beyond the Erebus Gate. Incredibly dangerous blizzards and unnatural storms devastate the area constantly, making piloting nearly impossible to accomplish. The landscape stretches onward in a cold desolute waste of frozen land gripped in the icy blanket of never ending snowfall.
      • Valley of Sorrow:
        • The last place many see, the valley is a site of pilgrimage and extreme tourism. Large statues carved from the rock faces of the valley walls linger after millennia, the artists long gone from this world with only their legacies left behind. Many do not survive the harsh circle to reach the long stretching value, those that do tell tales of extreme cold and near death experiences from the dangerous storms that frequently wrack the area. It is said that a constant storm encircles this region bringing down all aircraft that attempt to pass as systems go haywire.
      • The Citadel of the Forsaken:
        • Built in the heart of the Atlas Region by Dark Jedi during the Hundred Years Darkness. The Citadel rests in the center of the eye of a great never-ending storm. This structure was the center of all activity for the Dark Jedi and workshop for the alchemical horrors they created. It is rumored that the Dark Lord of the One Sith uncovered this hallowed ground and stowed it away from the ambitious eyes of his closest lords before his first death by the hand of Daella Apparine Daella Apparine .
    • Odessa:
      • The Epochan Assembly:
        • Not far from the heart of Odessa, in the center of the continent spanning megalopolis lies the Epochan Assembly. The Assembly functions as the legislative center of government where lawmakers and delegates meet to better the Epochan way of life. Once riddled with corruption and lobbyists at the hands of the oligarchy that once ruled, the Epochan Assembly has become a commoner ruled congress for the people. While the executive and judicial powers are still executed from the palace, the fact remains that the balance of power has shifted into the hands of the people.
      • The Palace of Odessa:
        • At the very heart of Odessa, the spanning megalopolis that covers the largest continent, lies the center of power on the planet Epoch. The Epochan Palace of Odessa, constructed after the destruction of it's predecessor during the high times of the Gulag Plague. Massive and imposing, the planetary rulers of Epoch have ruled from these halls for centuries. When the One Sith took control of Epoch, the noble families ousted the rightful king of Epoch and established an oligarchy in place of the planetary monarchy. It wasn't until the fall of the One Sith that the oligarchy was cast down by the people and the ruling family restored to power now under a constitutional monarchy.
      • The Industrial Control Sector:
        • The large industrial center of the Epochan megalopolis, it is an immense manufacturing center comprised of multiple corporations and continual construction in efforts to expand the industrial output of Odessa tenfold. The massive Epochan Fuel Refinery complex is located here, as well it's various high rise manufacturing centers and expansive housing projects for workers.
      • The Epochan Military Academy:
        • Built during ancient rule of Sirius Fossk, the Epochan Military Academy has stood for generations, producing only the brightest and hardiest of soldiers.
  • Force Nexus: The Citadel of the Forsaken
  • Intent: To provide adventures and spooky secrets to be uncovered by explorers willing to traverse the Atlas Region. A location to tempt others to the Dark Side and lure in Sith cultists.
  • Nexus Alignment: Dark Side
  • Size: Medium
  • Strength: Strong
    • The unholy experiments and Dark Side rituals cast from this temple have scarred the land. Saturated in blood of sacrificed Jedi and the overwhelming influence of the Dark Side of the Force, one can immediately feel the immense pressure and icy cold pierce one's senses. The Temple emits an aura of perversion and death that taints the very soil around it.
  • Accessibility: Extremely difficult and nearly futile to search for without prior knowledge or extensive mapping of the Valley of Sorrow. Navigation display and electronics tend to go haywire when they near the Citadel further complicating the matter. The harsh weather threatens to bring down any airborne or land-based vehicles and the cold is enough to kill any sentient unprepared.
  • Effects:
    • Vivid hallucinations
    • Audible whispers of the long dead who perished here
    • Empowerment of Dark Side Force Users

  • Native Species: N/A
  • Immigrated Species:
  • Population: Heavy
  • Demographics:
    • 90% Human
    • 5% Chiss
    • 5% Other
  • Primary Languages:
    • Epochian
    • Galactic Basic
  • Culture:
    • The culture of Epoch is mostly ascetic and minimalist, still adoring of King Sirius Fossk's institutional ways that call for mandatory military service in all citizens who reach adulthood. Art, pop culture, and trends for the most part were suppressed, greatly differering from Pre-Gulag Epoch in that an artistic renaissance ushered in shortly before the Gulag Plague. Citizens are raised to believe in bettering everyone's standard of living through hard work. Generally the populace on the planet lives in happy compliance with the governing body and believes themselves elite among many star systems.

      For a long time, Force-Sensitives had no place to go for training and merely fell into rank wherever they could fit. Many cunning force users found places high in the Royal District and manipulated others from there. Politics here on Epoch are a dangerous game that leads to riches or total ruin much like high stakes gambling.

      Differing from the general populace, any noble family or 'elite' find themselves more like Pre-Gulag Epochans, fascinated with art and science these wealthy families attend balls, operas, etc. to keep up displays of power. Wealth and power are all that matters to Epochan Nobility and many attempt to destroy rivals in hopes of attaining more. Generally the wealthy maintain estates outside the continental spanning megalopolis, holding homes at various resorts where they live in luxury.
  • Government:
    • Absolute Monarchy
      • [Formerly, under Galactic Republic]
    • Oligarchy
      • [Formerly, under One Sith Empire]
    • Constitutional Monarchy
      • [Currently]
  • Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
  • Wealth: Wealthy
    • Due to it's abundance of fuel from the Erebus Ring and planetside refineries capable of refining coaxium. Epoch richly profits from trading refined fuel and coaxium, making it a baron of sorts among the Deep Core worlds. This, coupled with it's reputation as a paradise world makes it a valuable asset for any galactic power to hold.
  • Stability: Medium
    • Terrorist attacks and various insurrectionist cells funded by the former oligarchs who held power have nearly caused a national crisis more than once. Attempting to incite civil war once more among the populace, the oligarchs will do anything to set themselves up in power again. While stability is still relatively strong, the constant threat of violence is a possibility.
  • Freedom & Oppression:
    • Throwing off the yoke of both the Fossk royal family's centuries long rule and the oppressive control held by the oligarchy that replaced it during the days of the One Sith, the people of Epoch are finally free. Maintaining a new constitutional monarchy ran by the Epochan Assembly now majority held by average Epochan delegates, a new age has dawned. Although the rich and noble families still maintain vast schews of power, with wealth and power comes the ability to oppress no matter how free you believe.
  • Military:
    • Epoch hosts a substantial military presence used for planetary defense. Cadets are trained at the Epochan Military Academy and are turned into soldiers capable of fighting alongside the best. Due to their control over the Erebus Ring, Epoch maintains a suitable navy to protect the system from pirates and would be smugglers. Military service is mandatory in all citizens and must be accommodated in order to maintain defenses against the harsh dangers of the galaxy.
  • Technology: Galactic Standard

Epoch [E-POCH] is a paradise world in the Erebus System of the Deep Core first discovered by Dark Jedi led by Ajunta Pall from the Second Great Schism of the Jedi Order. The planet was used as a base of operations against the Jedi Order and found use frequently during the Hundred Year Darkness conflict. Various temples were constructed to suit the Dark Jedi's alchemical needs as they experimented on the wildlife of Epoch and utilized the planet as a staging ground for assaults against Tython. After the Dark Jedi were exiled to Korriban the planet was subsequently abandoned by it's new Jedi occupiers, it wasn't until the Galactic Empire expanded into the Deep Core nearly 6900 years later that the planet found use once more.

Resettled by Imperial colonists, the planet became a second 'paradise world' where Emperor Palpatine could feed on the unsuspecting populace and inspire dark adherents to his will. Epoch largely escaped the demise of the Galactic Empire unscathed, thriving over the centuries. Becoming a powerhouse in it's own right, the planet often changed hands between governments who owned the Core Worlds. In 424 ABY the planet found itself quickly becoming overpopulated with non-human undesirables with crime at an all time high. Plague and disease ran rampant with no aid in sight from Coruscant, Epoch was easily taken by the subsequent Gulag Plague which nearly wiped out all life on the world.

Chaos filled the streets, without an army to control the masses there was no stopping the hordes of citizens from killing, looting, and burning everything in their path. It was total anarchy. The populace began doing more damage than the Gulag had and soon the planet fell into near despotism. In an effort to save the few Epochans left and fulfill his own imperialistic agenda, a former Moff turned Consul of Epoch, Sirius Fossk, ordered a purge of all those who carried the plague and nonhuman 'carriers'.

Gathering forth an army from the local despots who attained power from the chaos, a new order was implemented with the death of billions. It wasn't until order was restored that the event was stricken from history books to be retold in a more 'positive' light. The collective despots became the noble families and the consul who organized the event became 'King of Epoch'. Implementing order through force, the regime separated the planet from the greater galaxy through quarantine and reigned throughout the ages.

Over the last century multiple regimes connected to the Fossk bloodline have come and gone, the people believe fabricated stories of the monarchy as descendants of brave saviors who saved Epoch from self-destruction despite the horrific truth. Up until the fall of the One Sith, many believed the monarchy incapable of steering the Epochan people wrong with a near cult of personality behind it.

Over time, the Erebus system was explored in more detail leading to the discovery of vast fuel reserves along the Erebus Ring. Refineries were constructed and the asteroid belt was soon exploited for it's fuel source. Once the quarantine had been lifted, Epoch found itself holding a monopoly in the region leading to immense wealth. Trade with systems near and far became heavily regulated and over an extended period of time the planet became a financial power in it's own right among the Deep Core worlds.

The Nobility, seeking to further enhance the beauty of their world and attract further attention to Epoch, ordered the construction of Golden Rule Estates and it's associate resorts dotting the landscape. Their hopes were two fold, making the planet seem like a dream world and expanding their influence over the general populace further. This was not to be however as decades later the royalty petitioned the world for re-entry into the Galactic Republic, limiting both their power and the King's very own.

These limitations of power did not fair well, many of the noble families held long memories and even longer grudges. Certain families conspired with one another through a long, patient game culminating in a violent uprising backed by the One Sith. With the royalty ousted from power an even more oppressive oligarchy was established under their power. The Dark Lord of the One Sith seeded the treacherous Atlas Region with outposts and had teams excavate the ancient ruins, most would not return unable to survive the harsh weather and unnatural storms that made piloting nearly impossible.

It wouldn't be until the fall of the One Sith that the oligarchs were cast down and a new government was implemented. Restoring the Royalty in a ceremonial role, the people took power into their own hands and established a constitutional monarchy under a majority commoner held Epochan Assembly in lue of the noble family held one prior. Epoch has since rested in the hands of the Core Imperials, the Grayson Imperium, and finally the Galactic Alliance where it stands as a proud member once again.

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There are a couple of things we need to handle here before we push this up for the secondary review.

Image Credit | Your credit for the visible image is fine, however you hyperlink four other images which all need to have proper image credits cited as well. Even hyperlinked, you are still using someone else's art for these locations. If you cannot properly credit them, they will need to be removed.

Government | I am a bit confused as to which is the current form of government, or if all three listed below are current:

If you could please clear that up for confused me, that would be awesome!

Original Submission | Since this is a resubmission, I will need to archive your previous Epoch Submission. Before doing so I wanted you to be aware of that. As such, you can go ahead and remove he Epoch link from this current submission.

When you have all of these things taken care of go ahead and tag me!

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This is a fantastic upgrade from the previously submitted planet from 2014. You should be very proud of this. There's a lot of wonderful detail that will truly allow members to find a lovely place to explore and write.

1.) Unexploited Resouces: Please link Kyberite and Chromium.
Unexploited Resources: [ Does this planet have resources that are not yet utilized by the population? Common materials and ores should just be listed (Ex. Durasteel ore), while anything special or rare should be linked. ]
2.) Immigrated Species: Please link Chagrian.
Immigrated Species: [ Immigrant species with significant populations. Any uncommon species or custom species should be linked. ]
Otherwise, this is well done. Let me know when you're ready for me to take another pass.
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