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Crazy Ideas; Blame my Music


Mr. Dizzy Man
Post edited February 9th, 2014

What I love most about this site is the freedom of our creativity. I get most of mine by hitting repeat on songs xD I'm posting this because I would love to hear feedback from people about my ideas concerning my characters, and maybe even hear about people who want to become a part of it.

Now the ideas =) I'll be editing this post over time as more ideas develop and appear. If something has been changed below since my last edit, I'll bold it.

Sorin Vanado, the Red Flame
Inspiration: Sick and Twisted Affair by My Darkest Days

Sorin will fall to the Darkside, hard. He's not going to be the type that is power hungry; he's going to be an absolutist. As an assassin, he must control the playing field, and he brings this attitude to the extremes when he becomes a Sith. Before, killing was a job to him. After, it will become like second nature to him, an activity he partakes of like drinking tea. In his eyes, the ultimate torture is not the pain, but the looming death that hovers over his prey. It's not enough to have something torn from someone, but to know it with every fiber and that there is nothing they can do to stop it.

To summarize, he's going to be a sick, evil bastard who will use every bit of intellect he possesses to get into your head. Physical pain is temporary, but emotional pain is far more permanent. Honestly, I have no clue how far he'll go, and I think he'll scare someone on here. Heck, I'm kinda scared of what he'll do and I'm the one writing it >.> He will make a lot of enemies, I know that for sure considering how much killing he'll be partaking in. At first he will be hesitant about the Darkside, but once he starts, he'll be going full speed ahead.

Once he is submerged in the Darkside, I will be needing people to RP with him on both sides of the Force spectrum, and in the middle. For making enemies, if you are wanting your characters to go through some traumatic experience, he's your guy =) In the case of him needing to kill someone, he can do that too. Heck, if you want an outright duel, I'm down with that too, but be warned that he will not play fair. He's intelligent, he's a bastard and an nerf herder, and if need be, he'll bring down a building just to try and kill you. I want him to be a badass, causing as much destruction as possible in the process.

For how long he'll stay a Sith, I have no clue. I imagine with the amount of things he'll need to do to be feared, probably quite a few months. He'll be a Sith Knight for a while at the very least, maybe even become someone a bit important in the scheme of the Sith Empire alongside Dumah. Heck, maybe even get the title of Darth as far as I know. It'll make it that much more interesting ^-^

For the duration that everything occurs, he's an assassin, but I'm also wanting him to be well rounded and very experienced by the end of it. Essentially, the more training he can get in, the better. Lightsaber combat, for him, is a must. I have this idea of him going into all realms of lightsaber combat, where his most experience will be with Jar'Kai and Juyo/Vaapad. However, while he is experienced with using one and two blades, he will handicap himself by engaging with a double bladed lightsaber, a precursor to testing the skills of his enemies. If they are worthy of his skill to him, he will separate the double bladed into two blades, using all of his skills to kill them. As for his Force abilities, because he will have lightsaber combat oriented training that will be paired with the martial arts he will pair with it, I figure trying to keep it completely well rounded would not be the best of ideas for him. So instead, whatever Force abilities he does learn he will train them until he gains mastery in them. In doing so, while he might not have a wide range of abilities, he will be very skilled in all of them.

Now for his redemption.

Inspiration: Rise by Skillet

For what he becomes, it's complicated. Very complicated. At some point, somewhere, somehow, don't know yet, he will be in a situation where he can kill a child. By this point, he's done so much killing to both men, women, and children, what's one more child? Then something happens. The memory of the children he accidentally killed in the orphanage years ago comes back to him, almost as if something just clicked into place, and he becomes conflicted. He lets the child go, but soon afterward, he will encounter his father, Michael Vanado, and two other men. To give you an idea of what they look like, Michael Vanado looks like Top Dollar played by Michael Wincott from The Crow. I haven't decided on the names of them, but one looks like Baal played by Cliff Simon from Stargate. The other looks like Gin Ichimaru from Bleach. Through a long series of events, Sorin will fight them, but discovers that they are not at all what they look like, because they are all Force users. To give a power comparison between the three:

Baal < Michael < Gin

Michael will act like the leader of the three. In essence, he's just the figurehead for them. If my ideas of making him skilled come to fruition, this battle will likely get attention. Together, they defeat him utterly, capture him, and take him to one of their hideouts. They're not Dark Jedi or anything like that, and they have other plans for him, so killing Sorin would not be in their best interests. In the course of however long this takes, they inject into Sorin a chemical created by them using Alchemy. I distinguish this from Force or Sith Alchemy, because they did not use the Darkside to create it. This chemical latches onto his DNA and indues a biological reaction with the midi-chlorians in his blood, forcing a shift in how attune he is with the Darkside. The purpose of the chemical is not to shift him further to the Darkside, which would be against the nature of the Force, but for him to seek a momentary balance of the Force within himself, something that is with the nature of the Force. Essentially, he goes through a lot of pain, reliving a lot of his memories, and eventually coming out of it...neutral.

This moment will have a lot of repercussions for both him and Dumah, for during this process, his connection with the Force will become unstable, and he will unleash a lot of energy during this process. With how far gone he was in the Darkside, this will have an unexpected side effect none of them realized would happen. When becoming neutral, think of it like the behavior of electrons. If negative is the Darkside, the positive is the Light. Like molecules and atoms exchanging electrons, the negativity has to go somewhere. It doesn't just disappear. Sorin has too much within him, and as it is driven out of him, the Darkness condenses and manifests, becoming an entity in its own right. This "Darkness" escapes and finds its way to Dumah.

Sorin, in this moment of clarity, realizes the depths of what he had become. However, in doing so, the chemical had to rewrite his DNA (if his body couldn't take it, he would have died), and he will be fundamentally different on the molecular level (this will require me getting a species admission approved, of course, but all in due time ^-^). The result: things will become incredibly different for him. He will have nowhere to go, but eventually, after some more time passes, he decides that it would be best to go to the Jedi. Though they will not be happy to see him, he feels he is fundamentally different, though he will not fully understand at the time why. He develops a conscious, to put it one way, and seeks to redeem his actions however he can. I imagine this transition would require a bit of him finding out what he wants on his own, and as events happen that force him to save people, one of the witnesses could be a Jedi Master, or even a few Jedi Knights who saw his selfless actions. However it happens, he will be brought before the Jedi Council, and explain, as best as he can, his sitation. This, I think, will be the deciding moment whether he is accepted, imprisoned, or put to death. At that point, I have no clue what will happen afterward xD

Dumah Zohar, (Title Pending)
Inspiration: Ultra Numb by Blue Stahli

I'm still working out some kinks with how I want his story to go, but I do know that I want him to personify the idea of mystery and manipulation within the shadows. He will look at the idea of being the Sith Emperor as a diluted and destructive pursuit of power that will always end in failure. Instead, he wants to be the one that operates behind the figurehead, the one who will instead control the power behind the throne. This won't always be possible, considering how often the Emperor is switched out because he died or something, but he will want at least to maintain a power structure that will ensure the stability of the Empire should everything go to hell in a handbag. It's an overall direction, though it will take time.

When the events with Sorin are over, the Darkness that originated from him will seek out Dumah, and offer him a deal: allow the co-existence of both inside Dumah, and together they will pursue their goals with all the power they can muster. This will create a large power shift, I imagine, with Dumah accepting the Darkness that was within Sorin. Essentially, Dumah will have many of Sorin's dark aspects, rising to heights in the Darkside Sorin did not reach, and will have at his command all he could ever know of his rival, giving him a tremendous advantage against him.

All Characters
To be honest, I have no clue how all of their relationships with characters will go, friendships, kinships, rivals, etc., but I think eventually they would find someone they care about and grow to be fond for. Essentially, romance for them, though I'm not sure at the moment who they would be attracted to, so it's all up in the air.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Would you like a cookie? ^-^

Rat Six

Rat always want a cookie. And this does seem like an interesting development arc for your character. And it sounds kinda cool how he found redemption, although i think they would rather try to kill your character rather than trying to redeem you. Also your not the only one who play music and get ideals about a thread, more times than often i make a thread but couldn't post it cause it was completely out of character. @[member="Vereaux"]
The Rovagug