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Dante(Dante's Inferno) vs Kratos

Fenrir Kingston

Wrong Dante, Solrune.

In my opinion, Kratos would win. Not only does he have a plethora of Godly artifacts at his disposal, not mention Godly powers he's absorbed, he's also killed more deities than Dante ever has. Dante killed Death, some demons, and defeated Lucifer. Kratos has killed so many prominent figures in Greek Mythology, including nearly the entire pantheon and even titans.


Tenebris In Lucem
As much as I hate to say it, Kratos would absolute destroy Dante's existence.

Despite both being at human and strong in their human lives, Krato became a god while Dante is technically speaking a very powerful specter. Yes, Dante killed death, the sins, rampaged through hell killing many of the army of darkness and even defeating Lucifer. DEFEATING, not killing. While Kratos started off human, he very technically died, just became champion of Ares then killed Ares and became a god. He did, gistfully speaking, the what dante did and more. Rampaged through the underworld killing troves of undead peeps and even killing the ruler of the underworld, Hades. KILLING. Not only that he kinda absorbs or takes powers from all the gods and supernatural beings he kills and kills just about everything that moves beside the goddess of love and her servants for....obvious reasons. Moving up to taking out the big man himself, Zeus.

Both of them are have their own type of training. Dante being a Templar soldier in the crusades he had alot of training in the ways of a warrior, mostly swordplay and other weapon work as in battle he would need to kill his foe quickly and move on to the next one or take on several at once his weapon is his best friend, when it comes to unarm combat thought anything goes, brawler statussssss. While kratos, is trained in both the sword and unarmed combat, spartan are the kinds of guys to overpower a foe with their brute strength in weaponplay and physical strength. But again both are just soldiers, HACK AND SLASH POWER BEAMS OF DOOOOM HIYAAAA! They don't think about their enemies movement, just if some comes at them they will fight back and do so happily. So if they were to clash, they be smacking each other around relentlessly with everything they have.

Fancy chains short swords and Stretchy scythe of stabbyness aside. All Dante has is a holy cross that shoot cross light beams and wings that help him glide (if i remember right). While Kratos has a shouting head that yells at you while shining a blinding light, wings for temp flying, another set of shorts that drains your life energy, fists of hercules that can send a human flying across the world and back, a magical bow he can summon out of his buttox(of no where if you dont understand my meaning) to fire flaming arrows, a ultimate sword that can annihilate just about everything, need I continue?


Well-Known Member
@[member="Darth Solrune"] your thinking of DMC my friend, the Dante spoken of here is the Dante of Dantes Inferno, based on a book long ago for me to remember approximately.

@[member="Andreas Wintergreen"] honestly? Dante. Though Kratos was a god, and did many great things, it took him 2 games to reach what I felt Dante accomplished. And Dante did it without God abilities.