Star Wars RP

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Counter sith training

Arumi Zy

I figure that I can make myself useful and do a thread teaching combat techniques and strategies. This is not a philosophies thread I am not willing to take apprentice etc.
Silver Guardian
Can you make it open to a few so we can drop by?

I rp'd a Sith for years myself, trying to write some of that out of the characters will be the challenge :D, I always ran Jedi too that were more reserved, but in Kei, he's kind of my spiritual successor if you know what I mean. Going the more stable route, I hope.

Lilia Dur'iar

I'd probably jump in. When I say 'probably' I mean 'almost certainly as long as I didn't forget'.
Valde of the Vitae
I made my character a historian due to my knowledge of star wars in RL. To know the past is to change the future. Perhaps I can provide insight into the sith mindset by recounting their past actions.