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Dark Night

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō

[member="Maple Harte"]

Pandamonia located deep within the deserts of Gromas where only the miners looking for that big score of phrik would go. Secured by understanding.. it was a sanctuary for some, den of debauchery for others. Made to give those creatures who swelled and fed off of the hearts and minds of men and women... aliens across the galaxy. Sawa had given Maple the coordinates for this place, this planet but there was a risk.. there was a danger and that was the space port was one hundred kilometers away. THis was an out fo the way location meant to protect the people inside from unwanted attention as she stood there int he cockpit fo the ship. Sending her information to the one who worked for her.

"Welcome home mistress." She smiled at that still wearing well.. wearing what she had gotten fromt he citadel. Metal and cloth in very little imagination but she placed a hand on her pilot. Maple was beautiful, full lips, slender muscles and supple to taste. Her blood ran hot when around a bad girl, she she was excited and she had just as much crazy in her head as one could handle. THe hand trailed along her collarbone to rest on her shoulder as she brought her head down towards the crook of her neck. To inhale the scent of everything, sweat, flesh, blood, her strength in the force her talents with a cane and staff.. or weapons. It all amused her before they could arrive here. She could even feel faintly the spirit.

Maranon was well she was everything to so many, power and lust rolled into her package but she had also foolishly made herself flesh and blood and that had weakened her. ONce she had the body and it was injured all of that had been there for Sawa to consume as she had felt the power. Allowing herself to project a few emotions towards Maple and kissing trails up her neck and cheek. "Wonderful my sweet Maple, now come and I shall give you a drink and more. Pandamonia is a welcomgin place to its dark children and you are just as dark as they come even if you refuse to give in fully." The smile was there, the knowing looks and glances as she rose up and turned on her heels. Sawa trailed a hand as she walked.

Her hips swaying a little when the bare feet she had were silent on the floor, she moved through the ship before watchign soem of the other parts here. Checking out everythign that Maple had been doing as the ramp descended and waiting was ome of the port workers. A young boy who had come here with his family for mining but hard times had forced him to work here to save up and get off world. "Lady Sawa welcome back." He was young but not to young to actually be working and Sawa came over to him as he looked at what she was wearing and swallowed before turning red. THe energy vampire wrapped her arms around him and smothered him for a moment while speaking with a small laugh.

"It is good to be back Lucian." She said it and backed up a little as he seemed to be red in the face. her smile on her face knowing when she patted him and let him walk off. Slowly watching but waiting for Maple so they could lead the way off into the desert.. well into the skiff that would take them through it. Her workers stood there two of them dressed like they were going to shoot up a place but only the best. The guards served as escrts and if anyone tried to mishandle the girls or boys in the bar... well they got a little mishandling of their own. "Welcome Mistress." THey stood there leaving room for Sawa and Maple to get in while two fo the dancers were there to meet her. Bowing their heads and sitting on the one side of her.
The Golden Eye
Wearing: This: ( (Marvel Comics)

Absorbelt (

Armed with: Cortosis Weave Cane.

Maple, relaxing since Katanis, Maranon trapped in a jewel on her nightstand, had changed into some white relaxed wear, heart pounding occasionally at how much in close proximity she was to an actual Sith. The additional adrenaline from her being an energy vampire only added to the fun of it.

Sawa's darkness had been a quiet thing in the vesswl as they traveled, the darkness reaching, caressing Maple's mind, Each moment of contact sending a little shiver down her spinal column.

Sawa wearing her katanos stuff also kinda helped, but it was the quiet coiled darkness that coiled silently around [member="Sawa Ike"] that made Maple more curious.

The energy Vampire knealt down, planting small trailing kisses on her throat. One of many she had received so far from the Vampire. She smelled the vampires hair, how its softness reminded her of Matsu's, for some reason. She still didn't know Sawa's last name. But she didn't worry about that, merely enjoying the sensation of Sawa on her neck. She landed, and Maple took her cortosis weave cane with her. Even at her most relaxed she never traveled without protection. Canes tend to get past even the harshest scrutiny. It was her old Marksmen paranoia showing. But yes. There would be a drink. Maybe two. When she got off the vessel, Maple watched in amusement as she teased one of the locals. She knew by instinct his standards had just raised.

Maple walked alongside Sawa following her into the skiff, taking note of the luxury. Two gorgeous dancers sat to one side, Maple sat at the other, the dark nascent bond between them letting her send small subtle little images of Maple slowly stripping off everything for the Vampire, sending a telekinetic caress up the back of her neck.

Maple scooted closer to Sawa, observing her with a wet, languid gaze. She crossed her legs as the skiff took off, sending that memory of smearing blood on Sawa's lips to her. In Maple's mind, that had been their first actual kiss. She had enjoyed her flustered reaction in the tomb, would have submitted to her advances but for the threat of the Lich within the tomb.

There would plenty of time for that soon enough...submitting...exploring...


A distant figure hidden on a hill overlooking the skiff sent the signal.

"Its her. We found her." the robed man said into his encrypted comlink. "She's heading to her stronghold with an unknown party in tow. Began preperations. This filthy vampire dies today..."

"We're already in position."

"Don't spring it until she gets there. Keep thinking about anything but your objective. Can't risk any Force adepts there sniffing us out."

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Maple Harte"]

Sawa gave a look as the sight of it came into view. Pandamonia as she relaxed a little more. Eyes lingering over Maple who looked delicious in her outfit. It gave a small thrill of excitement when she moved closer to her. The skiff arriving to some fanfare... there were people here with them. Dancers and her guards standing outside to greet her and see their boss. The open area behind the bar was barren and showed where excavation equipment had cut deeply into the surface. Sawa rose up with the others and moved to lead Maple along with her. Letting everything come around her where she walked and touched the back of a few dancers necks.

They looked up and some of them looked exotic, energy vampires, anzati, garhoon of every flavor, males, females and even some others for those with realy exotic tastes. Sawa had them all and their outfits were revealing but still had a definition of class to them before she was standing next to one in red. The tall figure towered over most of them, wearing white gloves, a cloak and solar shields over his eyes. "Ah mistress Ike you have returned and how lovely you look." Sawa looked up at him and patted his chest. "Ah my dear Jean and how are things running here?" She was curious but more entering when the Onna stood there.

"Things proceed well, my mistress we have hired a few more girls, bringing them into the fold. We have worked on giving the club better perimiter defenses and defining what we have inside. Your throne has even been finished." He said it and presented it as she went inside. The music comign out with an exotic flare to it. IN the corners of the room women were dancing in alcoves. A band was playing and there were stages al around. Tables and chairs with one central at the far en of the stage. Overlooking everyone. A bleached white stone throne that looked uncomfortable but as Sawa moved up to it she sat down and there was room for her to seat one other.

"IN case the mistress gets... hungry." Sawa looked at it and offered a hand to Maple as she was looking out. Eyes watching the minors around them and she tapped the arm fo the throne. "Well it is almost that time isn't it Jean." A grin appeared on his face that showed all teeth. Eyes hidden under the shades but his laigh came. "And so it is mistress Ike, and so it and... but what a shame." He turned around and clapped as the doors closed. Locking tightly but the mood of the club changed. An air of danger and a thrill came from her. Then the first thing happened.... the music changed as the different vampire species were feeding for a momen t. Sawa using the force to lull them into unconsciousness.
The Golden Eye
Maple felt the pull of the Vampire on her spirit. She followed that pull of her own volition. The bar was exotic, a study in sensualism. She saw garhoon, anzat, and others in the vampirism category. All wearing very little, all of them distracting the men and even some women in the bar. It was party central. But around the bar, Maple had seen evidence that it was far older than it looked. Sorta like Sawa, in a sense. How appropriate...The throne she saw, overlooking the fun everyone was having (some of the girls were gorgeous.) only confirmed the suspicion: Sawa was used to power, and had been at the game so long she'd learned to have fun while doing it. It was a skill that had come too late to really help Uri Udinia. But it was one that had benefitted Maple Harte. Uri would not have known what to do with all of this. Wouldn't have understood what it was all for.

Maple did. It was to feel alive. The scents of aggression and darkness. The lights. The music beat. Maple was intoxicated by it all, letting it flow into her and enjoy herself in a way she had never been able to as a Jedi. Sawa talked with a tall man in a visor called Jean, who greeted her enthusiastically and told her that uncomfortable looking throne was ready. Sawa took to it like she had sat in a throne before, cluing Maple in on other things about her. Old money. Occupied a major leadership position. Probably still did somewhere, but this was her home-away-from-Sithdom, it seemed. Not a bad looking throne. She'd sit in it, certainly. She probably would have started cackling madly and petting a fluffy cat or something, though. Maybe it was a good idea if she didn't sit in it. Not by herself anyway. She would still like the cat though.

Sawa beckoned her to the throne and Maple slyly slinked over, took a seat...

...and watched as Sawa pulled some sort of trick to knock the patrons out. Maple wasn't too worried for the patrons. Too many corpses and disappearances would draw attention, plus getting rid of them on short notice without proper equipment would be a logistical nightmare. Uri had often just ejected the corpse into a star out of the airlock. Boom. Problem solved. Except, of course, for actually getting the corpse aboard the vessel to eject it. That was always a problem.

Unperturbed by watching nature at work, Maple absently stroked Sawa's hair. She had meant what she said in the cave: Vampire's gotta vampire. And nutcases gotta nutcase.

"Sometimes you're the player..." Maple trailed to herself, fingers sliding to Sawa's shoulder.

"And sometimes you're the playing piece..."


The men had prepared. Watched, waited, listened. Sharpened their knives, their silver stakes, their rounds with liquid silver and various other poisons in the core of their bullets, designed to fragment on impact and let the silver run loose in the blood of those most allergic to it. They'd coated the guns in reflec to avoid tripping scanners, but they could only smuggle pistols past the guards, the stakes and other knives more cleverly concealed in the reflec lining of their coats.

They had even brought Jal-Shey headbands to protect against mental ensnarement. It had actually worked quiet well, which is why, when the feeding began, one Anzat woman immediately screamed as a reflec-coated, wrist mounted flamethrower from one of the "patrons" let loose.

And that was cue for half the establishment to get up, pulling out pistols and stakes, one being driven into the heart of a female Tera Vampirika.

"DEATH TO VAMPIRE SCUM!" One of the vampire hunters yelled, leveling his gun at [member="Sawa Ike"], only to have the weapon ripped out of his hand with a Force Pull from Maple, who immediately shot him in the head, and then opened fire on another hunter about to kill Jean from behind. The other hunters fired at the throne, forcing Maple to duck behind a metal table close to the throne area, where three vampire strippers already lay dead, staked through the heart with silver.

"Hunters!" Maple shouted to the others, trying to remember this particular tactic. It was one she recognized. She popped from cover and blasted one hunter in the chest before he could stake the very, VERY beautiful energy vampire that had been dancing with a large snake moments before. She immediately returned the favor by throwing the large snake onto another hunter about to open fire in Maple's direction, before tackling and biting him.

Another however, leveled a sawed-off double barrel shotgun coated in reflect at Sawa. Maple turned to aim, but she wouldn't be fast enough.

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Maple Harte"]

Sawa was looking at the carnage.. a sneak attack coming from hunters was not unexpected and she imagined Jean would have known at least one or two of them would try it. He was a good servant but had ambition that if left unchecked would prove dangerous to their ability to remain secret. So when he was being attacked and grabbed one of the hunters with a squelching sound looking down at him. SHe was amused.... then she saw Maple attacking as the band continued to play the music. Revealing themselves as Garhoon when their servants, beings who enjoyed being fed from and their bites came from the back to hold another pair of hunters down on the floor.

The shouts and curses before the band was moving over to them quickly along with some of the other anzati who were working to remove headbands once they realized their mental powers wouldn't work. Energy vampires moving around and leeching out the power and energy from one or two so a hunter was on the floor gagging almost from the pain. Sawa finally rose up out of her throne when one leveled a weapon at her and tilted her head. "Are you certain you want to try this." The sound of something coming, like distant thunder from the lower levels. Sawa smiled though walking forward and there were several ways to play this.

"You friends are going to die, well be turned we try and maintain our numbers without getting to much here. We maintain our zone on the planet and still you come." She was watching him and that hesitation to not just shoot her went a long way as Sawa came to stand next to Maple letting the force go around the pair of them in a barrier. "Now though, now you have awakened the ones we feed to keep in check." There was a look at her as the one back door opened and several energy vampires came out. From the lower sections where they cared for the newly turned and were not as attractive as some. These were the more violent enforcers.

She looked at the shotgun and was within range when she moved quickly and with the force to smack it upwards and back. Going into the roof while she brought their arms up and fangs snapped into place. The sound of bone snapping where she held his wrists, the feeling of her mouth over his neck went along with others who had managed to find their prey. The patrons that were asleep might be a little worse for wear but they knew how to handle such things. More dancers were on the floor with injuries. One screaming as she had several stakes in her body but not the vital areas. Silver nitrate burning lines in her skin.

Sawa pulled back once it was done, a first wave like this was always well the first she knew and some of the stronger ones now that they knew what they might be facing would likely becoming with better weapons then what they could sneak in. She was looking at the others and then spoke. "Check the bodies, move them into the lower chambers and do as you will. Jean Enact security measures and have everything ready for it they are attacking again. I want to make them bleed getting in here." THe large man moved and had a wicked grin on his face that showed all fangs and glee at the idea of fighting and killing things.

Sawa could feel Maple now.... she felt something... something old and ancient while watching her. No one had defended her like that except Maple and it.... it was familiar. Sawa moved over to her and spoke looking at those eyes and smelling the violence on her. "Somehow you have become even more enticing my sweet when wrapped in the afterglow of violence and carnage." Sawa was kissing her and leading her towards a back area of the stage she had been at. While the others cleaned up that opened to reveal stairs leading down. Into a vaulted office with older artifacts and curio's from around the galaxy. Some weapons as well on a rack to the side for fighting and defending.
The Golden Eye
Outside the bar, half a kilometer out in the desert...

A gang of heavily armed men, clad in shadowsuits stood on a steppe overlooking the bar, an old, grizzled man in a gray beard wearing a white trenchcoat over a gray combat suit with a sun emblazoned on the chest stared crossly at his men.

"I gave strict orders that [member="Sawa Ike"] was to be taken alive. Why did you send a team in without outside back up?"

"George thought--"

"George is not in charge of this operation! This is the exact same half-cocked attitude that got his little brother Quentin killed just last week!" Patrick Keitel, leader of this motley band of vampire hunters shouted back. "He wasn't even supposed to be on rotation tonight!"

Patrick looked around. "Where the hell is Wesley?"

"Uh, Wesley went into the bar with Hugh, sir..." one of the older hunters, a wispy haired gentleman by the name of Anthony explained.

"Tell me you didn't send poor Abraham in as well!"

"Sorry, sir."

Patrick snarled in the evening air, stomping at and kicking up the dirt, cursing profusely."

"I need Sawa alive. She might be the only one who knows if that mummified specimen we found was just a one off or if there might be more. And I can't do that if one of you jokers puts a stake through her!" Patrick snarled angrily. "There could be an entirely new strain of vampirism out there that no one knows about! Give the order to the other squads to advance, since you idiots blew the element of surprise listening to George instead!" Patrick muttered, watching the signal flares light up from the eighteen different platoons of vampire hunters hiding in near by areas as the order was given to advance over comms.


Maple had just been about to start interrogating one of the hunters, after she had finished pulling multiple stakes out of an injured vampire on the ground when suddenly Sawa was...Sawa was just in her brain, the kiss distracting her completely from her prior train of thought, even the violence and gore. Lost in that silver gaze and being led into a lower office full of what appeared to be multiple artifacts and weapons Sawa collected, Maple cut her finger on something sharp and gave Sawa their private kiss, smearing a trail of blood across her lips and then pressing them to her own, holding them there, feeling her spirit pull the dark tendrils of the vampire's mind into her own crazed one, letting little inkspots within her mind become new delusions of them, in a thousand other places, with a thousand other fates. Maple drew Sawa's darkness into her, almost feeding off it, before pulling away--with great effort on her part--from the kiss.

"The second wave'll hit us hard, Sawa." the Assassin within partly speaking through her. "But this attack was sloppy. Just come in and start staking vampires. I dunno about you, but I'm guessing someone went ahead of schedule. You're supposed to pepper the place with mortar fire napalm/silver nitrate shell mixes first...then heavy machine gun fire. The crew that does the actual staking goes in last. Now given we aren't being hit with artillery, I'm guessing they have other ideas. Not sure what they could be though. Hunters motives usually aren't complicated."

Maple then just shrugged, kissed Sawa again.

"I was gonna have a nice whiskey, but I never drink and kill. You got soda? A cold one? They're gonna hit us shortly, I just want something cold in me in case I get one in the noggin." Maple joked with a wicked smile at [member="Sawa Ike"].

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Maple Harte"]

Sawa gave a nod of her head to that.. it made sense that something else was happening as she went to a seat. high backed, cushioned and not unlike the throne but it looked much more professional. Where the vampire was looking at she had to see a couple things until she spoke. Leading Maple over to look at her. THe grin that was on her face while she was looking at her... tongue running along her lips for a moment. The voice that came out as she sat there and motioned to the side of her. Hand out to guide Maple and let her sit there until she was speaking. "Jean... what do we have outside?" She said it and listening to Maple she had some ideas.

"Oh it seems there are... people, we can smell them but they are not appearing on our sensors.... their blood and life though.. THere is no mistaking that scent. I think I'll take a stroll and go for a bite my mistress." With a look she bowed her head while he was heading out with a couple following behind him. Others came into the office and were holding weapons as a few of the hunters who had been taken were still hurt and alive. Sawa watched them for a moment. "You know.... someone I knew once told me mhow best to handle problems like this when they are brought into my place of business." She sat there though a look on her face.

"The doors are barred, your friends will likely get in but they will bleed to get in here, bleed to get down here and you'll be far worse my sweets." Where she was looking though she spoke finally rising up with a hand going to a blade on a rack. "People are gonna come here.... you know that, I know that, we all know that,.. and all I do is act on that. All of this hassle and fighting - what is the frakking problem? On any other planet, it's never used to mess with this. On Coruscant, it's hospitality. I'm a businesswoman!" She said it when she was going around to check on him almost shouting but this far into the temple and the club.

Sawa was watching her and watching all of them around. One of the female dancers came and she was human.. a little scared and looked worried about what was happening. Sawa opened her arms to her and brought her in close while she was looking at her. "Shhhh hush now my sweet Midori." She said it and something was teasing at her mind.. a thought that lingered and pushed against her Sawa held her there and spoke. "So lovely.... my dear girl. My little sister, come and just relax... allow yourself to calm down." She looked at Maple and something flashed there for a moment, black hair, pale ski and eyes.... Sawa was younger but....

No... she was uncertain about it. Walking over to Maple and she wrapped her arms around her not seeing Maple.... but seeing her.. she was seeing someone else in her place. Standing there for a moment as her first instinct was to kiss her... and then tear her to pieces. Sawa looked at Maple kissing her, the taste of her a surety to her mind when she came back standing there shuddering a little. Sitting back down to look at Midori.. the small atrisian woman spoke. "WHat.... what should I do mistress?" Where se was though Sawa had a look on her face sitting down. HOlding Maple closer to her as she stroked at her stomach.

"You wanna get them little sister? Here's how you get them. They pulls a knife, you pull a gun. THey sends one of us to the infirmary, you send one of them to the pit! That's the Nar Shadda way, and that's how we are gonna get them!" What was a small look though as one fo the energy vampires walked around. Sultry in her movements and letting the veils of her outfit... see through and leaving nothing but still being covered. She spoke strutting around the one captive. Sawa raised an eyebrow letting the pathway to her office be well guided while they could pick off most but they weren't going to corner them just yet.

"Life goes on. A species becomes preeminent, they are expected to have enthusiasms. Enthusiasms... Enthusiasms... What are mine? What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy?" She was holding a bat with a shockball. "Shockball! This is the time for what? For individual achievement. There they stand alone? No but in the arena, what? Part of a team. Teamwork.... Looks, throws, catches, hustles - part of one big team. Scoring myself the live-long day, Lady Shōjō, this new girl, and so on. If our team don't field... what are we? You follow me? Not one! Sunny day, the stands are full of fans. What do we have to say? Well I go no where alone." She said it and was smashing his head against the wall suddenly.
The Golden Eye
In spite of all the danger, Maple felt very alive amidst it. The Assassin was simply used to extreme danger as a mere workplace hazard. Maple was bored unless she got into one good scrape per week. Retirement really had been something of a last resort. As Sawa kissed her, Maple ran through her head the number of cyclones filled with flying squirrels that composed the atmosphere of the planet, and while that colony of walnuts she had declared war on nipped at her feet, she also took the time to wonder what had made the hunters alter their tactics for assaulting a vampire stronghold.

The property looked old. Maybe there was something in it they wanted , Maple thought as she sat in a relaxed manner, close to Sawa, observing with a small grin as a dancer asked what was going to happen. Sawa (Who Maple at that moment realized had a sense of humor much, much more twisted then her own) replied with a line that Maple knew was about as hardcore as Uri's would have been. Indeed, as the others began to prepare defenses, Maple spotted a nine millimeter smg on one weapon rack, watching as a injured hunter was brought in. Sawa then grabbed a bat and a shockball, and Maple's eyebrow raised as Sawa went on a train of thought she just knew was the set up for a punch line. And Maple had guessed correctly when the head smashed into a window.

Maple sighed. She got up while the man was still reeling. She had experienced, and had experience in, enhanced interrogation techniques.

"Sawa, Sawa...never start with the head. The victim gets all fuzzy..." she mildly complained, smashing a white boot down on his fingers. This provoked an immediate response and a scream.

"See?" she asked helpfully, before she knealt down.

"What's the deal? How many are there?" Maple growled menacingly in a voice that belonged to the assassin inside her. It didn't sound like Maple at all. It was too calm, but there was an impetuousness to it, a casual disregard for her prisoner in the tone.

"Eight squads, I think..." the hunter muttered.

"Why are they here?"

"Kark you."

Maple brought her foot down on his right ankle, breaking it. He shrieked and thrashed about, head bloody by this point.

"Ike...They want...[member="Sawa Ike"]..."

"And I want a Alderaani Martini. Shaken, not stirred...but honestly, I don't blame you guys for wanting her...I mean...just look at her...just a walking anomaly of hotness. If it were a crime, she'd be getting the needle...."

"Not like that, you moron." the Hunter snapped angrily through the pain. "Patrick's on a karking crusade...He and his boys found some..." the hunter spit out a loose tooth.

"...some old corpse...vampire...but we never seen one like it...biology was all wrong. Not Garhoon. Not Anzat. Not even Tera Vampirika..."

Maple looked at Sawa, then the hunter. She crouched down.

"Where'd you find it?"

"On...on Atrisia...Near...some strange as hell fortress...Tomb was real old. A lot of the writing inside was damaged...but we found reference to a 'Darth Shojo.' Sawa Ike is the only person we could identify associated with such an alias."

"What was the reference?"

The Hunter struggled to remember, but only the fear of what would happen if he passed out from pain kept him coherent.

"Darth Shojo...creator of Nine Lives...thats...thats all I remember..."

Maple stood back up, looking at Sawa. "That name mean anything to you?"

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Maple Harte"]

Sawa was listening to him and Maple.. the advice of not starting with the head did go a long way though as she was standing there and listening to them. Gaze hardening when he mentioned Ni-Ne.... her body stiffened... frozen in place but not from fear though there was that. She was suddenly standing alone in the room and a cold shadow loomed over her. Her memories of it were not blank.. she remembered... or was trying to remember it. She stood there though looking across the galaxy itself.. looking at her and she was still beautiful before the sith herself moved in her mind. Touching her hair, touching her skin and she wept black tears that sizzled where they were landing upon her face. obscuring it, making it harder until she came back to herself in the room and was looking at the man when Maple's words broke him out of it. Her eyes narrowed, her lips curled back revealing fangs and she moved quickly stopping just in front of him as her fangs were barred and her voice came out almost feral. "What have you done to her?"
The Golden Eye
" that its name?" The hunter asked.

"We've done nothing to her. We don't even know where she is. We don't even know how many she may have made. We only knew so much about you from very ancient texts."

"Who is she talking about, Sawa?" Maple grunted inquisitively. And then in the midst of all the excitement Sawa's last name fully registered and Maple went numb.

I...her descendant seduced me into a shower...

This could be a really small galaxy, sometimes. Maple wondered if perhaps she was naturally drawn to the Ike bloodline for some reason.

"Your buddies willing to kill everyone to reach us?" Maple asked Sawa's captive.

"Lady, if it were in our power, we would have forced your surrender at the end of a turbolaser."

The building suddenly rocked.

"That'd be them right about now." The bleeding hunter chuckled. "Hope you freaks like pain. We'll force the survivors to breath silver in dust form. Matter of fact..."

She heard him bite down on something audibly, and Maple wrenched his face away from Sawa, forcing his mouth to the wall as he spread some sort of silver colored bile to the wall. The wall started burning and the man was dead in seconds, having burned out his own intestines.

"He was dedicated. Thats not good. It means his buddies are fanatical.

Maple looked at the burned wall.

"Modified silver nitrate compound. Nasty stuff. Well equipped. Scientific access."

Maple rose. Not only was she in a bar full of sexy vampires, (Really, she'd just plain lucked out on that one.) She was involved with the Ancestor of Matsu. This was some strange serendipity. It was also gonna make for some awkward as hell conversation later...

"So who's Nine Lives? Why is she named like a cat?" She asked [member="Sawa Ike"].


The Vampire Hunters prepared to shell the area around the bar again, Their Leader, Patrick, walked his ancient, grizzled self to a small, rocky hill where he knew he'd be heard over loudspeaker:

"Sawa Ike!" He shouted into the loudspeaker. "You come out to surrender right now! Right karking now, Sawa! Or we come in and get you!"

He gave the signal and a mortar strike hit the roof of the bar. Fifteen men armed with silver nitrate infused buckshot in their pump action shotguns burst through the front entrance, armed with wrist flame throwers and cryoban rifles they proceeded deeper into what was obviously a well defended facility. They savagely engaged a number of Anzat who attacked them.

As the first squad attacked, two other squads peppered the building with armor piercing rounds, not realizing that Sawa's assistant was flanking them in the dark, followed by several garhoon...

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Maple Harte"]

Sawa was looking at him and listening.. her snarl and fangs visible with a menace to her eyes and anger. She knew how to keep her calm.. she knew how to look almost serene in her violence but this... older wounds struck dep and as the man was killing himself to try and take her she almost let loose a deep gutteral roar. She would not be denied this and moved grabbing him as the silver nitrate sizzled and she focused on him. Power... energy and life. She would make him die and live and die again a thousand times over and over in her hands... by her hands. She would see anything he loved, anyone he had ever thought deserved to be happy beg her for their own death.

"NO." She said it and was bringing him back to her, the loo in his eyes was understanding and a fear as she fed him energy to heal his wounds, To turn the damage into freshly clean flesh. "NO... you don't get this. I shall deny you the pleasure of dying on your own terms human. You will know torment, you will know suffering and that lesson will be carved into your flesh but still you shall not die." SHe said it and her eyes were gleaming silver with the barest hints of gold rings to them. Power and danger when the sith finally looked at him throwing him against the wall itself and she lunged. Grasping his throat in her mouth and tearing itno it.

As she fed she was also healing and preserving him, making something she normally used the force to make almost pleasurable hrt... he would be on fire, he would scream but she was tasting his vocal cords under her fangs. She moved back and pointed to two of the energy vampires who were there with her as the voices came down from the people up higher in the club. "You two will keep him alive,if he dies there is not a word to describe what I will do to you... do you understand me." It wasn't a question and the heat thiat radiated off of her while she was holding a hand seared the wound on his neck with black burns and cauterized flesh.

THey nodded and she was moving over to Maple as she spoke. "Ni-Ne... her name is Ni-Ne and do you remember what I told you. That I have done some terrible things." She looked back and had a look on her face watching him in the tender mercies of the two. "Well things I regret.... she was one of them. I was young, I was emotional and I hurt her like she hurt me. I.. I overreacted." SHe said it but was looking at Maple while she moved and listened to them. She could feel the others fighting now as the screens appeared and well silver might be efective in some ways but there were different types of vampires within the galaxy.

The garhoon were dangerous... were strong and they were more vicious compared to some. Their bites almost adictive and they didn't mind bleeding a little from being shot if it meant they could overwhelm and overpower them. Some fo them dogpiling and ravaging the fighters over killing them and leaving some fo them in a bloody mess. The anzati were smart and ancient skilled in techniques but also weapons as they were fighting and the club itself had disruptors for targeting weapons and the ones wielding them as they would force them into cover. With the security system activated she was going to cover.

Jean meanwhile was moving around and had his hand through the chest of one, letting their body act as cover before he spoke. "Oh it is a thankless job I do." Sawa was watching the fighting but she spoke over the intercom loudly for them. "You know about me but I do not know about you. There are so many easier ways to get my attention after all." She sat down and motioned with her hand for Maple to come while she was opening a door, one fo the passages. "Come alone and we can talk. I choose to honor my word and so if you follow the rules you will not be harmed. Whatev er you have done to Ni-Ne.... what defilement you have brought upon her. I will answer questions for you."
The Golden Eye
Maple watched as Sawa literally forced life back into the guy, then promise him all manner of torment. Yeah, she was one of the old schoolers alright.

Uncomfortably, she felt the Dark part of her react with a wild surge of lust as Sawa's emotions went crazy as she brought him back, then promised to do worse to her own servants if he died. Sucks to be that guy. Poor bastard. She didn't feel too sorry for him though. Trying to burn Sawa's face off. It was crass, and petty. Than she explained that Nine was one of her...regrets.

Sawa didn't seem the type too big on regrets, so Maple guessed this had been a pretty serious breach of whatever passed for her personal ethics.

Uri had breached the ethics of her own humanity, so Maple didn't have any ground to criticize. She heard burn-mouth scream.

"They seem awfully interested in her location..." Maple noted, pulling out her confiscated blaster pistol as the man outside shouted and men burst through the front entrance with guns, trying to advance only to be gutted. Maple followed Sawa, spotting the vast multitude of weapons defending the bar. True to Sawa's Sith Lordiness, the place was a haven for her and death trap for her enemies. She hadn't even noticed some of the hidden stuff, and she was trained to spot that sort of thing. Sawa could have schooled Ursula in treachery...though Ursula would have caught up quickly.

Maple shot one of the hunters about to stake an Anzat through her eye, spotting Sawa's assistant Jean, his hand through one of their chests, and she wanted to toss a ball into the bloody hand as a joke but protecting Miss Super-Sexy Sith Vampire Atrisian came first. Besides, this was practically a date. Gotta escort the date right? Put a bolt or two into her rivals pro bono?

Maple was kind of pissed the vampire hunters interrupted her evening. She'd been looking forward to a long evening of music, beautiful vampire strippers, and making out with Sawa. Instead, here she was, killing people like it was an average week as Uri. These vampire hunters deserved getting blasted.

She shot three more hunters, always trying to lighten the load for the others, some of whom gave her a thumbs up as their enemy fell. Sawa spoke on the intercom, trying to call a temporary truce. The violence the hunters had inflicted, while minimal, was none the less considerable. A number of those on both sides were now dead. Necessary to take a breather, Maple considered as she followed Sawa to one passage and she opened it, motioning for the old man who was their leader to come inside. Maple recognized the Leader...

"That's Patrick Keitel. 'Punchin' Patrick' they called him. Leader of the Saffron Dawn Vampire Hunting Guild of Corellia..." Maple whispered at Sawa as Patrick walked forward to the building. "He used to be big time, until he botched a vampire identification on assignment and unintentionally killed a Senator's son. Saffron Dawn got outlawed on Corellia the same day. He was practically a celebrity in his prime. He might be trying to recapture his prestige by finding your friend Ni-Ne and putting a stake through her...he is very dangerous. Don't let him get too close if you can help it. Insulated cybernetic implants that increase his strength to superhuman levels are one of the reasons. I know so much because when I was in the Marksmen we received 'stand by' orders to kill him that were never lifted. He was a notorious anti-republic figure."

'Stand by' in this context meant a bullet was reserved for someone at all times, but the action was not to be carried out without strict go-ahead.

"He's never let a vampire live in his entire career..." she whispered as he finally entered the building.

Patrick noticed Maple and his own brow raised.

"I guess rumors of The Golden Eye's death on Mimban were greatly exaggerated." He spoke gruffly.

"My reputation precedes me, it seems..." Maple noted cooly.

"This your occupation these days, playin 'Fang Toy'?"

"Her fangs are not toys." Maple countered.

Patrick chuckled, pulling out a cigar and lighting it.

"Where'd you dig up this murderess?" Patrick chuckled as he took a puff. "You realize you're next to The Golden Eye, right? But I'm getting off track...I wanna know what kind of Vampire you turned this 'Nine Lives' into. I wanna know everything, and maybe I decide not to have this place be subjected to starfighter missiles." He said to [member="Sawa Ike"].

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Maple Harte"]

Sawa looked at the man as he was approaching an she tilted her head when he mentioned Maple being 'Golden Eyes' a thin smile on her mouth when she moved only to stand next to and behind her. Making it so she could wrap an arm around the vampires waist. "SIlver and gold look so good together." She said it while looking with her silver eyes towards the man and tracing a finger along her jaw when she spoke keeping her face buried when she thought about it... how to explain it... how to admit to it and not have herself seem like a monster... well less of a monster it would be something really really hard possibly.

"SHe was... she is.... we were friends. We grew up on Atrisia, went to the academy and became friends. She was beautiful, dark hair, stunning eyes... fiery." She chuckled to herself remembering some of it and thought about when they first kissed.. it had been.... then she was thinking about when she had stood up to Midori with a small look. "When... when I was set to be married to a foreign diplomat a king she was in trouble. About to do something horrible that would mean she had to flee atrisia. I loved her.... I didn't want to lose her and I asked her to run away with me. We would disappear into the galaxy together."

She said it and there was a smile on her face now when she looked off with it and held a hand up for the others to stop what they were doing and with a little power they backed away to let the injured who were able to go towards the door. Let them decide what would happen with them. "She.... didn't come with me fleeing to the jedi and in my anger I swore to have revenge." She shrugged and moved around behind while looking forward at the man and then along the curve of maples neck. "My story then is simple, my husband turned me. I didn't realize how dangerous he was until he had me alone in his city of the dead."

SHe could remember that as well and it had been very different when she had first awakened after he turned her... twisted her into something else and she was let loose. "She returned years later hunting him and me but she didn't know who I was. At first she thought we were just common vampires but she hesitated and in my anger i may have reacted badly seeing her. Capturing and torturing her, trying to turn her to the darkside, trying to turn her like me but she was... she was immune. So I spent years going at it and eventually something happened. She got infected, someone had tried to use my blood to turn and instead made something else."

She said it and well her track record with relationships she didn't want to scare away Maple while looking at it. "She eventually became what she is now... a vampire but unlike me she feeds on thoughts, memories in place of emotions and the force. She was contained and secreted away." She now was looking at the man and standing there while her lips curled back into a semi quiet snarl. "Until I could figure out what to do with her she was asleep." Her prisoner, her princess, her everything... she wasn't going to explain that she had forgotten from her memories being eaten as it were but she didn't say it when she watched the man.

"What have you done with her?"
The Golden Eye
Visible disgust played across Patrick's face as he listened to the tale. Maple did not react. This was the business she and [member="Sawa Ike"] had chosen...and sometimes you did terrible things because you were pissed. Maple instinctively put her hand around Sawa's waist. It was so long ago there was no point in getting mad at Sawa. But a thought vampire? Holy Feth, she'd never heard of anything like that...ever."

"I been in the biz over forty years, and you damned bloodsuckers still keep finding new ways to horrify me..." Patrick muttered. "The truth, Ike? I've done nothing...yet. But I intend to...I'm gonna put the poor creature out of her misery. And do you know how?"

"With a snowball you found in hell?" Maple asked.

Patrick shook his head. "You are a monster, Sawa. You took a decent girl, and you wrecked her beyond all hope of repair or redemption. Have you even considered what she'll go through when she wakes up? If you ever 'let' her wake up?" Patrick pressed, folding his arms. "The rest of her existence, a parasite. Like you."

"We're all blood-drinkers here, Patrick. Its just that your case and mine, we don't need the fangs." Maple spoke pointedly to him, running a finger up Sawa's chin. "What would we have, without our respective prey? Nothing."

"If you think for one second it'll end for you any different than it ended for that poor woman, think again." Patrick responded angrily. "You're a flavor of the week. She'll bore of you eventually. And Gods help you when she does."

"I'm gonna die in this business Patrick. If its Sawa's destiny to turn on me, well..." Maple planted a kiss on Sawa's cheek. "Can't say I didn't know the risks."

"Fething nihilist." Patrick spat in anger.

"No. Fething realist. There are no guarantees in our line of should know that after you accidentally offed that Senator's boy."

Patrick gave a snort. "One mistake, in an otherwise successful career."

"No. Three mistakes. Your second was coming to this sexy bar full of sexy vampires dancing sexy. Your third mistake was trying to attack the bar while I was here trying to make out with the owner. Your next one kills you, Patty."

Patrick eyed her and smiled. "You both have made a let me talk."

A smoke grenade dropped from his sleeve, thick silvery clouds of smoke billowing. Maple drew her pistol and fired but already knew she had missed him...she ran to the entrance Patrick had come in through, but was forced behind cover from heavy gunfire. Another vampire, an Anzat woman ran up once the smoke had cleared.

"Mistress!" she called out. The Vampire Hunters! They've stolen our records!"

Mortar fire rocked the bar's structure. Maple returned fire from the entrance.

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Maple Harte"]

Sawa was listening to him and letting Maple touch her, kiss her with silver eyes never leaving the man as finanlly he struck. Smoke grenade and everything happening it drew her attention to him more. He wanted to kill Ni-Ne which would just not do as she was moving in the smoke. Maple was shooting but she had moved them back quickly and drawn dark sister from a small pouch. Eyes tracking and listening as finaly the smoke cleared and the news of the attack came. The sounds of it before she was speaking into a comlink. The private line to what amounted to security on the planet. Gromas was not exactly civilized but it was a mining world and so mining companies had an interest in keeping order among the miners.

"Ross." her voice came out and the man on the other end sounded groggy but awake as he finally came through. "Yes Lady Ike." He said it and she spoke tapping a hand. to the desk. "Someone is here trying to destroy my bar human. I fund a great many things here and your bosses prefer my patronage yes." She said it and it wasn't a question. "We'll be there," He had a hardness in his voice and she had spent years ensuring that the forces would aid her if she needed them to. From black market weapons to well disposing of problems they might have who were in lock up. Few things knew how to get rid of problems then Jean and her girls.

Sawa though was looking at Maple and she motioned for the others. "Leave us and see to the defenses for now. Send a message to have th ship prepared." She knew it was going to be a race to get off of Atrisia and while they might be interested in attacking her here she would ensure and produce the better results. For the moment the bar could last and they were deep enough with reinforced layers of protection to protect her vault like chambers. "About." Sawa waited for a moment before she licked her lip and she was semi nervous not because she was afraid... if anything right now she was excited and the danger of it... ohhhh yeah.

The energy vampire moved once the doors were closed and she stood in front of the woman, hands touching her arms, roving over to find her hands. "About what he said and what you said... I won't deny that I have playthings... snacks, happy meals and all number of others. I never claimed I was singularly devoted." She said it and moved one hand to hold at the waist and bring her closer as the other moved to wra around her shoulder and trace the strong muscles within her back. "Though I can't claim the same about you, few have resisted me the way you have, few have interested me the way you can." She offered a smile though with fangs showing.

Sawa moved her head and arms to embrace and she spoke in a low whisper nuzzling. "Whatever this is, whatever happens in the future, you aren't merely a meal my dear... you rose above that in the tomb. Coming here and our debriefing as it were about Maranon... hmmm well all I can say is there are plenty of things to enjoy about you." Her silver eyes watched for reaction and then the smirk was wide showing her fangs as she grazed at her for the moment. Licking a moment with a quick tongue flick until she was focusing on the force and moving them. THe power was intense but she stood there a brief moment itself as the waters below them appeared.

"We don't have much time, this is merely a mental image. Something to converse it, whatever this man has planned for Ni-Ne I am going to stop him. I am going to rip his lungs out, flay his flesh and eat his heart for even thinking about touching her and I promise this.... any who try and harm her aside from myself will face pain there is no description for." She said it and backed out fo the mental bubble, the thought while the idea of rushing to Atrisia was coming. They would have to get back to the ship and first that meant getting through these one. "The security forces will hopefully function to stop the bombings and we'll eviscerate the ones we can while heading towards the speeders."
The Golden Eye
Oh, this woman could get to her bad.

Femme fatales had always been her real weakness. Ever since she had rediscovered her humanity, her attraction to lethal women like Sawa had drawn her in, enticed her, made her want to break rules. And Sawa was the most in-drawing, Maple-Enticing, break-the-rules-for type yet. Just kissing her tasted like some fire made of sugar. The illusion she conjured with water everywhere made the bounty-hunter pull Sawa close eagerly, kissing her, listening to her plan to tear Patrick apart.

"Oh you're gonna go standard on Patrick? No offense, Miss-Sexy-Fangs, but we should go the extra parsec with this guy. I'm talkin' lava. You ever see that one holo where the guy gets lowered into the lava chamber by the evil priest? And he's holding his heart, and, like, it bursts into flames while the guy gets lowered and he's all on fire and screaming and melting and everyone's crazy 'cuz they're just watching? Yeah, we need to do something like that..." Maple trailed, though she was more interested in kissing [member="Sawa Ike"] in the illusion. While they could, at least...Patrick was getting away.

"Okay, lets go after him! He spoiled my night here and he wants your ex dead! Either one of those would have earned him a bullet..." she said excitedly as the illusion broke. She was the first to the exit, and immediately grabbed a slug-thrower assault rifle off a hunter in the outside as another mortar hit close to the building and sprayed a direction where hunters were fighting both the local security forces and Sawa's vampires. The hot one that had danced with the snake was firing with a fifty-caliber hand gun at three hunters--terribly impractical, Maple herself either picked 45. Caliber or Nine Millimeter--but from what she could tell from her madness, this reality breathed fire and was fueled by awesomeness. Squared awesomeness. Maple squeezed off a shot at a hunter about to knife her from behind. Again the beautiful vampire dancer gave a thumbs up, still in her underwear and Maple gave a thumbs up back before shooting another in the head at a distance and proceeded with a running advance through gun fire, returning fire only when she was in range, clearing the way for the vampire in the race to the speeders.

"Hey, uh, whose ship are we taking? Mine or yours...wait, what IS your ship?!" Maple asked while firing at every hunter she could hit. Every hunter she stared at through the sites dropped, even as she ran to avoid the gunfire. She had no armor because she had not anticipated a gun fight. That sure as hell wasn't going to happen again. Go everywhere armed just like the days of yore. Marksman Yore! Skip. Maple sat at the center of a black hole, crushed in infinite darkness and alone for eternity. Skip. Maple gunned down four more hunters, breaking into a slide and opening fire to kill the last one blocking her from the speeders.

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Maple Harte"]

Sawa was moving with her coming out of the thoughts as she slid into herself. Moving and it was one of the few things where she was moving. her blad ein her hand and a jet of flame that surprised many. Sawa moving towards the speeder as going through the clubs lower chambers themselves would bring out a few things to see. The deeper tunnels of the temples they were in showed it. Smooth stone that had been buried down into the sands themselves. The original temple itself had fallen and been built, rebuilt and added to over centuries longer then most knew. SHe had happened to come across it and it connected to phrik mines and other mines.

So she had been moving and the deeper down into the temple you went the older things became. The oldest vampires she had well brought here, the ones who were ancient by even her standards and who used this as a means to hide from the galaxy while giving her the full collection fo their life accumulation. Yes them with their servants and thralls when she was moving deeper and deeper. THen they were going up towards sections fo the temple that had been long since buried and opened up back some ways. She was leading it with Maple less to flee and more as a means after the initial fighting for them to make some time.

The thicker doors opened though to reveal the desert as the first rays of sun were appearing in the distance and the sound of blaster fire came. Whoops, whistles and then roaring of a flamethrower in the distance as K1 stood in a ring of charred corpses that when they twitched her fired a heavy repeating blaster itno them again. Chucks of sand flying up, anzati and garhoon were moving around quickly though as they had moved out towards the sounds and to scour the deserts for anything that might be attacking them. Sawa was moving and she was watching Maple.. a beautiful dance of death and destruction who... who didn't hesitate.

She had as Sawa thought about it for a moment. though as something happened and she could feel something pressing at the back of her mind. SOmething was moving, slithering and she spent in the span of a heartbeat a moment as she thought about things long buried. Maple was there and Ni-Ne was there but so were others. Writhing forms all laid out and the sounds. The feeling for a moment before she was moving and back into the moment. THe brief flash of it all though had her back near Maple as some of the other dancers appeared and they were bloody. There were one or two of the local forces but they were all out of the way.

"THe area is cleared." The voice was deeper, more resonating as the beast of a woman approached. Sawa had mused that she had some giant in her when she had first met her but the woman was looking at them. She was second in command to Ross on the planet and acted like security for Sawa when she was around or she acted like a watchdog to make sure she ddin't cause to many problems. That the barest hints of her exposed flesh at her arms and neck showed a deep caramel skin with tattoo's of a serpent coiling around the forearm of her muscles and the tongue of it was at her neck... Well one of the heads. It was a hydra tatto after all and her back was where the neck was.

Sawa was small compared to her.... hell she could make a wookie seem small as she was still mostly human just very tall for a human woman, standing 7' 5" by most terms in the galaxy. With the barest hints of midnight-black hair in a crew cut under her dark blue beret, smooth, dusky caramel skin and deep, intense brown eyes. She was in ridiculousnessly good shape, her rolled-up sleeves showing forearms corded with muscles that flex powerfully with every slight movement she makes. She had a flat, hard stomach, and slender, powerful thighs that propel her forward with panther-like grace even in the heavier peacekeeper uniform and armor with her weapons.

Sawa knew those muscles well and as she looked up at her spoke. "Riya you came, I didn't know you cared so much to see me off world." A sly grin as the astromech droid came into view with a grapple launcher attachment from a rifle in one of its nanite claws. From it behind his was a hunter with the grapple through his shoulder being dragged across the sand and as he protested a shocker was used to make him convulse. There was a look at some fo the dancers and vampires who could smell it with their enhanced senses and Sawa was walking leading the way as Riya took a position in front of her and the others.

The silent Erika was important to Maple so it would be important to her but if they had arrived in it then it was likely being watched... better to head out in something else and draw the attention away as Sawa walked towards a speeder and climbed in looking at Maple and the others. Sounds of battle were still going o and this was a race against the clock as it were.. Sawa didn't plan on losing out on it though while she moved with her hand and body relaxing. She almost lounged when the mountain itself loomed before them, the sound of pop up turrets and doors opening as she saw it. More Onna, in silver armor had been stationed here to protect her private escape hanger should be need it.

The hanger doors opened to reveal her personal ship, sleek black hull plating that reflective heavily the light around it. Looking smooth and solid almost like a ship from Naboo. The ramp opened and servants came out, the ships crew dressed in black uniforms with their features mostly beautiful. She didn't discriminate but they were cultivated for their beauty under her village. The Dawn's fortress held secrets one of which was selective breeding for fealty and service but also beauty. It was why she could survive without having to make a massive fight. So her crew were here ready to go as the one approached and spoke. The captain wearing a uniform that was smiliar but with gold threading.

"Mistress the ship is ready, once we detected the explosions and weapons fire we began to prep the ship." THe woman bowed when there was a few others, her servants were milling about with Onna standing there on the ship itself. Their armor was gleaming and shiny. Her servants stood out with the thin white kimono's that clung to them and they all brought food, different outfits and a smile to their master. Sawa motioned looking back at Riya who stood there though. "Thank you my dear for bringing us here, your accounts will get my appreciation." There was a smirk on the woman's face while she looked down and at Maple then the droid that had been following them with the man through the desert.

"We'll handle him." She looked at the still living man who looked like ground beef. K1 released the grapple and went onto the ship with a whistle and beep of triumph. Where Sawa was looking though there was a voice as a woman came down the ramp to meet her. "Mistress Ike." Her voice was rich and deep, her looks simple as she stood there with little on but was curtained in a massive amount of hair. Down and around her back, around her shoulders and front when she was holding a datapad offering a grin and view. "I have several reports for you. From home and from the colonies." A moment as Sawa passed into the ship and pointed.

"Good, I will look over them, report to me what there is while we make way for Atrisia. As fast as we can." The captain was there and gave a nod heading off towards the cockpit of the ship, Riya had cleared out and the ramp with K! and Maple would be moving up as the woman spoke looking at her. "Asano, this is Maple. she is off limits understood." She looked with Silver eyes towards the woman and the other atrisian bowed her head. "Of course mistress." Where she was looking though with a flick of her eyes and the way she checked over Maple said her position was more then just an attendant bringing messages.. her outfit or lack there of did much to say that.

"Good." Sawa moved and there was in the main area a throne similar to the club and her own palace. Ebony with silver frame. Cushions as well as a small groove in the one arm as she sat down and it was positioned to allow someone to sit in her lap and their legs could comfortably dangle over the side. Sawa sat down looking out when she sat there and the ship was moving. The servants going around removing her soiled and dirty clothing so that Sawa was sitting there briefly for a moment. The feeling of Maple around her as Asano stood to the side of the chair and spoke with a small grin. "We have been working on a few things mistress."

That perked her up as she looked over at Maple but was speaking. "Yes." She was drawn and couldn't take her eyes off of her, a beautiful source of death and destruction. She had not only handled herself well in the club and fight... in the caves she had even been seemingly gotten quicker, stronger, more seductive in her capabilities. Sawa salivated at the idea of being alone with her but she had a duty here. WHatever spell Maple was working on her though oh it was working and she motioned for her with her hand. Inviting her over as the servants offered food, drink and more comfortable clothing.

"We have had progress with senator Dennings daughter." She said it and grinned maliciously to that with a look on her face when she watched Sawa who spoke. "Ah good, bring her in, her father is vital to some of my enterprises on Coruscant." The other woman bowed and moved off to the side as Sawa shifted and the ship jumped to hyperspace. She would need to sleep a little at least before getting to Atrisia and then they would have to likely take the longer way to Ni-Ne... at least the way that others would. THese hunters would dare threaten her and that meant she would tear them limb from limb. THe dark thoughts swirled around as footfalls came and the two entered.

Asano stood as she always did with a look on her face though. The woman standing next to her with a collar around her neck, jade and ruby in the same symbol of Sawa's tattoo a showing her who she served. Her blond hair was to her shoulders, icy blue eyes looking semi glazed over and she was walking with a semi lopsided grin. Eyes fixing and watching Sawa as the energy vampire held a hand out for her and her finger extended. Long, slender. "Sit." THe girl went down to her knees looking up at her and Sawa turned her hand over motioning her forward. "Come here, crawl to me." THe girl was moving and crawling over to the base fo the throne she stayed there.

Sawa was leaving room for Maple to watch but she spoke looking at the girl with silver eyes. "Nikki, so lovely to see you once again." She said ti and there was humor and affection in her voice. "Did you miss your master?" The girl looked up finally and Niki was nodding her head. "Yes yes yes mistress, I am happy to see you once again." Good... "Good." Sawa said it waiting there and she spoke motioning her forward then stopping her progress with her foot. A toe that went to her face and for a moment smudged that pale skin. "It is good you have missed me, your father has been increasingly drawing me away from being around you."

As she was speaking she stopped and continued to toy with the girl a little stroking her cheek with her foot but she wasn't looking at her just at Maple. "He is a very dangerous man, he seeks to keep you from being happy." The girl seemed to groan at that and looked sad. "Is there anything you want me to do mistress?" She said ti quickly, with devotion and Sawa licked her tongue over her fangs that had appeared from the excitement. "Yes.. yes there is. if your father is in the way of us my sweet Nikki. I want you to walk up to him and carve out his heart. Bring it to me to show your devotion to being my servant. Cast aside your old life."

There was a heavy silence in the air that clung there for a moment and then she was bowing her head.... nodding it excitedly. "Yes.... yes ..... yes my mistress." She got a raised eyebrow at the lack of hesitation in her voice or how she seemed to be waiting for more commands. Sawa looked at Asano. "When we land on Atrisia see that it is done. Let her return to her father and have her shadowed. If she succeeds bring her back to us Asano, if she fails well... then Nikki.... I am afraid you won't ever see me again." She said it and the girl was almost in a panic over the idea as Asano was pulling her back and taking her out fo the room.

"Now that we are alone.... we should go over a plan for what we will encounter. I set traps and if they are foolish enough to risk some fo the dangers.... they are going to be in for some booby traps."
The Golden Eye
Maple waited, having pulled a battle rifle off the corpse next to the speeder that she used to shoot the stragglers in the desert that were still giving some of the dancers trouble. The fighting soon died down though and [member="Sawa Ike"] took the time to chat with a muscular woman that seemed to be part of the local merc forces. Everybody knew everybody it seemed. Not that Maple minded as Sawa hopped into the speeder with her, and Maple piloted it gunning the engines with a savage grin on her face as she sped to the mountain destination. The sun was rising and she was trying to impress a Sith Woman, the wind whipping by her face as she put the engines to their limits. She preferred much larger vehicles such as her yacht, but she'd had her share of street races before. In no time she had reached the mountain, getting an eyeful of Sawa's actual bodyguards the Onna, loyal and silent and a ship that was sleek and black like the Erika. She followed Sawa up the vessel, saw a little white thing one of the servants offered that made her grin evily and excused herself to one of the quarters where she put it on, and emerged in an outfit of strategically placed horizontal and vertical white strips around the torso and legs, that still showed a considerable amount of skin, she went to join her date, watching with mild disinterest as she watched Sawa order a girl to cut out her father's heart. She didn't know Senator Denning's reputation, which probably meant he was either ineffective or a crook or both. It was likely both.

Remind me again, the exact difference between this vampire and Maranon? Doashim's deep voice boomed in her head.

Sawa helped me save Katanos Seven from her.

A matter of convenience.

Fine then: I like her. I like how she makes me feel...

Ah, now you are being honest...

Maple blinked and as she watched this woman beg pathetically for the vampire's favor, as if she could ever really win it by being so...groveling, her surroundings were replaced by an all to familiar private bedchamber, with an all too familiar Zeltron of overwhelming beauty.

Maple raised an eyebrow as a naked Darth Maranon rose from her pool, filled with blood now, yet Maranon herself was spotless and gorgeous, long black locks flowing to her back. The Zeltron put a finger to her lips, whispering "Shhhh...." her poisonous yellow eyes staring at Maple.

Maple blinked and the site vanished. The spirit was still scheming. This was the loudest it had gotten since its defeat. What was its game?

Maple paid it no mind. It wasn't going anywhere. Maple certainly wasn't going to listen. She watched as Nikki made a fool of herself and went to off her father. Maple ate a small banana muffin from a nearby plate when Nikki was dragged away. Maple slinked over to Sawa, who discussed plans for Atrisia.

"Overwhelming firepower to kill them will be best. I'll call in some favors, drop an arsenal in and then we go and turn some vampire hunters into meat paste..." she suggested, grinning as she let the vampire take in her new outfit, which she was looking forward to having pulled off. "Wait until you see me pick someone off at a thousand yards...I bet you'll just melt into my arms..." she joked. "So...about this route we will be taking...what kind of other dangers besides booby traps can we expect?"

OOC: Her new outfit looks like Leeloo's from the Fifth Element.

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Maple Harte"]

Sawa was looking at the outfit and she wrapped an arm around Maple. remaining there so she could look over every inch of her but she wanted to see what else there might be. "Hmmm well bobby traps are simple, mostly meant to alert and scare them away, Pitfalls and snares. The area around it has the Oni." She said it and grinned to herself, the dark skinned atrisians were in the southern regions of the planet, the continent hidden away and isolated compared to many with sheer cliff faces, deadly rocks and where the water came in had creatures. crocs, piranha, snakes of massive sizes. Meat flies and any number of dangerous things.

"The continent where it is isn't the most accessible, the Atrisian's there are also not the most welcoming." A grin was on her face though while she laid there in the private chamber of the ship. They were going quickly, using the best route discovered but it would still take time and that meant she could plan before the real race began. "THe Oni are dangerous on Atrisia, isolated and immune to many of the dangers of their continent. Flesh eating bacteria, bone eating, giant snakes, deadly fish oh there are so many dangers here it acts as a natural place many will not go so holding the ship here with Ni-Ne would mean no one was going to stumble across her."

She was looking at it and the continent was also large taking up most of the southern regions of the planet. The other areas of the planet served as Sawa looked at Maple and she spoke. Feeling something was there but she was curious. "I saw something from you, when Nicki was around... you were thinking of Maranon." She said it and it was more like she had felt something in the back of her mind... like an image of an image of an image... the barest thought." I could feel a shiver for a moment and briefly it was like she was standing there instead of Akano." Sawa said it but she sat there. "I have had problems with her father in the past he is very.... narrow in his views for women or force users.. also deeply paranoid about security and works from his home finding new taxes and legal means to extort credits."
The Golden Eye
Maple was silent at Sawa's answers about the dangers. She'd gone to Atrisia before, for truly nasty assignments that ended in fire and katanas, but she knew she had never been to that portion of the planet. But such dangers were nothing she hadn't seen elsewhere and [member="Sawa Ike"] putting her arm around the skimpily attired bounty hunter soon made her brush off such concerns. She drew closer, heart beating a little faster against her date's scandalously clad figure, stroking the vampire's chin, who noted Maranon had gotten into both their heads.

"That spirit doesn't give up. I thought it was just my mind doing a skip at first, but she must be more powerful than I thought, even in her defeat. Why I opted to spare her confuses me sometimes...sneaky, sneaky, evil Zeltron never gives up..."

Sawa also seemed to be a little self conscious at what she had ordered Nikki to do to her father, even though it still confirmed what Maple had suspected about the Senator...but it also gave away something else about Sawa, whether she had intended it to or not...she wanted understanding, and was not some cackling villain doing it for kicks. There was thought to her brutality.

This was a turn on for Maple, to say the least.

She kissed Sawa passionately, the thought of finally getting to relax with this vampire who had seduced her in Maranon's tomb overwhelming to her. She kissed her again, each kiss longer, grasping her shoulder, bright, wet green eyes staring into silver ones.

"We'll smash through our obstacles one at a, would you prefer to pull this outfit off yourself...or should I remove it while you watch?" she whispered into Sawa's ear, nibbling on it lightly. Either choice would make them both happy, she suspected. And Sawa was so very worth it...