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Work In Progress Elkki

King of Midvinter

  • Intent: Further flesh out the fauna of Midvinter.
  • Image Credit: Cattle International Series
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: [ Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, etc here. Canon or otherwise. Especially obscure references, or events important to the submission.]
  • Name: Elkki (alt. älk or álk)
  • Designation: Non-sentient
  • Origins: Midvinter
  • Average Lifespan: 30
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description: [ Provide a short paragraph that describes this species at a glance. More in-depth descriptions can be added in distinctions below. ]
  • Breathes: Oxygen
  • Average Height of Adults: [ In metric. ]
  • Average Length of Adults: [ In metric. If not applicable put N/A. ]
  • Skin color: Grey; pink nose
  • Hair color: White, Blonde, Auburn, Brown, Black
  • Distinctions: [ Describe the unique physical traits that define what they are and set them apart from more common species like humans. Be sure to include any differences between male and female, as well as variations between different regional groups if any, and characteristics that denote a matured or ageing specimen. ]
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Sensitive
  • [ Provide, in list format, some strengths of this submission. 2 recommended. ]
  • [ Provide, in list format, some weaknesses of this submission. 2 recommended. ]
  • Diet: Herbivore; grass, flowers, leaves, fruits & vegetables
  • Communication: Mooing
  • Technology level: N/A
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: [ Describe general behaviors such as: family life, values, how they raise their young, how they find mates, how they interact with the world and other species around them. Do they hunt? Do they build? Are they inventors? Are they explorers? Are they nocturnal or diurnal? Do they attend schools? Etc, etc. ]
[ Include a description of the species history here. If your species is genetically engineered or Sithspawn please describe the process through which they were created, by who, and why. Explain the various challenges encountered during their creation. Most galactic species will be quite old - include major events relevant to the species in how they evolved and developed into what they are today where appropriate. Including Chaos canon events, where they impacted the history of this species, is a plus. ]