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Approved Tech ECSS-01 | Environmental Condition Stabiliser System

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Eternal Empress


  • Intent: To create an Environmental Condition Stabiliser System to wide use.
  • Image Source: Orbs | Ring | Device
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  • ECSS-01r | Standard version:
    • Sensors and Scanners: The system features the best environmental scanners and sensors, making the ECSS-01 a very modern device and a great choice in any life situation, and in many cases can be a lifesaver.
      • Scanners: The scanners depending on the setting or function of the ECSS-01, the sensors continuously scan the environment in a small or large area to see if there are any effects that have been previously set. If so, the device will continue to operate smoothly, if not, the sensors will operate.
      • Sensors: The sensors can be connected to computers, ship systems, home systems, armour systems, or AIs, so they can also provide written or audible warnings if environmental impacts deviate from the specified optimum.
    • Adjustable Coverage: It mainly depends on the scanner and its efficiency, how much area it will be able to scan, and how large an area is affected by the device. An ECSS-01 in a piece of jewellery / ring or just a communication device will only have a personal range. A larger device than a handheld computer or an object in the apartment may be enough to cover the entire apartment. Note: the larger the area to be covered, the more devices it is worth installing for reliable and full coverage and smooth operation.
    • Smart System: Thanks to the memory crystals and processor in it, the system is able to recognize how and when the environment changes, learn them (although it contains a myriad of conditions by default through its programming) and act in the most optimal way possible. It can do this itself, or it can set what the ESC-01 needs to do in certain situations. Fully customizable system.
    • Operation: The ECSS-01 has two functions, in one of which the system acts as a kind of controller, and in the other way it is also the executive unit.
      • Controller:
        • The Boss: In this case, the ECSS-01 system is merely a control system that is responsible for operating the life support systems of a ship, a spacesuit, or a building, for example. It is connected to the systems responsible for life support and is controlled by ECSS-01 according to its own measured data. In this case, it has only management and control responsibilities.
      • Executive Unit:
        • Double work: In this case, the ECSS-01 is both a controller and an executive unit.
        • Effects: The ECSS-01 can affect the environment in several different ways. It is capable of emitting the appropriate sounds / radiation / vibrations, which can affect the environment or the person wearing the object. In this way, it can influence the environment or the wearer.
          • For example, it emits a vibration that cools / heats the environment in case it is unable to instruct the life support system to do so.
          • Or just the calming effect of the emitted sound / vibration to the user and this is necessary due to less oxygen consumption (when someone on a limited life support, and they are panicking, and consume too much oxygen, and the system tries to calm them to curb the extreme oxygen consumption).
          • And, of course, even in this case, it always tries to involve the central system, which is also supervised by the ECSS-01 itself to help with its work.
    • Modification: The ECSS-01 is fully customizable. They come in different sizes, but can also be added to the G1 OmniLink, for example. But it’s also perfect for an apartment or even a big ship. But it can also be incorporated into a piece of jewellery, a ring, and so on.
  • ECSS-01n | Netherworld version:
    • Nether Radiation: This version has only one more function than the original, with this function these are capable of emitting such radiation / vibration / frequency that is the same as that in the Netherworld. As a result, such environmental impacts can be generated around a person or in an area like in the Netherworld.
      • As a result, it can provide home conditions for members of certain demon species, the Shadows, or the Valkyrja, so they may be able to exist in their physical form in Realspace without the need for extra energy or concentration.
  • Effective: It works very effectively in all conditions. This is why it is recommended to add it to all kinds of systems for a safe life, be it a spacesuit, an apartment, a spaceship, or even a colony living under an entire shield.
  • Practical: It is practical and small, so it can even be incorporated into a ring or into any ordinary object. Or it can be placed behind a picture on the wall. It can be a beautiful decoration of the apartment or just completely unnoticeable.
  • Fair Play: It alone can perfectly manage and supervise life support systems, but through its programming, the system is also perfect for one to control it with an AI and for to work with it.
  • Changing Conditions: Although the system is docile and able to react relatively quickly to environmental changes, it also has its limits. If someone intentionally changes these quickly. For example, it creates intentional and rapid temperature fluctuations, the system will fail and it will not be able to operate.
  • EMP/Ion: Although the system is protected against this, thanks to the raw materials from which it is made, yet they are not for military purposes, after a while they will almost certainly overload the systems of such attacks and the ECSS-01 will become unusable.
  • Resistance: The ECSS-01 is really only as resistant as the object it is built into, since it is calibrated for it. If this object is destroyed, the system will also be unusable.

A good environmental management system is really important and useful for everyone, especially if it is able to affect a single person. But on a spaceship, in our home, or elsewhere, it is very important. Probably everyone has basic air conditioning or a life support system, but it may not have the proper control system for that.

Scientists and engineers from HPI Consortium and Globex Corporation have worked together on such a solution to produce them in part for the Brighter Future Foundation. During the work, it turned out that they managed to implement the technology in different sizes, not to mention that they managed to solve it so that it could be embedded in essentially any object.

The system is designed to perform two types of tasks, to operate on its own and as a sub- or control system. Its modularity is extremely high, so it can essentially be added to whatever the buyer or user wants to use. Thanks to this, it can be used in all areas of life.

It can be a great accessory for spacesuits, spaceships, buildings, armour, or even some species for everyday life.

The Netherworld version is not commercially available; Greystone Mercantile and The Cat’s Paw obtained production data through HPI Consortium and Globex Corporation, respectively; and they make tools for their own workers, or for the Shadows, or the Valkyrja, to be able to take physical form in Realspace. The The Ineditorum also has access to Netherworld technology through Ingrid L’lerim-Vandiir and presumably Kal.

And the traditional product is available in every part of the galaxy, once again a great, widely used, durable and versatile item on the market courtesy of HPI and Globex.
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