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Approved Vehicle EM-U64 “Emu” Multipurpose Walker

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Factory Judge
Factory Judge

EM-U64 “Emu” Multipurpose Walker

Intent: To create a new vehicle for future submissions and role-playing.​
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Canon Link: N/A​
Permissions: N/A​
Primary Source:
Manufacturer: Visanj T’shkali
Affiliation: Closed-Market​
Model: EM-U64 “Emu” Multipurpose Walker​
Modularity: None​
Production: Limited​
Material(s): Agrinium-Reinforced Alusteel, Reinforced Duraplast, Absobital, Repulsorlift generators, various electronics and systems components.
Classification: All-Terrain Heavy Rapid Assault Walker​
Role: Multipurpose​
Size: Average​
Weight: Heavy​
Armaments: Very High​
Defenses: Very High​
Maneuverability Rating: High​
  • Repulsorlift-aided mobility allows for agility, speed, and leaping capabilities.
  • Gyro-stabilized Body/Cockpit.
Speed Rating: Fast​
Propulsion: Bipedal​
Minimum Crew: 1​
Optimal Crew: 2​
Passenger Capacity: 0​
Cargo Capacity: None​
Offensive Weaponry:
Defensive Systems:
Communications / Sensors:
Life Support:
  • Environmental Seals
  • Rebreather System (Allows up to 24 hours’ use without replenishment)
  • Controlled/Sealed-Environmental System allows operation underwater, in space, or in hostile environments for up to 24 Standard Hours.
Mobility / Maneuverability:
  • Repulsorlift Generators
  • Reinforced Bipedal Mobility System w/ Recoil Compensation
  • Gyro-Stabilized Body/Cockpit.
Power System:
  • Combines the speed and agility of a scout walker with the offensive/defensive capabilities of a battle tank to offer a reliable, fast, and hard-hitting platform for ground operations.
  • Heavily-shielded it is resilient to small arms, crew-serve weaponry, and vehicle-borne weapons, as well as against strafing and bombing attacks by fighters. Missile deactivation transmitter further protects against attacks.
  • Repulsor-aided maneuverability allows for extraordinary mobility, speed, and travel abilities beyond the scope of most conventional walkers, giving it the ability to traverse difficult terrain, e.g. steep grades, uneven surfaces, etc. with ease.
  • Potent firepower, including mine detection/neutralization technology, offers a variety of means to overwhelm enemy positions and fortifications, allowing EMUs to serve among the vanguard of ground forces to quickly penetrate enemy defenses and gain decisive and unyielding momentum.
  • Onboard targeting systems, encrypted hyperwave communications, and advanced long-range sensors make the EMU a sound force-projection platform, able to function as a combined ‘listening post’, advanced recon platform, and assault vehicle at the vanguard of advancing troops.
  • Combines the capabilities of a mobile command-and-control platform with those of a mobile listening post and advanced recon vehicle, the EMU uses its powerful communications and sensors to gain incredibly accurate and up-to-date information, providing commanders with unparalleled situational awareness.
  • Powerful ranged weapons are designed to ‘clear the road’ for advancing ground forces, even able to neutralize mines and blast through the toughest forward fortifications, artillery emplacements, and heavy vehicles, as well as to target and shoot down incoming aircraft, eliminating a foe’s close-air support, resupply/reinforcement dropships, and overhead battlefield monitoring systems.
  • Repulsor-aided mobility and exceptional defensive systems enable the EMU to move quickly and nimbly over virtually terrain, negotiating the dangerous and dynamic battlefield and enduring tremendous punishment.
  • Despite its impressive defensive capabilities, it is still vulnerable to heavy artillery and missile strikes as well as falling victim to massive EMP/Ion weapons should it take a few direct hits.
  • For all its speed and mobility, the walker is merely modeled on the designs of earlier scout walkers, and its heavy nature and larger size still make it a tempting target. There is nothing stealthy about this vehicle, and very few things shy of a skyscraper can it actually take cover behind.
  • In heavy and prolonged engagements, the EMU can exhaust several of its weapons systems, growing increasingly less potent over time and requiring it to be rotated back to the rear to be replenished with fresh munitions before returning to the front lines.
Meant to lead the vanguard of an attacking force, the EMU is a remarkably tough, lethal, and capable asset for any ground force. Acting as a mobile command-and-control, listening post, and rapid assault platform the EMU can take an immense amount of punishment and dish out even more. Various weapons systems combine with incredibly powerful sensors, targeting systems, and communications (including sensor jamming countermeasures) to give commanders terrifically accurate situational awareness and battlefield intelligence. Further, the EMU can ‘clear the road’, neutralizing mines and other unexploded ordinance to allow ground troops following through to move rapidly, taking the fight to the enemy. The EMU is capable of knocking out enemy weapons emplacements, bunkers and fortifications, heavy armor, and even taking close-air support and resupply/reinforcement dropships out of the sky.​
Built on designs inspire by the nimble scout walkers of previous generations, the thick, powerful legs of the EMU join with repulsorlift technology and variable-geometry systems to negotiate uneven and steep terrain, leap as high as 50m over obstacles, and run and dodge incoming fire at break-neck speeds. The EMU can be deployed underwater, on the ground, and even on objects in space, such as the surface of super star destroyers, space stations, or asteroids.​
They aren’t as small as the walkers that inspired them, and can’t easily ‘hide’ or ‘take cover’ amid a battlefield, causing them to rely instead on their powerful deflector shields and armor systems. Heavy attacks by enemy artillery, air support, or similarly powerful weapons will still take their toll, and they can’t take but a few direct hits before damage becomes likely. Also, if an engagement should go too long, the EMU will begin to expend its munitions, requiring it to fall back to be replenished before it can rejoin the fight.​
Long-range weapons onboard can ably destroy or disable most heavy vehicles, fortifications, turrets and artillery emplacements, and more, while the heavy rotary cannon is used to mow down enemy infantry in a hail of deadly blaster fire. Precision targeting enables lethal accuracy. It can monitor, intercept, and decode enemy transmissions or jam them entirely in many cases, and uses it powerful sensors to collect and organize a detailed and accurate situational awareness, which when networked with other vehicles using the same system, can present commanders with a thorough picture of the battlefield. Though such weapons may prove insufficient against truly heavily-fortified structures, ships, or massive vehicles against which it may be faced, however, in most likely scenario, the EMU is likely to be among the toughest pieces in any commander’s arsenal!​

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