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Encirclement Theory (Protectorate Leadership)

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Tegaea was not a fan of slapstick or farce. People making toilet jokes or pouring jelly down each other's shirts was more a cause of scorn than amusement. However, she'd always considered it harmless enough. It wasn't like it was real.

Until now.

On the table of the executive conference room was a datapad detailing the Republic and Sith 'treaty' at Chalacta. Suddenly the farce wasn't funny anymore. Surely the girl who had talked to her with righteous indignation about Polis Massa could not have turned around and signed a treaty with the Jedi and Republic's eternal enemy? It seemed they had. To Tegaea this was akin to the bantha having tea with the krayt dragon and professing they were best of friends. And maybe they would be...until the dragon was hungry.

And so, the two Exarchs and the Lady Protector were going to meet to discuss matters. Much had to be done in order to protect the Protectorate from this very strange turn of events.

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
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"This is a joke, right? Someone please tell me this is some kind of stupid karking joke, and that I'm not in fact looking at a treaty, signed, between the Sith Empire and the Republic." Ayden was incredulous. He had lost faith in the Jedi Order centuries ago for his own reasons (not that anyone knew he had ever been affiliated with the Jedi Order), but he never thought that the Jedi would sit idly by while their oldest enemy was invited to the table. That a Jedi herself led the charge for this treaty was all the more grievous betrayal of what he viewed to be the Order's mandate.

"This is absolutely preposterous. They gone and traded one fool for another!" Ayden slammed the pad down, nearly cracking the screen from the force of the blow. His entire body shook with a quiet rage that he had not felt since the Clockwork invasion of Fondor. "I can't believe it. I always took the Jedi for dispassionate fools for the contradictions in the Code they so revered and served, but I never imagined that one within the Order would have the arrogance to defy millenia of war and history. When did the galaxy's protectors turn to appeasement to dictate their course of action?"

He looked between Tegaea and Cira, utter disbelief dancing over his features as he struggled to accept that something he thought an impossibility was now looking up at him from a datapad, laughing. "I could deal with Ardak's and his occassionally brutish ways. At least the man had some semblance of logic to his madness, and was relatively pleasant off the battlefield. This... I don't even know how to handle this." He opened his coat and pulled out a cigar, lighting it and putting it to his lips. The end flared a brilliant orange before he pulled it away and let a slow cloud of smoke flow from his mouth with a weary sigh. "Our worst fears were always that the Sith would invade and topple the Republic. We never dared fear that the Republic would willingly bare its throat to the Sith. What do we do now?"
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Tegaea had winced slightly when he’d smashed the datapad down. Still, his rather vocal protestations had mirrored her own internal ones.

“What we do now, Ayden, is think. The Emperor is making peace because it suits him to make peace. That means that currently he has not got all his gizka lined up, or else he would have continued the war. He has, after all, just taken the throne. It is logical to assume that this ‘Eternal Peace’ will be nothing of the sort. If it lasts a year I will be shocked. What surprises me is that on face value the Chancellor believes it will. She is either extremely naïve or is planning her own buildup.”

“Either way, we’re left in a sticky situation. The Ithorian Conference has somewhat isolated us. We need to reach out, especially to Atrisia and the Confederacy to blunt their relations with this new coalition.”

“More importantly, our recent complacency and rest cannot last any longer. We need to be prepared for a war possibly on multiple fronts. We cannot simply rely on the Pyre to be our main defence arm. We need to increase ship and weapon production to meet an enemy attack. That attack could come from many directions, but as I see it the four areas which are most likely to be targets; Naboo, Kaeshana, Fondor and Corellia. Any enemy force needs to pass through or close by these points to penetrate deep into the Protectorate. Therefore, I feel these areas need to be securely fortified, not just with increased forces, but with interdictors, probe droids and space stations.”

She let out her own deep sigh. “This isn’t easy, Ayden, Cira. But we need to be prepared for an invasion at some stage in the next year. We need to be ready, which is why I’ve started a research commission looking into new technology for us to exploit.”