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Approved Tech Elpsis' Knight Errant Armour

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Elpsis' Knight Errant Armour



Intent: To give Elpsis some custom armour.
Image Source: Found here: source unknown. Imagine the above image without a cape/cloak, but with a helmet.
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A, as it is a unique tech sub.
Primary Source: Taryc's Armour 2.0.
Using it as an IC and OOC inspiration with permission from the submitter.


Manufacturer: Elpsis Elaris, nameless Firemane Industries armourers, with assistance from [member="Taryc Ap'Irae"].
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Elpsis Elaris
Modularity: Limited
Production: Unique
Material: Phrik, armourweave, Solarium Grasteel visor (purchased here), conductive earthing rods. Helmet incorporates a Kasha Crystal, plates an enchanted Krayt Dragon Pearl


Classification: Anti-Lightsaber Armor
Weight: 15 kg
Quality: 9


  • Strongly Resistant to Lightsabers
  • Highly resistant to physical damage.
  • Very resistant to environmental and elemental hazards.
  • Gauntlets can be retracted, should Elpsis' use of pyromancy or energy absorption require this.
  • Environmentally sealed with filters to purify atmosphere and one hour's air in a tank on the back.
  • Boots can be magnetised if space walking is required.
  • Wrist bolter (right wrist)
  • Wrist Tensor (left wrist). Purchased here.
  • Racket's Bite: Concealed holster on left leg.
  • ARGH jet wings
  • Radiation Deflection Badge
  • Sonic Dampeners
  • Commlink
  • Helmet has no HUD
  • Mental Defense Enhancement via Kasha Crystal
  • Fire Manipulation Enhancement via enchanted Krayt Dragon Pearl


Thanks to phrik plating the armour is highly resistant against lightsabres. Moreover, the armour's right arm contains a Wrist Bolter, allowing a powerful ranged attack at close distance, though Elpsis has to keep the recoil in mind. The left arm contains a Wrist Tensor, and a compact shatterpistol rests in a concealed holster. ARGH jet wings give her greater mobility and allow limited flight, while being less easy to damage than a conventional jetpack.

Moreover, the suit incorporates Force imbued crystals. The Kasha Crystal in the forehead of the helmet has been imbued to assist in mental protection. This is a passive ability and obviously limited. Significant protection will require concentration. In other words, it does not allow Elpsis to shrug off mental attacks from her master. If she finds herself in such a situation, she'll have to do the work herself. The Krayt dragon pearl in her breastplate has been enchanted via imbuement with her pyromancy. This slightly boosts her control over fire. The degree depends on concentration.

  • Resistant to lightsabres
  • Mental defence enhancement
  • Fire manipulation enhancement
  • Gadgets

  • Kinetic damage: The armour is tough, but the body inside is still squishy. It cannot fully negate damage caused by the impact of high calibre rounds, heavy falls, telekinesis and so on. A hammer or a high calibre slug round to the chest is going to hurt a lot. An attacker may not be able to penetrate the suit with an attack, but they can pulp the squishy body inside. Being hit by an explosion's shockwave can cause serious internal injuries.
  • The Fire enhancement can be temporarily nullified or weakened with cold based attacks.
  • Focusing a lot on mental defence through the Kasha Crystal can make the wearer less aware of physical surroundings.
  • Weighty: The armour is less heavy than Elpsis' old beskar'gam and the weight is spread over the body, but it is still not the most agile and heavier than most phrik armour.
  • No HUD: Since Elpsis is physically blind and sees via Force Sight, the helmet has no HUD. She cannot switch to alternate vision modes such as infrared or nightvision and doesn't have access to any technological tracking systems.
  • Joints: Phrik is very tough, but the joints between the armour plates in the armpits, neck, groin and shoulder are weaker as they lack the heavy plates. This makes them the best areas to target in a fight, especially in melee.


After she became associated with Firemane Industries, Elpsis tended to wear standard duraplast armour. Eventually, she was gifted Siobhan Kerrigan's old suit of beskar'gam, after her aunt moved on to a more advanced and, depending on perspective, moderately theatrical suit. The hardy, rugged Mandalorian suit served Elpsis well during many battles, such as the Omega War, Atrisia, Kaeshana and Mustafar.

However, though of a high quality, it eventually became too aged and battered. Moreover, Elpsis felt the desire to have a more individual suit that allowed her to express herself, instead of strutting around in her aunt's hand-me-down suit. So with that in mind she sought to design a new suit of armour. Instead of opting for a suit of armour with a more conventional look like Tempest or Eldorai aeshtetics like Siobhan, she chose something more archaic and paladin-like. This reflected her self-conception as a knight errant, who went where her goddess and the Force guided her, smiting bad guys, righting wrongs and so on and so forth. So she chose to model it on the new suit of Taryc Ap'Irae, her partner and battle sister. Thusly, her new suit is best understood in comparison to Taryc's. The immediate differences result from their divergent fighting style. Both are pyromancers who are very adept at summoning, harnessing and manipulating flame and heat in battle, but unlike Taryc, Elpsis is not a blademistress. Though reasonably proficient at using a lightsabre, her sabreplay is mostly defensive in nature and thus secondary to her Force powers. Thus Elpsis' sacrifices mobility for greater bulk and protection. This makes her suit less flexible and limits her speed. Finding her old suit too heavy and constricting, Elpsis chose to use phrik instead of beskar plates.

Similar to Taryc's suit, Elpsis' Force presence has been folded into the armour, bonding it to her. With the help of the former Primeval Inquisitor, she was able to integrate Force imbued crystals. In the centre of her chest ies a firebird emblem with the bright gem of a krayt dragon pearl in the centre of it. Both the pearl and the armour are imebued with her pyromancy. Using the pearl as an anchor, this protects her from both fire and extreme temperatures. This might appear a bit strange on first blush, but being a pyromancer does not make Elpsis immune to extreme heat, just better at resisting, absorbing and channelling it. It would still be a good idea to avoid falling into a lava pit. Pyromantic imbuement of the pearl enhances her control over her pyromancy so that she has to concentrate less.

The helmet is made of beskar and uses Solarium Glasteel as materiel for its visor. Elpsis is physically blind and relies on the Force to see, so she decided to forego a HUD entirely since she would be unable to use it anyway. Thus she does not have access to the different vision modes and tracking systems that are common for modern armour these days. The Kasha Crystal in her helmet has been imbued to assist in mental protection and concentration. This is important because Elpsis uses the Force all the time to see. The armour is fully sealed and has an internal filtration system, protecting Elpsis from toxins, gasses and so on. Thus she can be active in all sorts of environment, even space, without cause of concern, since there is an internal air supply. If need be, the boots can be magnetised to allow space walk. The suit is decorated with various arcane runes. These are utterly mundane and do not give Elpsis any special attributes or abilities, they simply look nice and show her faith. Finally, a Wrist Bolter rests in her right bracer and a Wrist Tensor in her left.
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