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Approved Planet Enos

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Intent: To create a new mining planet with an interesting history.
​Image Credit: Link
Canon: N/A
Links: N/A


Planet Name: Enos
Demonym: ​Enossian
Region: Outer Rim
System Name: Kaitos System
System Features:

  • Enos- The Kaitos system is home to only one planet, Enos. A large, barren, mining world which lingers close to the massive star, Kaitos.
  • Kaitos- The Kaitos system was named after it's mother star, a massive Red Giant, it is the largest object in the solar system and the only star.
  • Korin: The largest moon orbiting Enos, Korin is roughly a tenth the size of Enos. It hosts a small moon outpost, that powered Enos’ planetary defense system.
  • Hax: The second largest moon, Hax, orbits Enos at almost precisely the opposite position to Korin. It is also host to a planetary defense generator.
  • Asteroid belt: It is believed that Enos had multiple moons that eventually collided with each other. Over decades their debris was scattered to create a thin Asteroid belt that housed many of the planetary defense lasers.
Coordinates: X,43
Major Imports: Slaves, Droids
Major Exports: Durasteel, Alusteel, Silver, Adegan Crystals .


Gravity: Standard
Climate: A dry, desert climate , due to the planet's close proximity to it's sun .
Primary Terrain: Desserts, Rock Valleys
Atmosphere: Type I
Major Locations:
  • Designation Alpha Prime: Alpha Prime is the main city of Enos. Roughly 100 Mi2, it is not overly large and the population Is a little under two-hundred thousand, completely composed of droids. Once the city was used as the Hub for trade and shipping for Enos, however now it is no more than a giant storage unit. Aside from the solar charging stations the Droids use, the city is entirely composed of giant warehouses, used to store the many minerals the droid population constantly mines. It is located in the planet's Northern hemisphere.
  • Mesa Starport: Much like Alpha Prime, Mesa Starport was once a thriving hub of commerce and travel. However in recent years it has been ninety percent decommissioned. The only bit of activity is the occasional freighter launched into space, to find the droid population fresh slaves and droids to increase productivity. Mesa starport is roughly two hundred miles west of Alpha Prime, separated by a vicious rock valley.
  • Planetary Defense Station: On the planet’s Southern Hemisphere is a rather large solar powered station, that once diverted power to the planet's planetary defense system.
  • Human Storage Facility: With the largest population on the planet, the Mass Human Storage facilities are a hellish culmination of lodging and preservation. The facility is on the planets southern hemisphere, far from any other structure. From a distance the structure resembles a grouping of skyscrapers, however they are more than that. At the storage facility humans are not given rooms or even dining facilities. When not working they are kept in small pods that preserve and reanimate their muscles, making them better prepared for the next days work.
  • Mining facilities: The planet's surface is dotted with over a dozen mining facilities, manned by mining droids and human slaves. Most of the mining coves are average size and hold durasteel or crystal deposits.

Native Species: Humans, Banthas, Droids
Immigrated Species: Various Alien Populatiom
Population: Sparsely Populated
  • Droid Population: 60%
  • Human Population: 30%
  • Alien Population: 10%
Primary Languages:
  • Galactic Standard Basic
  • Droidspeak
Culture: Modern Enos has been transformed into a fully autonomous and rigorous workhorse. Built around production, the planet has little culture to speak of. Every individual, droids or life form is given a task that they do day in and out. If you've worked one day, you've worked them all. Events, holidays, and celebrations are all mute points of life that the droids refuse to acknowledge and the humans have no time for. The human population goes through slightly worse days, as they are forced into 15 hour work loads of painful labor, and are still expected to have reproductive sessions.


Government: Dictatorship
Affiliation: N/A
Wealth: High- Based off of the ores gathered from the planet's mining operations.
Stability: High- Due to the structured work days, the stability of the planet is well maintained. In past years human uprisings would create minor friction, however the former inhabitants of the planet have long since lost the will to rebel.
Freedom & Oppression: The human population, has been entirely and totally enslaved and institutionalized by their droids masters. The will to fight the oppression has all but died, and the droids treat the humans as mere cogs in their workhorse.


Military: There is a sizeable security force, composed of security-grade battle droids. Though they are far from a military, they do present a notable presence in policing and securing the world. However, apart from the security droids and the planetary defense network, the planet is void of any true means of warfare. Aside from Civilian ships used for transport, the planet has no means of space combat.
Technology: The planet is dotted with industrial level technology. Perhaps in it's time it was the leading tech, however now it would mostly be considered outdated and near deadlined material. However it is still advanced enough to be considered modern.


Ayrtech was a prominent mining corporation before the devastation of the Gulag plague. After the plague struck the galaxy many of Ayrtech’s operations were lost in the calamity. The corporations leadership decided to consolidate their wealth into a new venture. A planet in the outer rim with the promise of untapped resources.

The purchase of Enos was swift and decisive, as was the planet’s colonization. It took years for the planet’s population to establish a city on the treacherous desert surface. A wickes terrain and difficult climate proved a worthy obstacle, however in time it too was conquered. The city of Sura, which would later become Alpha Prime, was born.

In the beginning the planet started off with a few mining operations near Sura, that showed large deposits of Durasteel ore. With the discovery, Ayrtech was able to gain a substantial loan from a banking corporation. With this loan they were able to buy thousands of droids to aid with the mining. Though humans made a large portion of the mining crews, loader droids, deep vein mining droids, and demolition droids were a valuable resource.

Soon the mining on the planet was spread over the surface, and lucrative veins were found everywhere. Over time more and more droids were requisitioned and more and more mines were set.

Of course, as with all things, there was always room for improvement. The Ayrtech leadership was convinced that more automated mining was needed, as well as someone to take control of the droids mining operations. Rather than find the perfect candidate to lead the mining operations, they decides to create it. An AI was designed to take direct control of the Droid and shipping networks.

A.M.I. , The Automated Master Intelligence program was constructed to quickly double the production rate, as well as indefinitely increase production in the future.

In the beginning A.M.I. performed perfectly, her innovations led the mining operation and Ayrtech to a level of productivity that was unseen in the aftermath of the Gulag plague. However, over time Ayrtech noticed a problem with their numbers. Pirates and poachers had caught wind of the large supply of ore on the planet, and soon they began to partake. Overcome by their greed, the Ayrtech leadership decided to have the planet’s moons and asteroid belt rigged with a planetary defense system, composed of an intricate web of lasers.

Any ship without an accepted transponder code would find itself entirely destroyed by the laser grid. While this solved the problem of piracy, it was the birth of an unseen horror.

With this new variable, A.M.I. calculated a way to multiply production nearly tenfold. Due to her obsessive programming, she was unable to resist the option before her. Taking direct control of the security droids, A.M.I. murdered the board of directors for Ayrtech. Immediately after she had open access to the planets operations, resources, and weaponry. However, more than that, she had free reign of the Droid population, which outnumbered the inhabitants terribly.

Undefended, the human population quickly fell to the droid security force. In the first 24 hours, the few humans to put up resistance were swiftly murdered and the others were enslaved within the mines. The Droid Rebellion lasted years, however the outcome was decided far before it's inception. With the humans enslaved, the Droid society, led by A.M.I. moved into years of productive solitude.

Neri Rashal

[member="Adron Malvern"]

So, this is delightfully horrific in a way I don't normally see, well done. I have some minor things, and then one with a little more heft.

Major Exports: Durasteel, Alusteel, Silver, other various Ores.
Per the new mini update, I need you to list any specific ores you know you'll want, or remove the 'various ores', as they need to be detailed out.

Climate: A dry, dessert climate , due to the planet's close proximity to it's sun .
Primary Terrain: Desserts, Rock Valleys
I figure you mean 'desert' here, not sweet, sweet treats- I'd take a look through and fix any instances of that ;)

Now, for the serious one.

We've got this laser grid defense system. Can you link me something canon on the sheer *scope* you are talking about? Or something chaos canon subbed? This line in particular:

Any ship without an accepted transponder code would find itself entirely destroyed by the laser grid.
I'm not sure if I can pass a planet with that level of, well, anything to be honest. So if you can get me something in canon or a submission that looks like this, we can go from there, okay?
[member="Irajah Ven"]

I replaced Various ores with Adegan lightsaber crystals .I meant to add some form of lightsaber crystal from the beginning.

Also did you not know my world flows with cookies and ice cream?! I'll have to add to the description. Seriously though , mistake corrected ,thank you.

Finally, this laser defense grid is essentially the grid shown here .

The only reason I added the transponder code bit is because it is an automated system in the Canon , so it stands to reason you would use something so your own ships don't get destroyed. Plus this planet is for Dominion purposes, so it helps to progress the story it will be used for.

[member="Irajah Ven"]

Neri Rashal

[member="Adron Malvern"]

Thanks for the fixes.

So, that wookiee article says that:

"When the system sensed a starship's movement, it was activated, covering an area with a laser grid and preventing the vessel's escape."

Which is very *very* different from "It can entirely destroy ships."

If you want to reword this to match the canon example, or tone it down *a lot* that would be fine. But the way it is portrayed in your sub and the way it is stated in that canon example are not at all the same. I understand that it's just for the story in a dom, but I still can't pass it as is.

Talking this out with another judge- I see that the show absolutely shows it destroying things (got linked the clip), even if the wookiee does not say that. Will update with what we need to do shortly.
[member="Irajah Ven"]

I was just about to reference the show, so my thanks to that other judge.

To be clear, I do not expect this grid to work or be any more/less effective than whats on the show. And would like to point out it has no actual "attack" just a means of destructive defense. It is also completely undefended from fleet assault and in such a case would basically be useless.

Neri Rashal

[member="Adron Malvern"]

I've gotten word from the top that this, as it's written, cannot pass.

You can try to sub the defense grid the way you would like it through factory, but despite it being in the show I can't let it through here.
Is there any way the planet can be subbed with the grid, using more acceptable phrasing? Or is that grid merely something that will have to go through Factory?

[member="Irajah Ven"]

Neri Rashal

[member="Adron Malvern"]

Unfortunately no. It would be acceptable if you put that it cannot be repaired. This piece of tech in any form that can be fixed and used, must go through factory.
Well, no big deal. Can I have this moved back to pre-codex for the time being? I'll sub the defense network and make the necessary edits and try again.

please, thank you.

[member="Irajah Ven"]
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