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Approved Tech Elensa Jari's Light Armour/Attire

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Intent: To submit a light armour/attire for Elensa's personal use
Image Source: Original Image
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: Light Armor Template

Manufacturer: Ignus Industries
Model: Not Applicable
Affiliation: Elensa Jari
Modularity: No
Production: Unique

- Armorweave (Cloak)
- Shadowsilk (Tunic and Skirts)
- Rancor-Leather (Boots and Armour Underlay)
- Charubah Steel (Armour Plates)

Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 3.4kg
Quality: 4

- Lightly-armoured underlay
- Shadowsilk makes the wearer harder to see in low-light levels
- Additional protection for the right arm and shoulder due to use of Charubah Steel plates


Weaved from Shadowsilk, the tunic and skirts that constitute the inner garment are designed to absorb light, so that the wearer becomes hard to see in low-level lighting conditions, with the black blending rather well into shadows. For those moments when the user is visible to an opponent, the clothing also incorporates an armorweave underlay beneath the shadowsilk to offer minimal protection against blades, though it cannot resist a blaster bolt and, at most, might guard against a glancing lightsaber blade. The right arm and shoulder are covered by Charubah Steel plates that have been woven into a rancor-leather armlet, which can protect against metallic and kinetic weapons, but not energy-based armaments.


Woven in the style of attire used by the Hapan nobility, but created in such a way as to mimic the clothing worn by Sith Acolytes, this garment serves both to offer limited protection and also to provide both comfort and a certain style to the user. A thin armorweave underlay serves to keep in body warmth and protect against weak forms of attack, while the outer layer of shadowsilk is designed to conceal the underlay and also provide some concealment in low-light conditions.

The left side is mostly unguarded: the sleeve comes down to just below the elbow, and the half-cloak worn across the shoulders does not serve to cover this side. The right is far better protected, due to it being Elensa's dominant side: covered by an armlet that extends from shoulder to wrist, constituted by rancor-leather against the skin and overlapping plates of Charubah Steel imported from Elensa's native Hapes. This is only sufficient to protect her arm against simple blades and flechette weapons, but offers no immunity to energy-based weapons, including lightsabers. If the armlet is removed, the right matches the left: a sleeve truncated just below the elbow, without protection.

The outfit can be worn with or without a traditional Hapan veil, in keeping with the styles appropriate for women on her homeworld. Due to the use of long skirts rather than trousers, the outfit can be said to somewhat restrictive of movement, and the armlet on the right side can similarly impair motion compared to the unguarded side, though the difference is only slight due to the light weight of the materials. The under-tunic also possesses a high collar in order to conceal the injury to Elensa's larynx, so that her disability is not obvious to others.

- Provides concealment in low-light conditions
- Minimal resistance to bladed and projectile weapons
- Comfortable and lightweight

- Does not protect against the elements
- Lacks protection against energy-based weapons (including lightsabers)
- Somewhat restrictive of movement (legs and right arm)
- Expensive to craft due to materials used
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