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Grima Volitu

The Togruta Witch
"Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; and tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you…"

~ Name: Grima Volitu
~ Species: Togruta
~ Gender: Female
~ Age: 51
~ Height: 177 cm (including montrals)
~ Weight: 52 kg
~ Eyes: Yellow/Orange (Dark Side)
~ Skin: Red
~ Alias: Veles' Goddess
~ Faction: Covenant of the Black Rose
~ Rank: Witch Elder
~ Class: Witch
~ Homeworld: Shili
~ Force-sensitive: Yes
~ Sexuality: Heterosexual
~ Marital Status: Single

"Choose someone as a successor and you will inevitably be succeeded. Choose someone hungrier and you will be devoured. Choose someone quicker and you won't dodge the blade at your back. Choose someone with more patience and you won't block the blade at your throat. Choose someone more devious and you'll hold the blade that kills you. Choose someone more clever and you'll never know your end. Despite these cautions, an Apprentice is essential. A Master without an Apprentice is a Master of nothing"

Politics: She keeps a close eye on and an ear open on the politics of the Empire and the Sith Order. Her loyalty is to the Dark Council (not the members) and the Empress/Emperor (the throne not the squatter) and she will do what it takes to preserve the Sith Order. She is openly critical about the flawed teachings and water downed lessons from the teachers at the Academies. She believes the young Apprentices need a stronger program into which their minds could be molded into a True Sith. She blames them for the ever growing brutality that is plaguing and corrupting the Sith.

Philosophy: She believes that these two aspects, self-preservation and individualism, are the true foundations of all Sith; and it is this that all Sith should strive for. The Sith are not rank-in-file soldiers and no two Sith should ever be alike. All Sith should strive to be their own person/species/alien and should strike down any who seeks to conform them to their beliefs. Self-preservation is the forefront what a Sith should achieve. What use is power, strength, or knowledge if you are dead. Yet, she has witnessed to many Sith throw their lives away because they were to careless.

Unlike some of the higher ranking Sith, she believes that no Sith should bow or kneel before her. In doing so they are submitting themselves to her to with belief they are weak or they are not confident in their abilities or they have allowed their own fears to breed them into fools.

Code of Killing: She views brutality and needlessly killing a sign of weakness and cowardice. She teaches her Apprentices that what purpose does it serve to cull the weak, they are dead and they no longer care about your power or strength. Killing is absolute but she has adopted the idea that everyone, no matter how week or ignorant, can still serve a purpose to her. Then when they no longer have any purpose for her, she will kill them not as a demonstration of power, for they already endured her power already, but out of self-preservation.

Manipulation/Treachery: Since she has a code of killing, she has also learned the arts of manipulation and treachery. Through manipulation of others, she can achieve whatever her heart desires. To her, all those around her are bred for her to manipulate. She is a very treacherous Sith. She has been known to pit two Sith together in order to gain an advantage through one or both of their deaths. She displays to all those that gaze at her that she is not to be trusted.

~ Intelligence/Wisdom
~ Alchemy / Magick
~ Strong Affinity To The Force
~ Lightsaber Combat

~ Love Of The Sith Philosophy
~ Skeptical Of Others
~ Vegetables (Can Never Get Enough)

"Equality is a lie…a myth to appease the masses. Simply look around and you will see the lie for what it is! There are those with power, those with the strength and will to lead. And there are those meant to follow those incapable of anything but servitude and a meager, worthless existence.”

Juyo: She has studied this lightsaber form having learned to add her passion that is fueled by her anger...her hatred...and her disgust for weakness. With some much of the Dark Side flowing through her, she has found this form to benefit her more than of the others she had studied in the past. due to her high constitution, the physical aspect of this form has no visible effect on her. As a child calling into the darkness for its mother, so had this form called to her.

Makashi: Having adopted to wield two lightsabers (one in each hand) rather than the traditional single lightsaber or the more exotic double-sided lightsaber, she had fell in love with the curved hilts thus she sought out to learn this form. She has mastered this from through vigorous training erasing all traces of any flaws in her footwork while turning this style of lightsaber forms into a more potent form for herself. She has combined the two forms together, Juyo and Makashi, turning her into one of the most fiercest swordsmen in the galaxy.

Jar'Kai: Since she had opted to wield two lightsabers, this technique was a must. She had studied the technique learning all its strengths and weakness. But when she learned of the only true disadvantage, she sought out to learn another technique to counter it.

Trakata: With her mastery of the Force at her disposal, she was able to learn and adapt this technique for two reasons. The first, it was a way to negate the sole weakness in the Jar'kai technique. The second, it made her more dangerous and unpredictable with her two lightsabers, especially against another swordsmen.

Telekinesis: Force Pull, Force Push, Force Disarm, Force Kill, and Saber Throw

Sith Lightning: Force Shock

Mind Tricks: Force Illusion, Force Horror, and Dominate Mind

Force Concealment: Force Stealth and Force Cloak

Misc: Force Sense, Dark Healing, Tutaminis, Psychometry, Mind Barrier, and Force Drain

Sith Spells: Odojinya, Memory Rub, Torture By Chagrin, Summon Fear, Spell Of Concealment, Waves Of Darkness, Aura Of Uneasiness, False Lightside Aura, and Darkside Tendrils

“I can use my powers to conjure up your worst nightmares and bring them to life before your eyes. I can drive you mad with fear, shred your sanity, and leave you a raving lunatic for the rest of your life.”

Grima wears a full length black skin tight body suit with black boots and a black waist belt with a golden clasp. She also sports a black and purple hooded cloak and on her arms/hands, she wears black fingerless arm sleeves that stop at her elbows with a rusty looking brace on them. A menacing-looking gauntlet adorns her left hand.

~ lightsaber
~ Ship

“Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It”s about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual.”

Her Force Signature is heavily bathed in the Darkside. At times an aura of Darkside energy can be seen surrounding her body and as a Master of illusions, she an make it appear as if the energy is whipping around like angry wind.

“To dare to dream of something which has never existed and to make it a reality; to conjure up your deepest fears and darkest hopes; to pursue a vision ruthlessly and without relent; to create the artifacts, ideology and organization of the empires of your mind – this is real black magic, the source of all true power.”

~ Darth Veles: Former Apprentice and long time friend.


Grima Volitu was born to a poor Togruta family on her home world of Shili where she grew up first hand learning the hardships of survival. Living a few miles outside Corvala, the planet’s capital city, in a small farming and fishing town she witnessed how the corrupt politician’s hand stretched and gripped everything they set their gaze upon. Her family starving, her father and two older brothers sought out to sell their goods so that they could buy the necessary supplies to survive the upcoming seasons. Unfortunately on their way to the city her father and brother, along with two other families, were set upon a pack of wild orange haired akul. Her father and eldest brother were lost and her other brother wounded mortally and died a couple days later. With the deaths of her father and brother, Grima barely 5, along with her mother and two sisters were forced to run the farm themselves. It was at this age she began to feel different from the others. At times she knew what would happen before it did….other times she almost swore she could move objects with her mind if she focused enough. Worried she was turning into some kind of monster she kept these to herself.

A few months passed and the powers that be in the capital passed a law raising the taxes causing the poor towns to become even poorer. Struggling every season to pay taxes and grow enough food to survive the town began to rebel. At first it was only behind closed doors then it spread to the open public and soon it reached the ears of capital leadership. Feeling a rebellion was brewing the officials sent a armed envoy to the town and surrounding areas to quell the ever growing resistance. In a miscommunication the capital’s soldiers began firing on the farmers and their supporters leading to higher tensions. This injustice would not settle with the farming and poorer communities so they reacted by staging attacks in the capital city. Minister Yu’o Ghren fearing for his life and the life of the people, mainly the rich business owners and politicians, asked the Jedi Order to intervene.

Justice and Peace always the motto of the Jedi Order dispatched several Knights to the planet of Shili to settle the crisis. Upon their arrival, the Jedi were presented with false information and documentation that was villainizing the people in the plains as pirates and terrorists. The Jedi headed out to the towns and villages to talk to the leaders of the opposing faction. Heated words were exchanged and a fight broke out between the Jedi and the militia the farmers had put together. In the battle Grima watched her sisters cut down by the Jedi defending their people and town and her mother taking into custody along with several of her fellow towns people to stand trial for treason. Grima alone and celebrating her 8th birthday flocked with the towns people into the capital to watch the trials. The Jedi promised the people would get a fair trial.

After much debating several of the towns people were found guilty of treasonous acts and were sentenced to spend time in Harth Prison inside the capital. Soon the Jedi left after the tension subsided and the corrupt politicians saw this as their chance to make examples of the prisoners. Stating they had new cause to start new trials, the prisoners were brought out and were found that their crimes were punishable by death. Young Grima watched as her mother and towns people were executed for defending their way of life…and she felt the Jedi helped in that cause. At this she began to feel an anger and hate rise in her like she never felt before. She struggled to gain control of it and without thinking she destroyed a land speeder simply looking at it and focusing her hate on it. Scared she fled back to her town with the others. Grima now orphaned was taking in by an elderly couple and raised till she turned 13.

A month after her 13th birthday she along with some of the others fled her home world to seek a better life. Upon arriving at Frimont Space Station she witnessed a battle between 4 Jedi Knights and 2 other lightsaber wielding people waving crimson blades. As she watched the battle she crept closer and closer to the battle as if she was drawn to the conflict. At the site of the Jedi she felt that anger begin to rise again and when she saw two of the Jedi cut down she felt a calmness…happiness…swell in her. A few moments later their stood one Jedi and one red lightsaber wielder remaining. The Jedi getting the upper hand knocked his opponent to the ground and stood over him. Looking at the weapon lying on the ground close to her feet she slowly bent down and picked it up.

Moving her eyes from the cylinder weapon to the back of the Jedi that hatred for the Jedi again began to take hold and she stalked her way to the Jedi. Pressing the button on the weapon a red blade shot from the cylinder as she raised it to strike at the Jedi. Turning quickly to see the young Togruta about to strike at him he reached out with the Force taking the weapon from her. The Jedi began to speak when a piercing crackling noise erupted and the Jedi was enveloped by a hue coloured light causing the Jedi to convulse and drop both weapons.

The figure, clad in all black, stood up as lightning shot from his fingertips. The Jedi fell to the ground smoking but alive. The figure looking at young Grima sensed the stirrings of the force in her, the hatred she had for this Jedi and smiled handing her a silver cylinder weapon he called to his hand from the ground. Looking at the weapon then down at the Jedi she smiled and turned on the lightsaber. Feeling all these emotions of hate, anger, loss, sadness, and betrayal began to swarm in her as she rose the blade up and brought it down ending the life of the Jedi. The man nodded in approval and held out his hand and Grima took it.

Thus her destiny, her fate, and her journey now begins.

{Sith Apprentice}

Grima Volitu had found life in the Temple was not easy. Everywhere there was danger, be it from the Masters or the students. She learned quickly that the survival of a Sith was not something to take lightly but she learned, listened, and grew strong in her studies and the Force. She began to learn the art of lightsaber combat and practiced with her twin weapons until she not only satisfied the teacher who taught the class, but she was satisfied with herself. She never cared what others thought of her or the praises that came from the Masters at the Temple.

She at last caught the eye of a Sith Crusader who took her as his Apprentice. He taught her how to control her emotions, mainly her anger, and he taught her several of her basic Force powers. During her short time Apprenticeship, he trained her in lightsaber combat far better than what she had learned in the Temple classes. But one day, her Master disappeared. So she was without a Master and felt for a short time like a failure. But destiny was on her side.

She found another teacher who was a powerful Sith Sorceress who began to teach Grima about the ways of the Sith Arcane. Also, she introduced Grima to a group of Sith Arcanists and through them Grima began to grow even more stronger and more confident in herself and her abilities. She had no use for a single Master for she found herself surrounded by several Sith Crusaders she could learn from.

She went on several missions gaining knowledge and experience and even led a couple herself as a mere Acolyte. The Crusaders she had associated herself with spoke of her potential and they taught her several Sith Sorcery powers. Her path in the Sith Order was finally taking shape.

The time had come for her to prove herself to the Sith Hierarchy that she was ready to advance in the ranks of the Sith Order. After completing several missions, she was promoted to Sith Crusader, shedding the title of mere Sith Acolyte.

{Sith Knight}

Soon after her promotion, she went to work. She led several missions against the enemy of the Sith and the Empire and along the way, found ancient texts to further enhance her Dark Side powers. The greatest find to help her was a former Sith Lady who decided to hide on the planet of Dathomir in self imposed exile. The Dark Lady began to reshape Grima Volitu not only through the Force but opening her eyes to the issues that have been plaguing the Sith Order. Grima began to "see" the errors in the teachings of the Temple Masters and she saw how several Acolytes that were being churned out of the Temples were weak, not fit to be called Sith.

After studying with this former Dark Lady of the Sith, she was more powerful in the Dark Side of the Force. She was more dangerous than ever but after studying with the former Dark Lady, she began to understand, where her two Masters had failed, what it meant to be a True Sith.

It was her return to Korriban that she began to truly see the water downed teachings from the Sith Teachers in the Academy. Their teachings were flawed main in part because she found that the Teachers were to comfortable in their surroundings and rather choose to "hide out" in the Temples and Academies rather than teach by example and go into the galaxy. Also, she found what they were teaching was creating brutal Acolytes, blinded by blood lust and quest for power, while missing the two aspects of being a Sith; self-preservation and individualism.

During her time as a Knight, she began to spend alot of her time on the planet of Dathomir. It was there that she began to "befriend" several of the Nightsister's Clans. She began to learn more about the magick associated with the Dark Side, and already having learned some spells, she began to pursue this further.

With her powers growing and successfully completed several missions for the Sith Order, she had been promoted and given the rank and title of Sith Lady.

{Sith Master}

After her promotion to Sith Master, she was free from the chains and eyes of the Sith Order to pursue whatever her cold heart desired. She discarded her birth name, adopting the name Darth Zarrah. She began scouring the galaxy, visiting several planets for ancient Sith tomes, holocrons, or anything related not only to the Dark side but to the Sith Arcane. She began to soak up knowledge from whatever she discovered and to keep what she knew a secret, she destroyed the tomes and holocrons rather than turning them over to the Sith Archives. She knew that knowledge was power but she did not want others to gain the advantages she had, besides, the Sith Archives were filled with the ancient teachings from Sith teachers, Masters, and Lords/Ladies.

During this time, she took on her first Apprentice, Avreet Zatarus and began to train him in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. She taught him several Force related powers and installed into him her personal beliefs on how a Sith should conduct themselves, including her Code of Killing and Philosophy.

It was also at this time during Avreet's Apprenticeship that he introduced a Sith Apprentice, Yr'il Ber'ong, to her and it was also at this time they went to Shilli, her home world, to assist the transition of the government to under the rule of the Empire. It was here that at last she was able to get her ultimate revenge against those that had took her family from her, killing or ordering the deaths of the three Councilman. Soon after their return from the planet, her Apprentice, having survived her teachings and lessons was elevated to the rank of Sith Knight.

She took a break from training to pursue Sith Alchemy in more depth, while enhancing her knowledge and skills in the dark arts, Sith Magick. As she began to grow in the Dark Side of the Force, so did she grow in maturity and began to exhibit a more philosophical attitude toward everything. As well as strengthening her knowledge of the Dark Side, she also improved her skills with her two lightsabers, learning the form Makashi and after hours upon hours, mastered it just as she mastered Juyo.

After the war was over, and the Sith defeated; she went into a self imposed exile...plotting her return to strike at the hearts of her enemies....

"Manipulation is done through propelling events... or selected ones into motion. It is done through teaching, through example, and through conviction. And the greatest of victories are not manipulations at all but simply awakening others...to the truth of what you believe. Of hearing it echoed around you, in life."

~Training, Classes~ 0/2

Coldstone (Ongoing)
You Think You're Ready (Ongoing)

~Missions, Skirmishes, Invasions, Dominions, Duels~ 0/1

Demonsgate (Ongoing)

~Social, Faction~ 7/10

Sifting Through...Precious (Finished)
Building...Future (Finished)
Sekalus Pt. 1 of 3 (Finished)
From Cuteness to Terrors (Finished)
For The Goddess (Ongoing)
The Sixth Trumpet (Ongoing)
Sekalus Pt. 2 of 3 (Finished)
Secret of Eclipse (Finished)
Treasure Hunters (Ongoing)
Sekalus Pt. 3 of 3 (Finished)
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