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Approved Planet Cybros

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Father of Cybros

  • Intent: To create the planet for Artus Mantgull’s bio, business, and character story. Cybros also will be a haven for corporate interests, and the narrative of Darkwire too. Though, for the future, this planet would be a good setting for any cyberpunk, underworld related, and-or corporate related stories.
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  • Links: Artus Mantgull Bio Cybros Advanced Technology Corporation (CATC) (More links may be added as time goes on)

  • Planet Name: Cybros
  • Demonym: Cybrosi
  • Region: Expansion Region
  • System Name: Cybros
  • System Features: The system has no habitable worlds that were there naturally. The only natural features of the system are, the Red Dwarf sun, and the belt of icey asteroids. Cybros orbits between the sun and the asteroid belt.
  • Location: Lower portion of the hex containing Altier
  • Major Imports: Raw materials used for making all products created on Cybros. It is an artificial planet with no natural resources of its own.
  • Major Exports: Advanced technology items primarily produced by Cybros Advanced Technology Corporation as of grand opening (cybernetics, weapons systems/weapons and combat armor-previously made models are sold while the most recent and advanced forms are kept for the use of CATC Security, data-pads, medical systems-injectors, ventilators, dosage computation devices, etc., and more as CATC relaeses new products or other technology related corporations begin to set up shop on Cybros). Other goods are what are largely considered processed goods. Things ranging from weapons, pharmaceuticals, nonmedical drugs, gambling, vehicles (speeders, speeder-bikes, etc.), and more as companies may move to Cybros. Then, there are goods Cybros may be a hub to transport through for resources like food (merchants will sell food to other systems if not bought on Cybros).
  • Unexploited Resources: N/A - It is an artificial planet with no natural resources to exploit.

  • Gravity: Slightly less than standard gravity. Enough to stay on the ground constantly, and return if one jumps, but low enough to feel slightly lighter than on natural planets.
  • Climate: There is no proper climate to Cybros. There is air pumped through valves, vents, and ducts to supply the necessary atmosphere conditions for life, but it never rains, and there is hardly any natural wind. The temperature ranges between slightly cold to temperate depending on how close one is to the air vents.
  • Primary Terrain: Synthetic, though a sort of ecumonopolis type. The planet is artificial, and covered in urban sprawl going layers inside of it.
  • Atmosphere: Type II - Most species can breath the atmosphere circulated through the air vents on Cybros. However, for visitors staying for a long period of time, having an air pack or respiratory suit, or any other kind of equipment for breathing, may be good to bring. Citizens of Cybros have respiratory implants in their sinuses that allow them to take in more of the oxygen present in the air circulated through the vents.

  • Capital City: The whole planet is one city. The Core District is the innermost layer where executives that decide to live on Cybros are housed, and the meeting hall is located.
  • Planetary Features: The planet is entirely artificial. It is organized into layers with certain specialties for certain industries in mind. The Outermost layer is designed to be a market with the outside where businesses can sell products with travelers, or trade with other planets. Beneath that is the Outer Residential District, where those who work in the Outer Market live if they are more permanent citizens, but also acts as a lower class neighborhood for citizens of Cybros. Beneath that layer is the Inner Market District, where shops and businesses are more geared toward sustaining citizens of Cybros. Beneath that is the Inner Residential District which is more of a middle class neighborhood for Cybros. Those who are not executives, but still hold wealth in Cybrosi society. Then, the innermost district is the Core District, where the executives live, guest manors are built, and also where the Meeting Hall is located where the pseudo government of Cybros holds meetings. An assembly of the executives, though whoever runs Cybros Advanced Technology Corporation would be at the head of the table. Then, the Moon District is the only prison on Cybros. It is operated by Cybros Advanced Tech Corporation Security, and tends to hold criminals who have threatened corporate interest on Cybros, but also rents space for prisoners from other organizations in the galaxy to be held there as a sort of black sight.
  • Major Locations: (Location links will be provided as location submissions get passed)
    • The Meeting Hall: Large town hall like building in the Core District where the executives of the most wealthy corporations present on Cybros at a given point in time meet to disucss business. These meetings act like a psuedo-government as these talks relate to dealing business with other companies not on Cybros, trading with other planets, allowing different businesses to set up shop on Cybros, as well as talks between the already present corporations to do business with each other and avoid armed conflict.
    • Artus Mantgull’s Mansion: The oldest residential building in the Core District. The mansion is the home to the CEO of Cybros Advanced Technology Corporation and visionary creator of Cybros.
    • Outer Bizarre: The portion of the Outer Market District that is solely used for commercial usage. A sprawling region of market stalls, shops, and terminals where most of the goods sold in this district are bought and sold. Though there are stores all over the outermost district of Cybros, the bizarre is the most concentrated region of businesses in the district.
    • Cybros Advanced Tech Corporation Headquarters: Located in the Inner Market District, the new headquarters of Cybros Advanced Technology Corporation is much more impressive than the original was on Denon. It is primarily an office building the executives, administrators, general office workers, and managers, conduct their work for the company.
    • Cybros Advanced Tech Corporation Factory: Located in the Inner Market District, this factory is a large complex of assembly rooms, foundries for the metals used in the technology of the corporation, packaging rooms, foremen offices, and loading bays. As of the grand opening of Cybros, this is the only facility the Cybros Advanced Technology Corporation has, aside from the new headquarters and various storefronts in both market districts. There are also special hallways and rooms for tours of the factory where visitors and company guests can behold the process (well the process CATC wants to be seen), and like any other tour of such nature, a gift shop of CATC products lies at the end of the tour.
  • Force Nexus (Optional):N/A

  • Native Species: There are no native species as it is an artificial world.
  • Immigrated Species: All species that would live on Cybros are immigrated. However, as of the grand opening, Humans are the majority population due to them being the most employed workers in Cybros' construction. Common species of aliens such as, Twi'lek, Rodians, Houk, Nikto, and Duros, make up the most common of the alien minority from being alien workers in the construction effort. As of the grand opening, those are the recorded species, but there may be others who have immigrated to Cybros following the grand opening.
  • Population: Heavy- Initially there will be a grand opening with an influx of immigrants to work in the shops and factories already built on Cybros. However, there would still be pull for more immigrants to come, especially among corporate executives.
  • Demographics: Currently the population is mostly human, however aliens are present, and more seem to be coming following the grand opening of Cybros. In the initial times, the population will be made up of families of the workers that constructed Cybros that now live on the artificial planet. However, the population will become more diverse among species as more immigrants come. There are various patchwork communities among the aliens that currently live on Cybros immediately after the grand opening, however there is no open xenophobia. A similar theme of community type also exists among the humans with communities of those mostly from Alderaan, or Corellia, Coruscant, and various other worlds. Any exclusions that do exist are mostly based on societal/economic class, and not based on species.
  • Primary Languages: Depending on what community one is in, a variety of languages can be heard on Cybros. However, Galactic Basic is considered the universal language of the artificial world.
  • Culture: It is a society of immigrants. All people there want to be on a world where businesses are never infringed upon by any government. Many people come to Cybros to open a shop and not have to deal with any governmental taxes, duties, or regulations. Holidays and cultural customs come with the people who decide to settle on Cybros, as there is no really unique culture in that sense. It is only unique in culture for the business practices on the planet, and how there is no infringing government on businesses. However, with that atmosphere of no government, there are those who then make money exploiting people and companies. Gangs have begun to pop up in the outer districts, conmen set up in the markets, and there are even rumors of organ harvesters in the cracks between the layered districts, and-or in the more impoverished zones. However, the more seedy elements of Cybros society usually do not show on the surface, which attracts plenty of optimistic and opportunistic business owners, and workers who seek some good employment. Religion is a thing that is also not native to Cybros. Whatever religions were brought with the immigrants are what exist in the various communities and neighborhoods on Cybros.

  • Government: There is no real government on Cybros. The closest is Meeting Hall, where the executives of the major corporations on Cybros make decisions regarding business between each other and the outside. Thus, Cybros’ “government” could be categorized as a coalition of corporations operating on plutocratic standards.
  • Affiliation: The plan is to operate closely with Darkwire/Corporate Authority of Denon due to Cybros being located in space occupied by said faction. However, any faction that operates with a corporate interest is also favorable to Cybros.
  • Wealth: Wealthy- All levels of wealth are present on Cybros given that wealth is the main reason for different classes in society there. The wealthy executives on the top of society with the poor, and low, wage workers on the bottom of society. There is potential for those of non wealthy standing to rise up through the corporate ladder, but the question is if they end up doing so.
  • Stability: Medium- Because there is no government, and the corporations do not really police the planet much, the stability of the planet on the daily lives of common people is quite low. However, because the corporations act well with the galaxy around them, the planet has a more medium level of stability on the macro scale of the galaxy. There are no wars among the corporations that would be present on Cybros, and there is hardly much potential for galactic level chaos to come from Cybros. Instead, the trade Cybros provides is rather helpful to the galaxy at large.
  • Freedom & Oppression: There is a general sense of Freedom in the near-anarchy state Cybros has. However, the various classes stack on to each other. The lowest could be considered oppressed while the uppermost could be considered the most free. However, through the anarchy, people of lower class can rise through the corporate ladder to the upper classes.

  • Military: There is no formal military on Cybros. The closest to that would be the security companies operated by the corporations. These security companies keep the planet safe in terms of corporate interest, but do little in policing the streets of the various communities and neighborhoods. In the case of an attack on Cybros, these companies would be expected to band together in an effort to protect the corporate interest as usual. Other uses of these security companies also come into play with the massive prison district that is the Moon District, which is only operated by Cybros Advanced Technology Corporation Security.
  • Technology: On average, Cybros is at galactic standard of technology. However, because the planet is maintained primarily by Cybros Advanced Technology Corporation, certain aspects of Cybros are slightly more advanced than galactic standard, and continue to progress.

Cybros began as the dream of Artus Mantgull. He was rather low on corporate listings on Denon despite having a good product. The only issue was that his Cybros Advanced Technology Corporation was never as big as the others. So, Artus Mantgull sold everything on Denon for the funds to create an artificial planet where Cybros will be the leader. After years of construction, the planet was finished. Air was going through the maze of ventilation shafts, the power reactors in the very core of the artificial world were functioning, and so Cybros was ready. Many of the workers’ families moved in as the first population of common people on Cybros, though some have formed small companies and trading posts, market stalls, and the like were set up, but most ended up working as employees of Cybros Advanced Tech Corporation.
Surrounding Cybros while it was under construction was the ever growing presence of the Corporate Authority of Denon and the influence of Darkwire. All better as the customer base was expanding around them. The corporations of Denon and surrounding sectors could be easily seduced to the artificial world with no limits from any government on their actions. A world engineered to be guided by corporate interests. Time went on, and various other immigrants came to Cybros from other sectors seeking employment under Cybros, the smaller companies, or to make their own corporations rise up native to Cybros.

OOC: As of this being released, Cybros has had its grand opening to the galaxy with a widespread holo-message to local sectors for anyone willing to come to Cybros. This thread will be updated in the future as Cybros is further developed by future stories.
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Greetings! I will be reviewing your submission. Since this is a planet submission it will require secondary approval.

We are off to a good start here! Just some things to go over before I pass this on for secondary review.

  • Image Credits: The links provided lead to the images itself rather than a creditable source. Please replace them for the following:
    Link 1 - Stellaris Synthetic Dawn
    Link 2 - I could not find a credit source for this one, if you could please link the place where you found the picture rather than the picture itself.
    Link 3 - Andrey Vasilyev
    Link 4 - Jonone
  • System Feature: Just pointing something out here, perhaps you meant to say that the asteroid belt orbits Cybros? As it is the wording suggests it is the other way around.
  • Major Imports & Exports: While these give a general idea of what Cybros imports and exports, I'd encourage you to expand/specify a bit more, perhaps listing some of them (foodstuffs, textiles, water, metals etc.). What kind of technology do they export?
  • Major Locations: As per the template, a brief explanation of each major location should be provided.
    Major Locations: [ What are the major locations on your world? Include an explanation on each. ]
  • Immigrated Species: Please list the immigrated species with a significant presence on Cybros. If they are rare species, they should also be linked.
  • Affiliation: Please add a link to Darkwire here.
  • Wealth: Only one value should be picked here, the one that best represents the average. Given that economy is such a vital part of this planet I would say its wealth is High and explain that this wealth is concentrated on a reduced group of people.
  • Stability: Same here, you should pick either Low or Medium depending on what you feel represents the planet's current status more accurately.
  • Military: Just a heads up here, the sentence here seems to be cut off and I wanted to make sure we aren't missing anything that you intended to write ^^

Please tag me when you've made edits or if you need any help.
Artus Mantgull Artus Mantgull
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These edits are very good! Only one more minor tweak and we'll be ready to go.

  • Immigrated Species: Please hyperlink the Rodians, Houk, and Duros to their wookieepedia pages since these are lesser known star wars species and a casual reader might have trouble identifying them. As for the Cintan, I must say that I've never heard of them and I couldn't find a page for them in the wookie nor in the board. Perhaps you meant another species?
Artus Mantgull Artus Mantgull
Father of Cybros
Fevris Derzelas Fevris Derzelas Done. When I wrote Cintan, I forgot the actual name of Nikto species and misspelled the home planet with a C instead of a K. Don't worry. I fixed that and put a corresponding link in too.

Would that be all you require? Any other touchups not mentioned yet, or is this satisfactory?
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