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Character Cpt. Vitani Azumi

Strike Force Captain
Species: Mirialan
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5’6”
Force Sensitive: No
Rank: Captain

Despite her Mirialan heritage, she sports none of the cultural tattoos. In fact, she considers them to be distasteful. Her hair is dark, short and curly.


Vitani was born to a large, respectable family on Nirauan. She grew up without much experience of the world beyond her front door and excelled academically. One of four sisters, she was the golden child. Vitani had rarely known any struggles in her life and had xenophobic tendencies towards non-humanoid beings. She was a hard worker, although she had few friends. Vitani had a slightly unhealthy level of jealousy towards her sisters, who were budding socialites.

Vitani left her home planet as a cadet when she was assigned aboard an Imperial cruiser. During this time, she began to witness the wider galaxy and believed that the Empire was the key to solving widespread inequality and achieving galactic peace. She had a great deal of sympathy for the less fortunate, but did so with the belief that it was the Empire’s duty to liberate them by any means necessary.

With a squeaky clean record and stern patriotism, Vitani graduated and was stationed on Mygeeto. During her time there, she saw little action and oversaw the mundane operations of its capital city police force. She developed a distaste for the underclass, though she wouldn’t quite put it like that. Street gangs were rife in the undercity and with that came all sorts of spice and smuggling. Vitani resented having to deal with it and dreamed of some day doing something more ‘important’.

She was moved from Mygeeto and taken prisoner by the Sith Empire before being recomissioned by the New Imperial Order. Vitani was deployed on an Imperial Star Destroyer where she became closer to the reality of Galactic conflict. The new Force Captain is naive, but strict and cold. Vitani has very little active combat experience and has yet to personally taken a life. She holds a romanticised view of the Empire.

In her downtime, Vitani enjoys holo-chess and attending shooting ranges. She is also a martial arts enthusiast.

Skills & Weaknesses

[+] Combat Training
[+] Calculated, Vitani excels at strategy and logic.

[-] Vain, Cpt. Azumi is very high strung and often fails to recognise her own flaws.
[-] Cold, Vitani can be insensitive and cruel.

BH-Durin Charric Blaster Pistol
Datapad (Imperial Issue)
Commlink (Imperial Issue)
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