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Approved Location Endor State Penitentiary

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  • Intent: A State Prison for the First Order
  • ​Image Credit: N/A
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: Rhia Novatinsky
  • Military Base Name: Endor State Penitentiary
  • Classification: Prison
  • Location: Endor
  • Affiliation: First Order
  • Population: 20,000 Prison Guards
  • Accessibility: There is a guarded landing platform, as well as heavily guarded walls. It is hidden away and only known to the Planetary Governor, as First Order High Command
  • Description: Endor State Penitentiary was built with the on going conflicts with the SSi-Ruuvi, Pirates, as well as other outlaws within the First Order space. It is big enough where it has five cell blocks, one for Military Prisoners, one for Pirates, one for High Security inmates, one for Prisoners of War, and one for death row inmates. This facility is heavily guarded with 20,000 stormtroopers, as well as automated turrets outside the perimeter.
Standard prison layout, there are 5 cell blocks, a yard, kitchen, execution ground, and a dinning hall for each cell blocks.

1x Shield Generator
50x Anti-personnel Turrets
25x XX-10 Turbolaser towers

Recently build on Endor, to help with the growing population of prisoners that the First Order is gaining through their conflicts. The Planetary Governor of Endor, wanted to have it built on Endor due to it being away from the front and near by military outposts on other planets. Also it was built on Endor due to the small population of just Ewoks on Endor, so security would be easy to handle. It would be built to handle a large capacity of prisoners from just minor offenders, to ones that have been sentenced to death by the government. With this project a garrison of 20,000 stormtroopers would be needed to guard the facility and protect it from riots, and prison breaks. This would make it one of the most heavily guarded Prisons in First Order space. The minor offenders being those of a pirate nature for the most part where as the rest of the prison is more suited for higher profile inmates
Hey there [member="Rhia Novatinsky"], I'll be looking at your submission today :)

There's nothing unbalanced or drastically out of place as far as I can see, there's only a couple of minor issues with the template I'd like to address.

Firstly, the Links sections should provide a hyperlink to the character in question's bio.

There's a contradiction where your description says there are four cell blocks but you then list five.

You also reference minor offenders in the historical information section which doesn't seem to match up with the rest of the submission which implies this is a very secretive, heavily defended prison unsuitable for minor offenders. None of the five blocks listed seem an appropriate place to keep minor prisoners. Could you explain more about this?

Once we're done with these points, I believe I can stamp for approval.
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