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Approved Starship DDSI Horizon Class Frigate

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DDSI Horizon Class Frigate
  • Decently armed
  • Solid defenses
  • Excellent Amenities
  • Hangar Space
  • Hangar can double as Vehicle Garage
  • On board factories enable manufacture of replacement parts and units in the field
    • Factories are designed for limited production as needed to replace lost units or damaged equipment
  • Science Labs
  • Droid assistance
  • Cybernetic Interface
  • High quality backup hyperdrive
  • Can Land on Planets
  • Neuromachine Interface is potentially susceptible to slicing (hacking) attacks, which could enable a talented hacker to gain control of the ship.
The Mecetti Nationalized Industries offer bespoke custom ship builds for those clients who can afford it, via their Obulette and Grand Architect shipyards. DDSI took advantage of this offering when requesting a research frigate built to their requirements. Using the Vigil class as a base, the hullform was scaled up by 37% to accommodate the necessary support craft capacity. Standard Turbolasers and Laser Cannons were swapped for Heavy models. Antenna and sensors were enlarged to better serve exploratory needs, and the interior decks were completely reconfigured according to the new volume. Finally, larger type II engines and reactors provided needed power and propulsion for the increased mass.

The ship was designed to be tough enough to survive the unknown, well-armed enough to fend off rimward threats, and advanced enough to act as a complete research facility in the field. Moreover, DDSI wanted it to be uniquely equipped to interface with its CEO and other cybernetic crew members. The result was the custom 'Horizon' class, headed by the DDSI Horizon, the CEO's corporate flagship. Although the Horizon was specifically designed for DDSI, the hull can be manufactured in similar configurations on demand for other clients.

Despite its many advantages, the Horizon does have an important weakness (other than its price.) Its neuromachine interface could leave it vulnerable to skilled slicing (hacking) attacks.
Not open for further replies.

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