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Crystal Caves [Dar'rak]



@[member="Dar'rak"] was a skilled duelist, but he was limited by his crafted lightsaber. They'd realized this on Tattooine last week.

Surface in 2 minutes.

Kiskla registered the automated voice and zipped up her insulated coat, branded with the Republic's emblem.

"This is a momentous occasion for you, Dar'rak." The blonde commented, looking out at the white ball of a planet as they approached the outer entry layer of the planet. "Too bad it didn't come before Tattooine," she admitted with a shrug, rotating to face her Padawan from the pilot's seat. "But patience is a major element of being a Jedi. Despite you being an excellent and advanced bladesman, you patiently waited to construct your own lightsaber with a crystal and never argued with me about when that would happen." She grinned at this and nodded. It was ironic she of all people was lecturing him on patience. It was a virtue she didn't possess. "Unfortunately, your patience doesn't end here. Ilum's sacred temple is difficult to navigate, and you will face many challenges inside." The ship shivered as it began it's descent to the icy surface after penetrating the atmosphere. "I'll be with you for most of them, but I can't be with you for all."

She recalled her visits to the caves. It was before Antares, and before her interaction with the dark side. She had been the youngest, and most advanced in her Padawan pod; but the caves had given her visions, suggestions of her future and what the Guardian-trained Jedi was to be. Others, had suffered far worse and some hadn't made it out.

There was a mechanical whine from the vessel as it shuddered upon landing, interrupting her thoughts. If it weren't for the radars and automatic landing systems, it would have been difficult to judge the distance from the ground.

Even from the cockpit the two Jedi could see everything was white.

Kiskla stood up, pulling her fur lined hood over her blonde braid, locking eyes with her Padawan.

"Are you ready?"


Jedi Dragon
Dar’rak was at a loss for words, it was not so long ago he dreamed of traveling the stars and seeing new worlds not caked with city structures. Now it was a common occurrence for him to leave his home at the Jedi Temple and travel to some other planet to engage in some form of activity befitting a Jedi. Now there were on a frozen ball of ice in search of what he truly needed to become a real Jedi- his own crystals. Dar’rak held his two training sabers in his hands and knew the day had come to retire them.

When Master @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] addressed him about the delay in their trip here he looked at her intently, “That is fine Master. I know that the mission to Tattooine was a necessary one that needed our immediate attention.” Dar’rak felt the ship lurch as they descended onto the frozen tundra that was the planet Ilum. Master Kiskla was right to inform him that this planet was cold and he should bring along warmer attire. Why they had to come to a living freezer Dar’rak did not understand, but he had to trust his Master if she was to teach him what she knew. So far she had not steered him wrong even if he did not always understand her methods or line of questioning.

That this planet was cold was in truth an understatement. Even before they disembarked from their ship Dar’rak could feel the temperature drop drastically as he frantically tried to zip up his coat and hood leaving only his eyes and snout visible from beneath the fur. “I think I am now Master,” Dar’rak looked more like a Yeti than a reptile or even Jedi with all that extra fur. “May I ask why you chose this place over one of the other warmer planets?” Dar’rak tried to emphasis the word warmer to show he was not comfortable in this freezing environment; not in the slightest.
She smiled warmly, despite the encroaching chill. "Have I ever let you down yet?" She paused, Tattooine may have been iffy.
"Nevermind." she quickly corrected while her fingers danced about the control panel and deactivated the ship. It was going to be quite chilled when they got back, the only thing left on was life support for the systems to remain on standby, and it's homing beacon. It was likely the ship would be buried when they got back.

Even though @[member="Dar'rak"] knew the basics, everything was still a lesson. This tundra was unforgiving, and Kiskla hated it. But Ilum was a Jedi tradition, and it was where she had found her crystals. Being a foreign princess from a desert planet, the blonde hated the cold as much as the reptile (although his hereditary disadvantage was unbeknownst to her). When she had the chills, she was cranky. Antares had been unable to stand her constant complaining and terrible attitude that he taught her a technique to overcome the external environment. Today, she had mastered that technique and developed it to mirror something similar to Art of the Small. That, however, was out of her Padawan's reach. Today, she would stick with the effective basics.

In response to his questioning of her location choice she simply replied: "No, because you wouldn't learn anything there." They soon reached the air lock and the side of her gloved hand pressed against the panel with only slight hesitation. Slowly, the seal whirred open, and the chill from Ilum's harsh climate spread into the quarterdeck, hoping to penetrate their clothing and claim them as victims.

"Feel the Force flowing through your body." Kiskla commented, zipping her hood up over her full lips so now only her eyes were visible, and even those were soon covered by goggles. She would communicate mentally now, and as she stepped down the ramp she looked behind her to check on her student. Focus on its movements, and how quick its current is. Keep that circulation going through your veins and your blood rapidly coercing. As she spoke, Kiskla took the same steps she instructed the reptile.