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Daniel Sonneillon

Daniel Sonneillon


Name: Daniel Sonneillon (The prince of hate)
Age: 17
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’8 feet
Weight: Average
Eyes: Red
Hair: Orange
Skin: Very pale
Force Sensitive: Very fadely, he is a force sensitive but, weak.
Strengths / Weaknesses
+ Doesn't hold back
+ No mercy
+ Physically and mentally tough
- Mentally unstable (Emotionally)
- Has no empathy
- Bad listener

Has to be made

Daniel Sonneillon

[SIZE=11pt]Biography: ([/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]This biography has all kinds of pictures which support the story for real! Look at them)[/SIZE]

Daniel Sonneillon was born on the planet of Nar Shadaa. A planet which was most certainly not for the faint hearted. His parents both criminals on the planet, which would make it a hard time for the child to grow up in. He constantly moved and never got that many toys from his parents. The thing he could get a lot was a slap in the face or him being kicked away in a corner, hidden within box at the corner of a street to sleep for the night, while he was slowly learning to survive. The times started with a lot of crying as every other baby, it stopped at a certain moment as he had hold of his own emotions. The tears were sometimes seen and corrected by simply throwing him once again on the street till he would stop.
After the years the young baby was growing up into a fine soldier or thief. His emotions were being altered by the ways of the torture and training he had to go through from his parents, stealing loafs of bread to have food or something smaller. The things he had to do were never too risky as his so called parents were just looking over him to see if he was progressing and attaining the level they want them to have. Then on a day Daniel made an actual friend. It was a secret friendship between two children, who never would want to tell their parents that they made a friend. His father had noticed it and found it an utter betrayal on his part. This was the day Daniel got the chance of a lifetime, a mission. His father looked grimly at his son and said; “Your mission is killing that child.” His parents both sounded very cold, but what he did not know was on the other side near his friend. He had also gotten a mission killing Daniel. The next day the children once again saw each other.


The fathers were both looking from a distance, hoping their son would complete the mission at any cost. His father with his arms folded looked at Daniel who was slowly walking towards his friend who seemed to be in tears “Hey…I am…” He turned around with his arms spread with a furious look onto his face “I won’t kill him, dad! Never ever!” He exclaimed which caused his father to smirk while his father thought, “Will he betray us or is he getting it...” His father shook his head turning away, not knowing that the actual other father from his friend had made other plans with his son. They decided to go towards a toy store in order to get some toys to play with.

When they were at the toy store a bit of laughter appeared, till they came at the toys, they had their eyes on. They both looked at it for a moment till he could hear a faint whisper, “I am sorry…” told by his friend who was trying to backstab Daniel. All of a sudden, he turned and released a knife from his hand. It made so much anger fuel his body, seeing the flesh getting pierced through while seeing the poison of his knife penetrate the boy his body and slowly letting him getting eaten away by it while seeing a pool of blood appear on the ground.

Through the years Daniel did not learn to deal with his anger it was only increasing and the looks of him started to change in a drastic way, his hair had changed in the four years completely as well as his eyes. He understood now that he never should have had friends in the first place, that friends were only for the week. His parents had now total control of their son and that was the thing they always had wanted for the competition, which were held by many criminals. The only thing they did not knew nor did any parent who gave their psycho child up for the competition. The parents had to be dead before their child is allowed to sign up for such a competition.
It all happened so quickly in a single night. He was taken away just a month after being signed up by his parents at the age of eleven. There he appeared in a room, children were around the place and a few children lied dead in a corner with their heart poking out of their body written on their forehead, “I lost the battle, I am trash” Different wounds were seen on all the victims, but most of the children did not cry at all. They were only reacting in a different way, next to him. He heard a guy speaking to himself calling himself ‘a good boy’ while the girl in the other corner was currently scratching her arm till the moment that it drives her insane, while on Daniel’s face was nothing more but the hate on his face of other people having been killed.


In the meanwhile only one guy in the room seemed totally calm, he was playing with a knife and exclaimed, “Weaklings, listen up! Welcome to your graves, where one will be only rebirthed from. The rules are simple. You train here… Survive till you defeated one hundred people, killing each other without an official fight, will cause your execution. All walls are full of gunnery so one step is your dead. Let’s have fun.” All eyes focused on the man while the man spoke and did not decide to wait for any of the children. The age difference was getting bigger as a few others sat behind the bench. They were all calm and cold looking figures.
Through those years that Daniel had been there he had to pick a specialization. It seemed nobody was able to survive of the group except a few. The upper classmen were getting killed as well, while they were so close to the point of getting their freedom, but they knew running away caused you to go boom. The fights were brutal and were getting only more disgusting one after the other while some of the children were feeding on fear, the others on hate as did Daniel. He was full off hate in every single battle and it somewhat caused a battle to get uproar to kill him, but every single attack they tried on him, were their deaths just as the green man had told them before.
Daniel was now seventeen. He had gotten a great proficiency with blades and battle knives while his studies on ranged weaponry were only just starting, most of the time having practiced on survival skills in order to stay alive. The goal was with this game, that no child would ever survive but there were two kids that always seemed to be surviving with 98 wins Daniel and 99 wins that same girl from the days he joined. They were both practicing and talking every now and then but they were both up to something.


The fight was finally starting between Daniel and the girl but she was never able to enter the ring. There was a dark creature that escaped from the cages and all of a sudden appeared in the arena. The woman was stabbed through the heart from the back as Daniel only laughed out loud pointing to the green guy, “And you will be my 100 win! I will leave this rat hole and you will be dead with your heart hanging on a string to keep you alive.” Daniel was completely a psycho path and not the best friend you could have.
The man started to laugh, this was getting pretty intense and he was ready to fight. “You will not die, I will keep you hear for eternity for torture…” The man exclaimed as he took out his knife stabbing some weak poor child’s stomach to get blood on it. The moment that happened Daniel showed a grim smile, and the gunnery had activated. Daniel had through the night actually double planned, one was using the girl to hack the program…the other was her dead.
Daniel Sonneillon was finally free and now was able to do whatever he would want while leaving the many corpses to rot inside that place. “Hehehe…Hahaha! That was…fun” He said before turning and making his way through the galaxy in order to cause some fun.


Blessed are the peacemakers
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Daniel Sonneillon

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Daniel Sonneillon

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Daniel Sonneillon

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