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LFG Do I know you?

Pretty in Pink
“A person's life may be a lonely thing by nature, but it is not isolated. To that life, other lives are linked.”
― Haruki Murakami

Upon creating Annasari I was still new to the site, thus making her a pretty isolated character. Now that I've seen what beautiful souls you all are, I'm really interested in giving her some connections :D I'm open to pretty much anything - childhood friends she would have met on Nar Shaddaa, criminals and bounty hunters connections from her time with the gang, friends and enemies she's made since leaving them, maybe even a possible love connection...? If you have any more ideas feel free to drop them below or shoot me a DM!
Gleefully Drinks Life In
Anse and Anna could have been/are lovers, he's been around all kinds of places and has met and entertained quite a few lovely lasses and laddies. And he's been known, and open about it, to have more than one person he is that close to. So its up to you if you want as past or present!

Also, he is a mechanic who mainly works on smaller ships and droids, so could use that angle too.
Prince-in-Exile of Serenno
Annasari Annasari acquaintances/former partners from back in luc's spacer days maybe? Prior to joining the NIO [and still, tbh, but don't tel them that] he was pretty well connected with several Hutt cartels located both in and on the fringes of Hutt space. He was actually burned by one of them on Nar Shadaa specifically, but that's totally water under the bridge-- for now lol.

He usually worked alone, but he definitely wasn't opposed to working with others, it's just hard to find a good partner that was able to keep up. But yeah, totally open for some more spacer/underworld plots \o/