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DND Exdpedition thread

So I am having an expedition thread on Nal Hutta , where there will be a small Hutt tomb that contains treasures. In this thread, I am looking for people willing to join Zelgetha's team in order to help him claim ancient Hutt Combat vehicle.

However this location is not just known to Zelgetha the Hutt, the crime lord will have competition, another expedition team is competing with him to get treasure as well. Those who wish to attempt to thwart the cyborg's plan can also sign up as the opposing expeditionary team.

Another requirement is that I am looking for a dungeon master who will be of a neutral party and will not lean ether way .

This thread is for people to have a swell time and all are welcome. This thread is to count towards Zelgetha getting his personal walker . As such , the winning side rewards will be credits/treasure. Should the expeditionary team gain the walker, they will be paid well for their services. Should the opposing team gain it, the ugly slug will buy the walker from the opposing side. Do you side with one of the most disgusting scum this galaxy has to offer, or do you attempt to thwart him in his endeavors? You decide.

Sign ups :​
Dungeon Master:[member="Adelle Bastiel"]

Zelgetha's Hirelings:

1.Zelgetha The Hutt
2. [member="Acaleus Thorn"]
3. [member="Tom Taff"]

Opposing Expedition:

1.[member="Terrance Olavi"]
2. [member="Kadesh Scythe"]


King of Pumpkins
[member="Zelgetha The Hutt"]

I might join you on this on. Only if to maybe find something interesting. You never know what a hutt hides in his tomb.


[member="Zelgetha The Hutt"]

I'm not so sure about that. But I can make you regret it, unless you decide to co-operate


Well-Known Member
[member="Zelgetha The Hutt"] Well I can't very well leave my sister alone, can I? Sign me up for that last spot if you please :3