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Defection on Firrerre (Lords of the Fringe)

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Cool, compressed air kept the observational deck of the Obscurity a relaxed, comfortable area for one to inhabit. The Attrition-class Star Destroyer itself was gliding through the dark, black cosmos that was space within the realms of hyperspace. It had been done this on alternate, random jumps for almost three months now, as only two life forms were left within it's innards, with one planing a random, sporadic course from the Dromund Kaas system to the realms of the Unknown Regions.

It was time for a change.

Bodies littered the floor of the vessel, in a state of decomposition. Closer inspection would reveal that all of them had been slain by a Lightsaber blade. The individual responsible for this atrocity, this massacre was state upon a darkened, unnatural throne in which it's architecture revealed a deformed, erratic composition, like it had just sprung up from the durasteel flooring all by itself. It was the same man who was responsible for the murders who was the creator of the throne and consequentially, he was the architect of the Obscurity itself. Purple luminescence of hyperspace dissipated as a window formed in the Firrerre system. When the hyperspace window dissipated, the unique, one of a kind Star Destroyer came to a stop. It was not within orbit of the planet, for such gravitational forces would tear the Obscurity apart as it revealed itself from hyperspace, but not on the outskirts of the system either. It was in between and noticeable, for all to see. An irony of sorts, considering the purpose for which the ship was created and the definition of it's name.

Vilox Pazela rose to his feet and approached the transparisteel screen, hands clasped within his sleeves. Once known as the elusive Sith Lord Darth Vazela, a change had occurred within the mind of this man upon the fall of Tyrin Ardik, all of those months ago when the second only Dark Lord of the Sith, next to Darth Ruin, had fallen to a rogue, enigmatic, destructive Sith Master by the name of Mikhail Shorn. The man who's yellow, predatory eyes took Firrerre into his view thought of the power of the Soulsaber and was confident that, without the artifact within Shorn's possession, he might not have been here. Perhaps he would still be a Sith Lord in the Sith Empire and Tyrin Ardik might still be the Emperor. Or perhaps he would have been successful with the Suppress Thought and would have bear witness to the fall of the Empire's most powerful individuals.

Such things would be left to regrets.

Averting his gaze away from the transparisteel screen to the old man stood in the corner, Vilox Pazela said, "It's time. Begin broadcast."
| @[member="Tyrin Ardik"] |

The Past.

Malus Bligh was shaking, like he had been for the past three months. It had been a long, arduous journey. But not compared to the fateful fall of Tyrin Ardik. Disaster was a word that had first come to mind, for the former Sith Commander had been sat within the confines of the command seat, located on the bridge. Transmission chatter had come in from the ground that the Emperor had fallen to Mikhail Shorn and that a new Emperor had been sworn in. Darth Vazela had returned to the Obscurity and had commanded Malus to set course for Hutt space. The Sith Commander hadn't asked why, for he had a learnt behavior to never question the Sith Lord or any Sith in particular.

He had spent the last three months regretting that decision.

In between worlds, a menace had emerged from that observational deck, after three days of no contact, word or heading. Just a course for Hutt space. When a hooded, darkened figure lowered himself into the bridge... "Is he flying...?" ...and a crimson, red line emerged to the left, from a cylinder device. With vicious strikes, Darth Vazela began to systematically destroy the crew aboard the bridge. When he stopped his slashes, he turned those yellow, predatory eyes to Malus Bligh and the Commander felt the feeling of death creep over him. He had felt that feeling before, during the accident on Ziost, when he had crashed his jet during the training exercises he was guiding a class through. When he thought Vazela was about to sink the Lightsaber into him, the hooded man turned the weapon off and began to fly again, to the walkway.

Malus had followed and listened to the destruction happening across the bridge. The Sith Lord was meticulous in his murder, heading next to the hangar bay and locking down all of the escape pods, hangar bay doors and all measures of escape available. Not even the vaults that led into space were left open. It became apparent that something or someone had caused a blood lust within the man, a frenzy so terrifying that only a Sith Lord could understand such a thing. Was @[member="Mikhail Shorn"] responsible for all of this? Malus did not know.

All he knew that the crew of the Obscurity were dead, annihilated by one man.

And he had spared Malus.


That same question rang around the cranium of the former Commanders mind for those first six weeks of venturing to no where in particular. Seven hours after the bridge officers had been murdered, the hooded figure returned. His dark, liquid black robes were covered in crimson red. A limp had come into Vazela's posture as he crossed that walkway and back into the dark confines of the observational deck. Silent cheers had erupted within the old man, figuring that one or more of his men had managed to land a blow of some sorts on the Sith Lord.

Then, for another three days, the Obscurity sat adrift in the void, in between worlds, waiting for something to happen to it. Malus had left Vazela alone out of fear and the latter had left him alone as well, for some reason. Why had he spared him? Wondering through the decks of the Star Destroyer, he gazed upon the fallen figures his former comrades in arms and noticed each and every one of them had fallen to Vazela's Lightsaber. How was it possible that one man could kill thousands in the short space of seven hours? Was this what it meant to be a Sith Lord? Were they all this powerful?

Then Vazela had emerged, finally, from the observational deck. He was no longer covered in blood and the limp had disappeared. The Sith had healed himself. When he found Malus sat upon the command seat, on the bridge, his broken, dull grey eyes staring out at space, the Commander wished for the man to stab his sword into his back, through the seat and pierce his heart. Dying would feel better than this. But the hiss of a Lightsabers activation did not come. Only the sounds of a voice, barely above a whisper...

"Plot a random, sporadic course for the Unknown Regions. Do not allow the Republic, Protectorate, Hutts or the Empire find us." A curious sensation came over the old man when Vazela spoke to him and he found himself wanting to plan that course. He got up to his feet and used the Obscurity to plot in the coordinates; and then the Star Destroyer was off. The sensation, an elated feeling of sorts, dissipated when Vazela left him in the bridge, surrounded by bodies and then familiar despair came over the man once more...

Present Day.

His uniform was stained, ruined and degraded. The stubble on his chin, cheeks and neck was erratic, unshaven, dirty. His eyes were broken, deflated, void of happiness or life. A stench came off the man, which suggested that he hadn't washed in a long time and had sunk into the barrels of alcohol and medication, to take the edge off. He hadn't been able to cope with the loss he had felt, but he had survived and he was here.

By Chaos, he hoped whoever was on the world below them shot the Obscurity out of the system and the ship took him and the monster in front of him with it.

"It's time. Begin broadcast."

Malus Bligh squinted his eyes at the Sith, a flash of anger coming over him. He hated him with every fiber of his body; and the fear that Vazela had once put in his second hand man were defeated and washed away in the pure, unadulterated rage and fury that seethed inside of him. But Malus owed his crew something. He would save the emotions he felt, for another time. A moment of clarity washed over the man. He had an opportunity to kill Vazela, but he would have to be careful and silent. So he would feign compliment with the mans request.

Using his cane, the old man approached a console erected beside the throne and pressed his hands across it's button interface. He tapped into the Obscurity's transmission relays and began to broadcast a message, to any who were listening. "I am Commander Malus Bligh of the Sith Empire. On behalf of the Sith Lord, Darth Vazela, we are surrendering ourselves and our ship to you. All crew are dead..." Malus gulped his tears away. "...and all automated defenses are locked down. Hangar bay is clear to land aboard."

When he finished typing in the message, he went back to the corner and sunk to his bottom. He picked up the bottle, of which it's contents he did not know, and took a swig of it, waiting for death or something. He didn't know what to expect really.
Was it curiosity, stupidity or a mixture of both that Lead Lucien Cordel to return to the obscurity? He did not know the answer even as he boarded the ship that would take him to the obscurity.The message had reached his ears by an extensive network of informants certainly not the most broad web but it served his needs well. Thus it came to pass that Lucien Cordel was on a shuttle from Bakura around him sat a compliment of guards.The guards were on edge each had seen the damage caused the last time Lucien walked the transparisteel deck.

The ship Landed in the deck of The Obscurity. The guards poured from the shuttle and fell to attention outside the ship, Last came Lucien death hand heavy in the air as he walked through the obscurity following the path he had walked before. At first he had checked the bodies for life as he moved through the ship but soon realised the ship's occupants were dead.Vazela it appeared had finally lost it.

The observation deck lay before Lucien and his companions Lucien spoke his first words "I will take the hand of any soldier who performs an unprovoked attack on either of these men" His voice was harsh and focused He walked into the transparent room accompanied only by his head bodyguard gaurd the other men waited outside. Lucien looked down at the broken Commander, He had changed since Luciens Last visit. The ship and its commander were a shadow of their former selves. "My Lord sith, Commander. I am told you wish to surrender, What happened to your crew?"

@[member="Vilox Pazela"]
@[member="Lucien Cordel"]

Vilox Pazela turned his gaze to the man and replied, "I murdered them all. Only I and Malus remain." The man rose to his feet and turned to Lucien Cordel, eyes focused on the mans. "Then the Obscurity took us here." Moving towards the flight of stairs, he stopped at the top of them and spoke again, without facing Lucien or his guard. "You will take me to your leader. I have much to discuss."
"I will try many of them are outside of my contact as you well know having witnessed my former masters coup, I may be the most senior person you can get" He sighed it was sad to see men so senior dragged to their knees even men like these two "Never the less I will summon the council ... Set a course for annaj the fringe capital" Lucien walked over to the communications console beside the atrocity that stood for a throne. He imputed a message and circulated it among the fringe high command it read
"This is a request for all High ranking fringe members to assemble of Annaj. I have a man a former lord of the empire here who seeks to parlay with the fringe leaders I am on board his ship and we are heading for the capital now"
Lucien Cordel
He stepped away from the console having sent the message "Would you care to tell me why you murdered your crew and how you let one of the finest commanders I have seen sink so low as to be slumped drinking from the bottle?" He spoke curiously questions would be asked about the massacre and Lucien desired the ability to give answers.
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@[member="Lucien Cordel"]

Vilox began his descent from the observational deck and down to the walkway that Lucien and his guard had only just passed. When the former Lord of Elom joined him down at the bridge, the former Sith Lord observed as the various personnel that made up the back bone for the Lords of the Fringe began to salvage the Obscurity. The course that the Sith beside him ordered to be put was made and the Star Destroyer set course to Annaj.

"I murdered the crew for two reasons, Lucien." Vilox turned his gaze from the Sith's men to him, so as to continue speaking face to face. "The first is simple. I did not want any witnesses. These people that you see lying dead have... Had loyalty for the Empire and with my intentions to leave, they would have tried to stop me. So they had to die." Nodding his head as he spoke, he then said, "It is my intention to hand this Star Destroyer over to your leaders as a bartering chip for something else. Something which I think is above your pay grade."

He turned his gaze back to the bridge and said, "I kept the old man alive because I still needed someone to navigate the stars. As you say, he is one of the best Commanders you've ever met. Without him, I would not have arrived and the Obscurity would surely have been detected. Controlling one individual instead of the thousands that operated this vessel is far easier."

"I have no more use for Malus Bligh at this moment in time."
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