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Discussion of Elite Ops

Darth Torment

I just had an idea we could use.

The Horde could establish and elite ops division made up of NFU and FU soldiers that are the exact copy of the CIS Clones, and Mandolorian Czars.

Yet this task force would be set up as a "A-Team" type of commando force, meaning we send them in they get the job done or dont return and are considered to be completely expendable.

What this would entail is during certain missions this team would be the last to be counted on, but the best of the best in the horde. They would often go against Czar and Clones and would be the most dangerous and elite in the horde.

what do you all think of this? discuss it here. We need a name for it if we do go with this idea.

@[member="Supreme Overlord Dredge"]

Romeo Sin

The Fallen Lord
Well...there was only one Mandalorian Czar Isis, they were Especially all Imperial soldiers turned Master Chief.

As for that idea, it sounds legit, I propose the name Yuuzhataria @[member="Isis Fontana"] @[member="Supreme Overlord Dredge"]

Pyramid Head

Ahahahahahah its funny a few months ago I talked about a Elite Ops for us and here I am now...a Sith spawn building super soldiers!!! Maleificar!!!

Pyramid Head

Meaning Dredge and I had been discussing that before hand but @[member="Isis Fontana"] I believe you will find my Maleificar...appealing if not amusing


Clones of Ashe... the horror. It'd be the walking Apocalypse.
Nope. Not ever happening. >_>