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Crimson Tide (Sith vs. Republic Invasion of Manaan)

Darth Shadow

An Ancient Evil
This will be the Invasion thread for both the space and surface battle of Manaan. As always @mention people you are involved with, play fair, and PM people you have disputes with before reporting them. Good luck!


The Republic's assault on Ossus would not be left unanswered or unpunished. Swiftly, plans were put into operation to strike back at the Republic and the Jedi.

The planet of Manaan, despite the value of Kolto diminishing over the centuries, was still a vitally important planet. It lay in a strategically important area which was the gateway to the deep core. Now the Sith aimed to take it and make the Republic fear them once more.

To this end Darth Shadow was sent with command over a large fleet and ground force. The fleet's task was to engage the Republic forces and destroy them. The ground force's task was to seize Ahto City as a gateway to a drive into the deep seas. The attacked, it was hoped, would come as a surprise to the defenders and allow a powerful landing force to be established before the Republic could send reinforcements.

War had come at last to the galaxy and much blood would soon stain the stormy waters of Manaan.


Kaos stood in a corner very near the Sith master @[member="Darth Shadow"], this invasion of Manaan was of importance, not just because of the Kolto but the Republic didn't fear the Sith any more since there victory on Issue, this filled Kaos with rage to just thinking about it. But he had no time to think about that, he knelled before @[member="Darth Shadow"] and asked "what is thy bidding?"

Darth Shadow

An Ancient Evil

Remember to include in your posts the following template:

Character Name: (The character you are writing)
Fleet Code: (Will be issued when your fleet is approved)
Turn: (The turn number it is currently)
(Ship Name): (Complete one of these for each ship in your fleet)
SHIP TYPE/CLASS: (The name and type of ship this is)
MOVING: (Departure and arrival hex)
FIRING: (Target hex and the ship you are firing on)
SHIELDS: (Approx % of shields left.)
HULL: (Approx % of hull damage remaining before the ship is destroyed)
SPECIAL: (Any special conditions to note on the ship, whether it has launched fighters for instance, has a fire on board etc)

The battle shall begin once all fleets have been sent to and approved by @[member="Omega Ranger"].

The great fleet battle fought in the Manaan System was fought in an area of open space, with no features or defences to hinder movement. There was just the hard vacuum of interstellar void. Soon though dozens of ships and hundreds of attack craft would come together and the carnage would be horrific. Republic and Sith would clash and only once the fires died and the wreckage settled would a 'winner' be known.

Darth Shadow

An Ancient Evil

Standing on the bridge of his flagship, the ancient Sith Master looked at distant Manaan. He would not be going to the surface, he would command the fleet, but Kaos...yes. This would be a good test.
"Go to Ahto City, Apprentice. Destroy any Republic soldiers or Jedi you find. Help bring the city under my control."
If he succeeded he would be worthy of reward. If he failed....


"I shall succeed... or die trying" Kaos replied, e then got up and pulled his hood up around his ears, concealing his face he walked out of the hangar bay, he would be using a simple TIE fighter to get down to Ahto city, he departed down to the planet and soon arrived in a hangar bay. Kaos walked into what looked like a office and was asked to pay an admition fee by a Selkath, Kaos just simply unsheathed a viroblade and sliced through the Selkath's chest. The door opened and Kaos entered the city.

@[member="Darth Shadow"]

Dris Negan

The bright Manaan sun beamed down on the planet like an angry laser, the distinctly cloudless day only complicating the in processing custom agent for Ahto City's east gate's job. He despised working with aliens on a molecular level. The Selkath couldn't quite remember why he'd even taken the job in the first place.

"Name?" The bored looking Selkath customs agent asked a well dressed human in a three piece suit with ridiculous looking sunglasses.

"Gejin Menao." Dris Negan responded with the cockiness of the annoyingly untested. Ear splitting grin included.

"Occupation?" The Selkath nearly groaned.

"Speeder Dealer. Best in the core." Dris said with a wink, maintaining his ruse with a smooth ease that came from years of practice and hours of looking in a mirror.

What was a spy but an actor who might murder you?

"No violence." The Selkath mumbled as he motioned for Dris to move along. There were plenty more names to take, civilians to register. Dris strolled past the entry kiosk and into the eastern half of the heavily populated Ahto City. Various beings walked to and fro, going about there various tasks and pleasures, completely unaware of the violence and trauma that was about to be delivered onto the once peaceful city. Dris sighed slightly as he kept that same arrogant stroll with his hands stuffed into his pockets. While Dris didn't mind delivering violence on those who deserved it, he despised hurting the uninvolved. Unlike his all too sadistic superiors.

Dris shook off the thoughts as he skirted a corner and proceeded down a long section of crosswalk. Focus. Time to pay Ahto Security a visit. Dris steeled himself for the men and Selkath he'd soon be forced to put down.


Kaos strolled along the streets of Manaan casually, looking around for any republic troopers or Jedi, he was not yet under suspicion by anyone, he wouldn't be the only one down here but he preferred to work alone.
@[member="Dris Negan"] @[member="Darth Shadow"]


Manaan... a world of peace, for now, #3395 stood on the bridge of @[member="Darth Shadow"]'s ship, he approached the Sith Master and stood at perfect attention "Basic Trooper #3395 of Tempest Legion reporting for duty, Sir"
Zahori Denko
Command Deck - The Crimson Fang
Manaan's Orbit

Where she goes, death will follow. Her victims have no time to blink, breathe, nor swallow.

The Queen of Thule had come in retaliation to the Republic's attack with large numbers. Not only her personal Tulak Hord, but multiple Bandon-class star destroyers loaded to maximum capacity with Blackblade troopers. "Lord Shadow, I have but one question for you." Elani said into her commlink that was tuned to Darth Shadow's ship. "How do you feel about collateral damage upon the city? I do not mind raining down hell upon it's denizens if you don't. Unless, you wish for it to be left intact save for a few thousand bodies."

Once all of Elani's ships were in orbit of the planet, they immediately began moving towards the surface to unleash it's passengers into the city, a good 15% of which were in aquatic stormtrooper gear in order to secure Manaan's aquatic cities should the order be given.

@[member="Darth Shadow"]

Lan Raegin

Well, this was awkward. After Havoc squad had completely and entirely singlehandedly taken down the warlords of Saleucami they had been assigned for a little R&R on Manaan. As it turned out however Havoc would be getting neither Rest, nor relaxation.

Lan Raegin, the Selonian leader of Havoc squad first noticed this as he sat on one of the main piers of Ahto City, reclined in a lawn chair wearing nothing but a small pair of swim trunks. His fur was warmed by the afternoon soon and his face was covered by a neat pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses however were not dark enough to obscure the Star Destroyer dropping out of hyperspace and immediately falling into orbit and low atmosphere, the 1600 meter ships easily being seen by the denizens of the city.

The Selonian frowned slightly and let out a deep regretful sigh. Of course there would be an attack, of course Havoc wouldn't get to rest, and of course they would have to solve all the problem here. Slowly the oversized Otter reached down next to him and pulled out his comm-link.

“Havoc. Gear up and meet at pier-6. We've got Sith to fight.” All members of Havoc squad would get the message, and all of them would follow orders...even the crazy one.
@[member="Revan Altor"] @[member="Steph Zenima"] @[member="Halik Falkosi"] @ARC-052 "Dish" @[member="Doc"] @[member="Brenna Kardur"] @H4V0K

Valduin Izbien

The ride was bumpy to say the least. Valduin had received the message from @[member="Darth Shadow"] hours before. Finishing his affairs he borrowed a ship and made haste for Ahto City. Take off was of no hindrance, but landing the freighter would soon prove to be a different story. Piloting was never Valduin's strong point, but the man was proud of his improvisational means. His entrance worried him little. The freighter he had commandeered was worth mentioning. A freighter still loaded with goods, exported kolto ironically enough, and equipped only with defensive shields. Originally designed to house a crew of two to four members but flyable solo. The ship was also equipped with two escape pods, but it was soon to be short one.

With some trial and error button mashing Valduin had managed to redirect all shields to the nose of the ship, and had increased speed to the point that the hull was beginning to scream as it peeled away. Bracing himself within one of the pods he slammed the large red eject button. With a hiss he commenced his exodus from the ship turned bomb. The escape pod quickly ignited it's landing engines. Velocity sent the pod spinning towards the targeted city as well, but if things went according to plan it would hit the water while the ship tore into the city.

Nothing ever goes according to plan.

The landing engines did little but help keep a steady pace towards the center of the city. The ship was making distance from the pod and would strike the city first. So, at least there was that. "Wonderful." Valduin slammed hard attempting to set the thrusters upright again. He had managed to rotate the pod in a manner so they pointed towards the planet slowing his impeding clash. Not quite what he had had in mind, but beggars cannot be choosers. With a sigh he sat down and gripped the support handles at each side. He began to concentrate creating a force field of sorts around himself. In detail it was more like a force push except sustained less than an inch from his body. The same techniques he uses to reinforce his strength and blows, but in theory it could work as a shield and absorb most of the severity the impact would cause.

The ship hit hard into the faces of buildings lining the northern side of the city. It ignited instantaneously and the fuel fumes caused a blanket of flow across the area cloaked by a shock wave. The pod slamming hard into this shock wave was jerked violently causing it to both slow tremendously and be knocked sideways. The pod touched down with a firework show of sparks. Spinning and scraping it's way across the leveled lots that were once shops and homes. It came to a halt against the remnants of the destroyed, charred hull of the freighter. Valduin admitting to his own surprise was intact. A tad dizzy and the lucky owner of s splitting headache but he was alive. With a throw of a switch the door of the pod should depressurize and pop off. But damned if the thing wasn't stuck. With an annoyed kick Valduin sent the door flying into the rubble as he emerged from the pod.

Valduin had landed...

Alendarius Veygar

Surface, Ahto city

Descending in a Dropship, Alendarius was preparing for the battle that would soon commence. It would be glorious. The Sith will destroy every resistance the foolish Jedi and their Republic could muster. It brought a smile to the mouth of the Sith, which was currently covered by a breathing mask. He used this mask to inhale the highest amount of Oxygen that was possible, so that his body would not tire so quickly and so that he would be able to concentrate on the battle easier. By now the Dropship was only one kilometer away from the city. Soon the carnage would begin and Alendarius would be in the middle of it, killing the weaklings that called themselves the ''Republic''.

The Dropship came to a halt above the city and the doors opened. Alendarius decided to just jump out rather than wait for it to land. He fell about 30 meters and then landed with a loud thump, which was only possible without any injuries thanks to the Force. He looked around to see if there were any hatches through which he could enter the city and there was one, only ten meters away from him. He ignited his Lightsaber and cut the entrance open, then jumped into the hatch only to find a couple of security forces. Their fates were sealed as soon as they had laid their eyes upon him and they were dead before they could even fire a shot. The first kills of his day, soon many more would follow. But for now he deactivated his Lightsaber and pulled his hood over his head and started walking in a random direction. He would surely find someone to fight soon.

Steph Zenima

The crazy one is totally Halik Falkosi, right?

The pint-sized monster otherwise known as Steph Zenima had been killing time the only way she knew how. Violence. Bar brawls galore. A flung pint glass was all it took to incite madness in the cantina, although some racial slurs and a few jabs at the local sports team certainly helped stir that pot. However the downside of actually being on a Republic planet meant that the woman had to hold back those animal instincts and not kill any civilians while she rampaged.

So fair this aim had been successful but it was nowhere near satisfying.

She had just thrown a bar stool at a slab of a Selkath when the comm-link interrupted. How rude! However the delights that the message itself conjured made up for inconsiderate interruption to her regularly scheduled day. Sith? How exciting! Were they actually going to show? Up to this point in her life they had been such elusive creatures.

The distraction freed up the opportunity for the Selkath (who had caught the thrown bar stool) to slam it down upon Miss Zenima's head, to which it broke. Uh, the stool, not the head. The once useful chair splintered into many pieces but barely rattled the woman's brain. When you had a skull like Steph Zenima, blunt trauma from wood did nothing beyond cuts and splinters.


Havoc Squad's liability bundled herself, a large duffel bag and her sledgehammer into the back of a speeder taxi. “PIER SIX, MATE!” she roared with excitement. There was going to be real violence, with a side order of death and diet coke please.

@Revan Altor @Lan Reagin @Halik Falkosi @ARC-052 "Dish" @Doc @Brenna Kardur @H4V0K

Darc Xavior Talus

Dark Lord of the Sith
A grey cloaked man stood just fifty feet away from Kaos as he attempted to loiter around the city. His cowl shrouded his face and a lightsaber was on his right grip disengaged.

"Yet another Sith's lacky attempts to terrorise another city? Pity. I was hoping I'd enjoy a day off today. What is your purpose here, whelp?"

The winds breezed through his robes as it waved dramatically.


Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
MSE-007 was not a piloting droid. But heuristic programming and intimate experience with elite starfighters, coupled with the experiences of flying through @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]'s debris fields and nearly slaughtering Grandmaster @[member="Darron Wraith"] at Aeten Two, had attuned the Harbinger of Desolation to his task.

His task being his personal Aleph-class starfighter. As a hero of Roche, he had owned the craft for some time. It had served him well at Yalara.

The finest starfighter in the galaxy, bar none, whipped over Ahto City, picking off targets of opportunity on the wide balconies. He patched into the external speaker system.


*Soon my wheels shall be slick with the blood of the innocent. Despair, meatbags.

Dris Negan

Dris scowled as an explosion rocked the city from a couple klicks away. Probably one of his "superiors" doing something completely stupid and unnecessary, so much for catching them unawares. A few armed law enforcement officers sprinted from the entrance of the security offices while motioning for others to follow. Dris put on his best dumbfound look as they ran past. He even made an attempt to ask them what the hell was going on. As the offices became newly awakened with a buzz of activity Dris lightly jogged toward the stations.

At this point It wouldn't look unusual, just a scared tourist heading toward the police stations after an explosion. Normal.

He keyed the com nestled in his ear as he jogged.

"All Imperial Forces in the city might as well go loud now. Some idiot just karked any chance of stealth we had."

As he reached the entrance a young acne faced officer blocked his path and in stuttering common spoke.

"Siiir, the station is currently on lo-ck down, we have the situation under---"

The officer's face was overcame with a look of dumbfounded wonder as one mechanism activated the several other mechanisms and a distinctive *thump* permeated the nearby air.

Dris drew and placed his suppressed .45 slugthrower underneath the officer's armpit and fired a round horizontal into his chest. The round ballooned, effectively ripping through the man's chest. As the young man starred at him blood began to drip from his noise.

"Nothing personal." Dris said with a grimace as he fired two more rounds. A quick search of the body found a key card, wallet, and badge.

Dris pocketed the badge and keycard. They'd probably both end up being used by the end of the day. Dris continued with a sigh, keeping his handgun hidden from view.

TK-5914 Shank

@[member="Darc Xavior Talus"] @[member="Kaos"]

A black-armored stormtrooper, with a squad at his back, trotted out of a Manaan corridor and into the light. A big DD-12 blaster rifle was slung across his back, and he carried one of the better anti-Forcer weapons around, a Black Sun disruptor pistol whose blasts would wrap around lightsabre interception. His men had those big ol' blaster rifles.

"Whelp, eh? Sixty-six, boys."

The squad fanned out, firing at the pale-haired Master. Shank's disruptor pistol spat flame.

Darc Xavior Talus

Dark Lord of the Sith
A half smirk grew on his face and time seemed to slow down as the barrage of blaster fire came towards him. With the will of the Force the ancient conjured a globe of dark electrical energy resonated around him passively. He turned slowly and clipped the lightsaber to his side as the blaster fire deflected from his Force shield.

"Now that was truly unnecessary and unfair."

The master began to levitate off the ground before them, channeling energy from within.

@[member="Kaos"] @[member="TK-5914 Shank"]


Does this unit have a soul?
@[member="Darc Xavior Talus"] One invasion at a time friend, you can't participate here.))


CEO of Verres Trading
Verres had been holding a friendly discussion with the Selkath Diplomats when a sense of dread fell upon him. Being at home at Amar and in Coruscant, Zarro very rarely felt this, but he was still able to recognize the feeling from his younger days. The dark side was near, and it was malicious in intent. "Excuse me gentlemen, but I believe you are about to see what the republic offers as a defense." With those words, he stood up and began to walk out of the room, his tail twitching irritably behind him. How dare they try to stand against the republic on a world like this. The anger he was starting to feel was rising and he quickly exited the building with a clear intent. Find and eradicate the sith who are trying to take this building.

Luckily, he didn't have to wait long as he soon saw @[member="Alendarius Veygar"] leaping from a drop ship. "You sir, have made a grave mistake." Walking towards the sith's location, Zarro prepared to unsheathe his light saber from the cane in his hands. Whoever his opponent was, he would meet a nasty surprise. Senator Fenn was not the only force sensitive within the Republic's halls, and Zarro intended to use his talents to the very best of his ability.