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Approved Tech Death Wish - The Jaro Axe

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Kyr'bes be Ka'ra

  • Intent: Give Taru a signature melee weapon
  • Image Source: X and edited by Cynthia Solus Cynthia Solus
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: X
  • Primary Source: Y

  • Classification: Axe
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Extremely Light

  • Monomolecular Energy Chord around the entire edge of the axe, allows for extreme cutting potential and the ability to clash against lightsabers.
  • Mono-molecular Edge beneath the energy chord in the case that an EMP/ION takes out the energy chord, this allows for very strong cutting with and without the energy chord.
  • Maalraas Leather wrapping around hilt helps provide a solid grip from a durable material.
  • Petrification Rune. This one speaks for itself.

  • Cutting Power: Combining a Monomolecular Energy Chord with a Mono-molecular edge can ensure the cutting power of the axe. It can slice, and chop through a lot.
  • It’s an Axe(glorified tomahawk): Good for disarming foes and dealing those crazy chops which leave heads rolling, and it has a tail spike that could stab or be used as a pick.
  • Petrification Rune placed by Adara Raxis Adara Raxis & Ginnie Dib Ginnie Dib , allows for the petrification of organic matter while leaving the soal encapsulated within. Petrification is not instantaneous and takes time and hits however any organic matter which comes into contact with the edge(not the energy chord but the beskar mono-molecular edge beneath it) can turn to stone. (All damage is up to the opponent, including but not limited to cuts, slashes, petrification, soul ensnarement within petrified body, etc)

  • No Force Zone: Sith Rune’s power will not work in a Force Nullified zone(Ysalimari, Void Stone, etc).
  • EMP/ION: These can disrupt the energy chord and make the axe a normal beskar axe.
  • Range: This is a Close-Quarters-Combat weapon, with very little use at range. It can be thrown, but not as successfully or over as long of a range as a throwing axe could be.
  • Force Light: Can destroy the Rune but the rest of the weapon would still survive.
  • Petrification: Does not work if the opponent is only cut by the energy chord, needs to be touched by the beskar too.
  • Indiscriminate: Will hurt allies too if they are hit.
  • Cannot cut through energy resistant(i.e. Lightsaber resistant) materials such as beskar or phrik.

With his armor being a weapon in itself, Taru decided that for a melee weapon he could go for something a little closer to home. Something CQC. An axe the size of a tomahawk but with the power of both. He decided to continue labeling it as an axe because tomahawks were too primitive.

He forged the axe into what it is today out of beskar, making a full tang piece and wrapping the hilt in maalraas leather. The edge was honed to a mono-molecular thickness, and through some tinkering he managed to correctly include an energy chord to run the length of the edge. The hard part was convincing Ginnie Dib and Adara to create a rune that could petrify those struck by the metal. But in the end Adara was awesome and together with Ginnie they pulled it off.

The axe he named Jaro meaning Death Wish in Basic to portray its message, mess with me and you will get your death wish.

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Shuklaar Kyrdol

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Taru Cadera Taru Cadera Su'cuy, vod. I'm Shuk, and I'll be reviewing your submission today.

Slight problem here, do you indeed have permission to use the Kiindray Leather you've linked? If so, can you link it?

You're going to need permission from the user you have listed as manufacturer to use them as such. Please obtain this and list that and the material permission under permissions.

Perfectly balanced. Good job.

Look good, I mean, this is a powerful weapon, but looks fine to me.

Good amount of story in here while highlighting the weapon's strengths. Just another reminder to get the permission of those listed here as having aided in the manufacturing process. Screenshots of site DMs or discord messages are fine.

Tag me once you've made the necessary changes.

Shuklaar Kyrdol

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Taru Cadera Taru Cadera Might I reccomend Maalras leather as a replacement? Because listing a replacement leather wrap might be a good idea. Even if its not alchemized....

That said you don't have to, and I'm happy to approve it as is.
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