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Eol Sha: Dragonheart (Lords of the Fringe)

The ancient mining world of Eol Sha had always been home to very few people. Frequent tectonic terrors, volcanos, earthquakes, brought death to most who tried to carve out a life here. Magma ran close to the surface, erupting into lava flows. Immense fireworms swam in molten rock.

Their scales would block a lightsabre, but shatter in the process. Assuming enough fireworms could be tracked and defeated, the Fringers could secure a decent supply of scales, enough to replace those damaged in various inevitable fights. (Did I not mention that the Fringe had uses for such things?)

Powerful sensors had given them at least some idea of where to look, but the sensor contacts were intermittent and the subterranean chasms nastily complex. It would still fall to individuals or pairs of Fringers to fight each dragon alone, while handling lack of footing, splattering lava, and the fact that lightsabres bounced off these suckers.

Who wouldn't want in on this?
A worm reared up its ugly head. Circe raised an eyebrow before running towards it. Eying the frag grenade in her hand, she began to get to work on manifesting a thread, as to how she was going to kill this worm off.

"Hmm... I suppose the frag grenade won't go through its flesh. However, what if I got the worm to eat the frag grenade?" Turning to look at @[member="Rave Merrill"], she raised an eyebrow. "Rave, what do these worms eat?"
@[member="Circe Savan"] had apparently lucked out, finding one so quickly. Rave shrugged eloquently. "I think they're geovores -- silicon-based, maybe. They probably get their equivalent of nutrients from the lava. A grenade won't do it -- not even internally. These things'll take some doing."

She squatted on the edge of the crevasse, staring down at the lava and the writhing shape within it. It settled below the surface. "Any good illusions come to mind?"
Sargon clicked his tongue at the holonets info on these monsters did it other lizards, but those lizards were also in the lava. Blaster rifle was off the list, and sabers weren't all that useful. "What about a slugthrower, an anti-material rifle. Those scales can't be better armor then a walker, or a tank. Things made to last through the lava, wonder if a cryo grenade would give it pause?" Looking over at the two woman he wasn't really sure what either was capable of. What he was sure of is he didn't want to be lunch.

@[member="Rave Merrill"]@[member="Circe Savan"]
"Cryo should do it," said Rave with a slow nod. "Problem then is, decent chance it'll solidify the lava around it and make the fireworm's scales difficult to recover. Either that, or just shatter all the scales. Those scales need a slow cool-down. They might survive if the worm ingests the cryoban. An anti-tank weapon would do it, too. I don't know, folks. Any solution we pick, I think this thing will sink the minute we kill it."
@[member="Rave Merrill"]

"Wouldn't it be a wise choice to all focus on the worm once it dies and lift it out of the lava, take it to a more stable place where we can cut it up? If we did that, we could freeze it and let it thaw out naturally. The effects of Cryoban in such a hot place will only last for ten seconds at the most, and it'll thaw pretty quickly."

She paused, crossing her arms. "Or we could go hunting for Wuffa Worms, instead."

Dharma Vessia

Lords of the Fringe
“La la la…” Dharma sang as she skipped about. It was fun idea to tag along with other people. Dragon like creatures sounded cool and it was chance to move about in the galaxy. She enjoyed wild things. With sun lotion and beach towel, the party could begin. There were other items she had but the important things were the lotion and towel. Of course, Dharma did have a chat with her towel. They discussed vorms and terms. It was more to pass time until a solid plan was shared.
Standing there, I seemed to be useless even thought I was a fire shaper. I had swam in lava butt naked once before. Fire would not hurt it in any way. Even if I were to get the lava hot enough. People where thinking of the extremes of taking cryoknesis or a pill to superchill the beast. They were tolrant of heat pretty well. And freezing them could ruin the scales as they are accustomed to heat. Metal working 101 Never put a hot object into cold water. It will break or at least become weak.

No, what we had to do was capture it ans lower the temp of the beast slowly. Or raise the temp fast so the beast would over heat. "What if we were to give it a fever? Super heat the beast so it will burn, Because if we cool it to fast we could ruin the scales." I had the ability to superheat things. All I needed was the power. Even then, I couldn't heat it with fire. The natural temp of the air would cool it before it would reach. I would have to make direct contact for it to work. that meant for me to swim with the worms born of flames.
@[member="Circe Savan"], @[member="Dharma Vessia"], @[member="Rave Merrill"], @[member="Sargon Vynea"].

Kayla Zorg

Demolitions Expert.
kayla walked up on the group as she heard them discussing the beast being captured, she also heard them all speak about using cryoban on it as well... she chuckled once the fire bug announced her could swim in th lava and not be hurt and as she stood there she adjusted her posture and crossed her arms in front of her just listening while taking in the sight of the massive beast of a fire worm.

Dharma Vessia

Lords of the Fringe
Then an idea was shared between Dharma and her towel. She looked around before squealing like a school girl. “Wait… What if we did totally different way? So we can talk to them and see which ones want to leave with us. We can take lots away and breed them and harvest their scales… we would have a supply to keep replacing damage scales than, right?”

Kayla Zorg

Demolitions Expert.
Kayla heard the girl when she squeaked out her response and chuckled and then took off a stun grenade from her belt and held it in her hand maybe it would work if we merely stunned the beast so that we could bring it with us... let's say the equivalent to incapacitating the thing? she smirked as she said this and waited for their response to it.
I just shook my head as a woman suggested about taming the best so we could capture it. It would be a waste of time. If we were just going to kill them, then why were we going to tame them? I just covered my face with my gloved hand, and rubbed the bridge of my nose. "Why would we tame it then kill it? I mean sure we could possibly get it into a controlled environment, but if we were to do something else and ruin the scales then we would have to come back out here and do it again." I looked up at the woman. "I say we kill it now where I can easily do it. and then gather the dead body to harvest the scales from the beast. on our own time. I am probably the only one here that can stand the intense heat that's here. I have done it once before, I can do it again."

Kayla Zorg

Demolitions Expert.
For someone that is more into blowing things up Kayla was looking forward to stunning the beast only to kill it once they got it out of the lava but then the fire bug spoke up and made her sneer at him and then spoke in more of a hiss How will you gather the beast if it starts to sink to the bottom of the lava river? she then looked at the rest and spoke I'd say our best bet is to stun it and then kill it to bring the scales back with us, although one of us should be bait to lure it out of the lava just to do this... she then smirked at them waiting for someone's bone headed comment.
I smiled larger at her. How did she think that the worms breathed? They wouldnt sink as they needed air. Even so I could push the beast back up if need be. Air pockets can form in the lava. How do you think that lava bubbled? I smiled as the woman wanted to just stun it. "Those grenades were meant to stun humans. or sentient beings that were at least under 7 foot. These beasts are larger than that my sweet." I faked an explosion with my hands. "if it were to work, it would only work for a short time. count your fingers and thats how long it will take. Not near enough time to capture it. The best we could do was scare it."

I could tell she was just waiting for my answer for her idea. Though she might not like it. If we were to stun it. We would need a stick. A very large, heat resistant stick. and well that was far from happening. "Air pockets can happen, I can control the elements of Fire and air. Even then, I could create an air pocket under the lava for it to bubble up to the surface. Or just simply I could part the lava like some myth."
"Why kill it at all? If Morna can swim in lave give him a oxygen tank, and let him swim and pick up the ones that have been shed or fallen off. He'll need to control the heat on the oxygen tank, but otherwise there has to be literally millions of large scales down there." Leaning back against a wall Sargon just smile at @[member="Morna Imura"] it was good to have a shaper around.

Kayla Zorg

Demolitions Expert.
Kayla just stared at @[member="Morna Imura"] for a moment and then smirked at him as he gave her an idea Yes Indeed one stun grenade would not do the job she admitted and then looked around the small group But I assume somebody in this group has a skill with lightening of some type? she replied and then looked at the beast If we shot lightening arcs at it and somehow got this stun grenade down it's throat we could possibly stun it for far longer than just a few seconds she then just stared at the beast studying it.. Her idea possibly wouldn't work but it was worth it even bringing it up.

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