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Character Emiery Liane Athelon

Emiery Athelon

The One That Was, That Is, That Will Be

Social Information

Name: Emiery Liane Athelon
Alias(es): Emie, Em
Lady Athelon of Pelagon
Knight of the Imperium
Homeworld: Pelagon
"Birthplace": Kamino
Current Locale(s):

Various battlefields
Previous Locale(s):
The Netherworld
Tapani - Pelagonian Dialect
Tapani Standard
Galactic Basic
High Galactic
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Feminine
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: Knight
Force Alignment: Lightside Adherent

Physical Information

Species: Nether-Touched Human
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight: 142 lbs (64.41 kg)
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Skin Pigmentation: Caucasian


The Ashlan Crusade


Cedric Grayson



Immediate Family
Thelar Athelon [Father; deceased]
Ponderosa Athelon, née Ardemark [Mother; deceased]
Emiraj Athelon [Brother; deceased]
+Emiraj's many descendants, including:
Chiara Viren
Emir Athelon

Through Emiery-Prime/Armistra Bane, seduced by the K'paur Sith Stalis'ur'talin (a.k.a Ferian Adair):
Lucianus Adair
+Lucianus' many descendants, including:
Eordahn Shamalain
Dahldesa Shamalain
Sigrid Adair

Further strengths and weaknesses will become apparent through roleplay, and will be recorded here when they come to pass

Hard-Won Calm
This is the calm of necessity and clarity, not one of peace and introspection. A boon to her focus, and more besides.

[Description Forthcoming]

[Description Forthcoming]

[OPTIONAL: Further Strengths]


[Description Forthcoming]

[Description Forthcoming]

[OPTIONAL: Attributes]


[Description Forthcoming]

[Description Forthcoming]

[Actual Weaknesses TBD]


Where her original was annoyingly calm, superior and haughty (an attitude that was tempered only so far by Jedi teachings), Emie has been less overt. She does carry a fierceness of her own, but a calm won by delving hard into the Light, and the strong endowment of her by the Force according to its will, these many centuries beyond her origin, make that fierceness purposeful. A sharp, severe focus on bringing the Sith down, with no real reservations about outright murder to that end (a ferment of the attitudes of her original self), makes her acerbic to those who don't walk to the same tune.

Despite recent and continuing efforts to integrate herself with the Essonian contingent, Emiery is a loner at the best of times, a side effect of the combination of centuries in the Nether, and a form of exile in a previous life that made for much solitude. Not per se a melancholic soul, she nonetheless finds herself in good company with such types, of which there seems to be many amongst the people with whom she now stands.

You wouldn't be blamed for wondering how anyone makes friends, with this, but even loners can be alone, together.


Tall, graceful, athletic, and beautiful. Dark chestnut in hair and eyes, with a clear, not-so-pale complexion. Once, this form would have worn clothing that made her station in life undeniably clear, with a modest accompaniment of jewelry amounting in most cases to one ring and fine stud earrings, and in others to include bracelets, necklaces, and hair accoutrements, for she may have been a clone, but she was still as much the eldest daughter of the High Lord of House Pelagia as the woman she was made to replace.

Since coming out of the Nether, her dress has been by and large that of a Jedi, and though she tried to leave the past in the past, some present realities made it too great to ignore, she once again wears the heirloom ring, and in doing so has slowly come to terms with the essence of her original self that the ring harboured, and accepting her ultimate purpose.



-PART ONE: What Once Was...-
Emiery Athelon was the daughter of the High Lord of House Pelagia, in centuries long past. Her story lead her away from her home and her house, and back. Eventually, this lead to her death (see here). The High Lord, loving his daughter so, had a clone made in her exact likeness, that he might lead her on the right path and avoid all that the original had done to bring disgrace to their house, and that she might live a long, full, and happy life.

This wasn't what happened. It seemed meant to be that Emiery Athelon would die, no matter what he did. The clone of his original daughter died at the age of twenty-five, a bystander in an assassination attempt on his own life. The lord grieved once again, but could not surmount it this time, unravelling into madness, and leaving his only remaining child, his son Emiraj, to take his place.

-PART TWO: ...Should Never Happen Again-
Little did that noble lord know that his daughter would, in a way, get a third chance when the Nether opened up at many points across the galaxy, over eight-hundred years in the future. Emiery Athelon stumbled through one of those portals, and found herself on Voss... or was perhaps pulled, beckoned forth out of the Nether, as she would later become convinced was the case.

Shortly thereafter, with recovery and acclimatisation to the new circumstances she found herself in, Emiery was taken in by Coci Heavenshield as her padawan learner, and the young woman took to this life in earnest. That is until, in the dark of one night, she was awakened by a potent nightmare and awoke to the sound of a faint voice, beckoning her out of bed to dig through her belongings, to find all that had been on her when she arrived in this future; once her hand wrapped around the old ring of her house, the voice seemed to stop... at least for a moment, before ringing with utter clarity in her mind.

It was her, herself, and yet... not.

-PART THREE: History Bears Learning, Lest It Be Repeated-

The ring, as it turned out, housed the essence of the original, the daughter she'd been made to replace. As much as Emie tried to separate herself from this, the cause of the first Emiery's death, and ultimately Emie's first death, was still alive and well. And as long as Stalis'ur'talin - the being who called himself Ferian Adair - still lived, as long as any Sith walked this plane, warping reality and oppressing all beneath their feet, no-one could be safe.

So she left Voss, to learn, to begin to prepare. After a measure of years that took Emie surreptitiously to Pelagon, through Mecetti territory, and to various other locales throughout the galaxy while learning everything that the original could impart, and an acceptance of the part the Nether played in her power as she continued to explore it further, Emie returned to the Silver Jedi, no longer the confused girl that stepped out of a fissure. Alas, this time away (and the increasing integration of her other self with her own psyche) had shifted her principles too greatly to stand much longer with what was, in her mind as of then, too peaceable a group.

-PART FOUR: Somewhere I Belong-

After a brief time at Sliver Rest, and the increasing feeling that this gathering did not suit her particular convictions, leaving turned her path to the Grayson Imperium, and amongst the company of those most aligned with the foundation of who she used to be... in a past life, so to speak; she had found where she was meant to be, but even this did not last, as the Imperium was eventually torn to pieces with the - to her knowledge - disappearance of the Lord Imperator, whom she had found a commonality, an alignment with, that won her loyalty far more strongly than any order of this life or the last... and a clear purpose. Even if she was not convinced of the Ashlan Faith, she still had been one of his inner circle, and had a particular understanding of the intentions of the Imperium, as one who also had a foot in each of the realms of Jedi and nobility, much like Grayson, himself.

Time wound on, governments shifted, but integration with other governments, try as she might, did not take, and for a time she was left to her own devices and motives. Soon enough, though, the once-Imperator resurfaced and news of the simmering beginnings of a crusade of the Light, that held the markings of his distinct influence, came into her view. With eyes towards Ruusan, she considered her next steps, but there was no question that she would once again follow, walk alongside, march back into the depths of hell with the Essonian Lord, if that was what it would take to achieve their aims. The intervening time had not shaken her stance, or lessened her loyalty.

And their work, after all, was far from finished. Travelling to Ruusan, she reconnected with the once-Imperator, reaffirmed her support and commitment, and expressed a desire to make her home within the growing Crusade, wherever it might lead...

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