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Crystal Carter


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NAME: Crystal Carter (Aliases: Darth Phoenix. Aide to House Carter known as Elizabeth Castor)
FACTION: The Moross Crusade
RANK: Sith Master. Princess of Procopia, Tapani.
AGE: 440, but she doesn't look a day over 40.
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 120 pounds
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blond
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


Diplomacy: Having been raised by the ruler of her sector, she was educated as both a Royal and in the ways of the Force. She's also had a great deal of practice over the last four hundred years and counting, so not much surprises her anymore.

Loyalty: Crystal has always been devoted and completely loyal to her family, House Carter, and their sector. Her actions have almost always been in the best interest of her family, rather than in her own best interest. This can also be a weakness.


Temper: The Princess angers quickly. And, she reacts swiftly. Her emotions can override her logic.

Her Isolation: Because she doesn't travel much, and hides her identity the majority of the time, she is not nearly as social as she used to be. She is bored by the people around her, and thus chooses to observe them from a distance. Her social skills are *slightly* out of practice.


The Princess of Procopia wears the latest and finest fashions in Tapani. Also, since it is not widely known that she's still alive and kicking after more than four hundred years, she disguises her appearance (eyes, and facial structure) in the Royal Palace and among the population. Outside of the sector she doesn't feel the need to disguise herself and moves freely.


The Tapani Empire was the government that ruled the Tapani sector for some 6,000 years. It was formed when a warrior prince named Shey Tapani from House Melantha unified the Tapani Noble Houses through numerous bloody civil conflicts that lasted nearly twenty years. Shey Tapani was crowned Emperor of his newly formed dominion in the year 5392 (7,328 BBY). He selected his homeworld of Procopia as the seat of power for his new Empire. A total of sixteen dynasties ruled the Tapani Empire for nearly 6,000 years before the final Kappela Dynasty eventually fell to a military coup in 11,138 that followed a gentle and steady decline into regional factionalism. The reformers that came from nearly all the noble houses formed a federation of the planets from the fallen empire. The new federal government was ruled by a Prime Minister elected by a parliament on Procopia. This system of government was more decentralized than the Imperial structure and gave more power to the individual house leaderships.

As the Galactic Empire came to power, the Prime Minister of the Tapani Sector was swiftly replaced by an Imperial Moff. During Imperial rule, the Tapani Sector flourished even after the Emprie was effectively split in two by the invasion of the Freeworlds. By the time the Galactic Alliance rose to power, the Freeworlds had rejoined with the rest of the Tapani Sector and the Federal system had been re-instituted. The first Prime Minister of this era was High Lord Lyle Carter of House Melantha. House Melantha had been one of the strongest and most Imperial-minded houses of the Tapani Sector since its inception. High Lord Carter and his offspring were the direct descendants of Shey Tapani that ruled over the Tapani Sector thousands of years ago.

When High Lord Carter's eldest son, Lyle II was appointed as Prime Minister, many began to question the intentions of the Carters. A civil war soon erupted within the Tapani Sector. The conflict itself was short but brutal. Numerous influential nobles lost nearly all of their holdings in the war. When the dust finally settled, House Melantha had emerged victorious under the military leadership of the Prime Minister's son, Admiral Lyle Carter III. Following the death of Prime Minister Lyle Carter II, his son immediately made a move to seize control of the sector. Many of the noble houses were still in disarray from the civil war, but Admiral Carter quickly began rebuilding the sector's former glory. There were whispers through the various corners of the galaxy that Admiral Carter was a powerful force sensitive - discouraging any from challenging the Admiral's authority.

With a number of political motivations and a marriage to Kaitlyn DeSanti of House Mecetti, Lyle Carter III was able to solidify his base of power. With the Great Council's somewhat surprising support, Lyle III was crowned the new King of Tapani.

Born to the King of Tapani, Crystal and her twin sister made their arrival on schedule and in the dark of night. The twins were the second and third children of King Lyle III, and Kaitlyn. They were preceded by their eldest brother Lyle IV and later came their youngest sibling William. The four were raised as any proper heirs were, educated in all aspects of their kingdom privately. They were about as spoiled as it got. Crystal and her siblings quite frankly, were spoiled brats. It was to be expected in the Carter house however, as that was simply the way things were.

Crystal grew out of it quickly with discipline from her Sith father, also the King. He made time for her training, as well as that of her other siblings should they wish it. His heir was disinterested in the ways and workings of the Force, concentrating solely on the role he would hold one day. Crystal on the other hand was his hardest working student, progressing quickly. While her twin and William didn't progress quite as quickly, they too trained with their father. The three trained with their father until he died when Crystal and Candice were 25, and William, 15. He was 80 years old then. Their training was far from complete.

With the loss of her father, Crystal had no reason to be bound to Tapani. She decided to venture into the galaxy on her own. She met a man named Cameron Centurion during her travels, on Kuat. He was there on business, while her reasons were more for pleasure. The two met off and on for about five years before marrying on Spira in an extremely extravagant ceremony and reception fit for royals. Also during that time, she'd resumed her training with Cameron. His style was different than her father's but she was still able to progress quickly through her dedication and drive. Her father's teachings were not in vain, and she was determined to prove it.

Also over the years, she worked with her husband in Security. The title was meaningless to her, but the work was a great test of her skills. And she enjoyed it. She also found great joy in raising their children, Castor, the next heir of Tapani, and Isabella, named after her grandmother.

When her brother, the King of Tapani fell ill, Crystal stepped in as Princess Regent and tried to keep the peace within her family, but was not successful. Both of her children were killed and her husband left. With her legacy seemingly destroyed, she stayed in the Tapani sector and kept watch over the House for nearly four hundred years.

Luxury Yacht.



Previously roleplayed at Star Wars Eternity, Star Wars Unknown Regions, Star Wars Millennium, Star Wars Descension, and Circle of Healers. (Cameron Centurion and Rianna Organa can confirm if necessary)

Crystal runs into her ex-husband Cameron Centurion in a restaurant. He recruits her to Moross Crusade.

Crystal arrives at Exocron, and the Temple of the Moross Crusade.

Crystal meets Neth, one of the three living Gods.

Crystal takes a new apprentice, Azlyn, and begins training.

Crystal meets with her youngest sibling William.

Crystal slums it in a tavern on Coruscant with Jared.

Crystal, Piraiba and Zoey, of the Moross Crusade, investigate why the mining has stopped.

Crystal and Kassandra negotiate with Xynar, the leader of the Val'Kar to subjugate them.

Crystal recruits Siara Vorru to the Moross Crusade.

Rianna Organa

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@[member="Crystal"] Carter
So good to see you!!! *hugs*

If it helps I can vouch that she has been granted the title of Sith Master in two places. I believe there are others here who can also attest to this.
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Crystal said:
AGE: 440, but she doesn't look a day over 40.
*is 857 doesn't look a day over 17*

Will be fun to see you around.