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Name: Emiley
Faction Sith empire
rank: none yet
species: Zabrack
age: 19
sex: female
size: 5ft
weight: 90
eyes: bright orange
hair: horns :/
skin: red
force sensitive: yes
Appearance: An attractive looking female zabrack, usually with a hood on , and is extremely thin with curves

Strengths and weakness:

+ Fast: because of the small amount of weight and the ability to use the force emiley is very fast
+ Ability to sense ones surrounding through the force
+ Force invisibility- because of the talents emiley has she has the ability to hide herself visually through the force for short periods of time, this makes her very tired since she is an apprentice and acolyte of the sith
+ force lighting- this ability is crucial to fight tough opponents far away before getting up close. because of her sith acolyte level she can on send short burst to stun a target or a long burst to heavily injure a enemy ( the long burst uses all her force energy)
+ stealthy: emiley is naturally stealthy compared to others and can sneak past most with ease
+/- ambition: she has the ambition to do great things one day and to become more powerful. This oftenmakes her predictable and greedy

+/- size: her size allows her to hide easily and fit into most places along with run easier. This unfortunitly means its harder to lift heavy items unless through the force. Along with this her size also makes her weak to a strong blow's forcing her to rely on speed and maneuverability more then anything else other than the force of course.

+/- only knows Form IV: Ataru- making her help with her fighting style to end a duel quickly but as said before cannot maintain it in long fights .

+/- attractive: she is a fine looking zabrack making it easy to bribe men. To those who notice looks such as her it is rath easy to spot her in a crowd without her robe on . ( which makes her look suspicious)

- Stronger opponents could easily over power the women in a physical up close long fight. This means when she is in a uptight fight she must rely on training, speed, stealth, and the force to quickly end a fight before the cards fold on her.

- very little form of defense forcing her to rely on the creed : a best offense is always a good defense



Emiley was taken from her parents at a young age by the empire and has long lived the life as a sith acolyte since birth. Because of this she is very ambitious and thrives and training everyday. Her overseer saw her unique ability to hide herself through the force visibly. From then on she trained to be an assain she since then has shaped her body into such for this sole purpose to learning the arts of stealth and accuracy. But she also has had the ability of a sith sorcer as well knowing the arts of sith lighting and such. She awaits a master to train her while wars continue to wage on in the empire. Because of her fast learning she has earned herself the ability to construct her own light saber considered to the squabbling pests wanna be sith. She chose to have a double bladed lightsaber in order to accommodate her own mastered form of ataru. This knowledgeable, attractive but deadly assain awaits a master awaits a master.
Her sith master arrives ( in progress):
The left hand of the sith empire has finally chosen her! so far they have had a simple conversation. At this point emiley has no idea this will be her secret master and shes in for a surprise.

Ship: nope
Items: sith robes, Double bladed light saber
kills: many pitiful acolytes forgotten ( no wittiness of course)
Bounties: none
Roleplays: Training with master: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/18854-the-arrival-of-her-master-need-master-preferably-one-in-sith-sorcery-and-not-needed-but-also-assain-like-qualities/
Force invincibility
I think you mean 'invisibility'.

Otherwise, looks good. :)

Romeo Sin

I just got done reading about Darth Mual and fell in love with Zabrak sith!!! Love the cbaracter